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#919 tidy up gs3 groups kjdon enhancement moderate minor

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Severity Resolution
#454 pageHead template declaration in style.xsl expected for GS3 admin authentication max defect moderate major
#612 gs2 interface help messages nobody defect moderate minor
#756 Unify client side XSLT work with main oran skin nobody defect moderate major
#905 remove java hard coded metadata names kjdon enhancement moderate enhancement
#924 Not all metadata should be editable or visible in Document Editor nobody defect moderate minor
#926 gsf:link in CCS format kjdon enhancement moderate enhancement
#930 berry basket send mail nobody defect moderate minor
#956 Minor changes to config for Images GPS tutorial after 3.09 ak19 defect moderate enhancement
#862 Greenstone doesn't like empty script tags nobody annoyingness very low trivial
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