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#283 GLI log files first character new nobody high Greenstone 2 wishlist GLI
#125 Plugin confirmation suppression new nobody moderate GLI
#336 GLI auto plugin detection new kjdon moderate Possible 2.88 Release GLI
#736 blocking problem new nobody moderate Collection building wishlist Collection Building: Plugins
#810 PDFbox archive files invalid new nobody moderate Possible 2.88 Release ExtraPackages
#817 Search and replace in GLI new nobody moderate Greenstone 2 wishlist GLI
#305 GLI auto plugin detect for XML docs new nobody low GLI
#480 get rid of LOCAL_LIBRARY=1 from top level win32.mak? assigned kjdon low Greenstone 2 wishlist Greenstone2 Runtime
#862 Greenstone doesn't like empty script tags new nobody very low 3.11 Release Greenstone3 Interface
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