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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#85 Demonstrate Dana's Date stuff new nobody enhancement low
#308 Better presentation of deployed web services new ak19 defect low
#955 Use of GreenStone/Koha with Multimedia Production Management - e.g. Lumiera new nobody feature low
#595 1.2.4 Automated speech recognition new nobody task moderate
#599 1.3.1 User needs for multimedia new nobody task moderate
#772 Make .project and .classpath files for Greenstone3 and GLI new sjm84 task moderate 3.11 Release
#849 GS3 and Fedora new ak19 defect moderate
#874 Translation system wishlist new nobody defect moderate
#954 GTI: Correct Existing Translations form needs fixing and enhancement new ak19 defect moderate
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