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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Severity Resolution
#225 server crash ak19 defect very high critical fixed
#241 too many open files kjdon defect very high major fixed
#253 broken website link, missing README oranfry defect very high blocker fixed
#267 GS3: Need to restart tomcat in order for browser to note new and deleted collections kjdon defect very high blocker fixed
#311 Spanish interface missing, GS3 anna defect very high minor fixed
#321 Macros unresolved in GS3: images in collections don't display ak19 defect very high major fixed
#415 GS3: ant.jar not in WEB-INF/lib folder and not mentioned in manifest file oranfry defect very high blocker fixed
#205 GS3 install fail on Windows XP oranfry defect high blocker fixed
#275 Check that Greenstone3 works on Windows using Java 1.6 nobody task high blocker fixed
#277 GLI for GS3: Setting display text for search indexes doesn't have an effect kjdon defect high major fixed
#414 GS3 Standard Servlet does not show any content for Title Classifier docs nobody defect high major fixed
#235 Change to an open source installer oranfry task moderate blocker fixed
#242 ant start starts multiple tomcat instances on gentoo nobody defect moderate minor wontfix
#245 java crash, index out of bounds ak19 defect moderate worksforme
#314 Configure tomcat cgi for remote greenstone3 nobody task moderate major fixed
#326 Greenstone 3 svn checkout on Linux doesn't compile extra packages nobody defect moderate critical fixed
#584 GS3 casefolding off by default nobody defect moderate major fixed
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