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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Severity Resolution
#206 Spaces in Install paths oranfry defect moderate major

Status: closed (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Severity Resolution
#527 opening non-gli collections nobody defect moderate major duplicate
#535 GLI load non-GLI collections nobody defect moderate major duplicate
#513 Rightclick to set filename encoding ak19 defect very low enhancement fixed

Status: new (26 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Severity Resolution
#283 GLI log files first character nobody annoyingness high minor
#329 Support for dynamic classifiers in GLI nobody enhancement high enhancement
#358 new option type for pluginfo nobody feature high enhancement
#119 Can't resurrect crashed library nobody defect moderate minor
#207 wget processes started by GLI keep running on GLI crash, and more wget tasks ak19 defect moderate major
#373 Windows Remote GS server can't delete nobody defect moderate major
#374 Linux remote GS server can't delete when GLI user folder is on network nobody defect moderate major
#388 Disabled plugin arguments nobody feature moderate enhancement
#394 Download panel: Logs ak19 defect moderate major
#399 GLI config file nobody enhancement moderate minor
#440 GLI fails to stop the local library server nobody defect moderate minor
#492 handle missing GreenstoneXMLPlugin nobody defect moderate minor
#548 GLI new collection in collectgroup nobody enhancement moderate enhancement
#549 GLI code tidy kjdon defect moderate major
#552 GLI existing collections in file tree kjdon defect moderate major
#555 refresh depositor metadata nobody defect moderate major
#559 GLI default format statements nobody defect moderate minor
#560 metadata ordering in GLI nobody defect moderate major
#563 ex metadata set kjdon defect moderate enhancement
#567 GLI build log not helpful for incremental rebuild nobody defect moderate minor
#817 Search and replace in GLI nobody annoyingness moderate enhancement
#131 TranslateView, can't delete all translations nobody enhancement low minor
#164 Feedback stuff dmn enhancement low enhancement
#301 GLI translate pane nobody enhancement low enhancement
#404 large file upload remote GLI nobody defect low minor
#421 delete collection in GLI nobody defect low minor
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