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gsarch seg faults

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There is something weird going on with gsarch collection. Some documents caused it to seg fault. This is because its trying to get the childtype which doesn't exist: eg. classifytype = response.docInfo[numparents-1].metadatachildtype.values[0]; in browsetools. To stop the seg faulting, I added checks for the existence of childtype metadata before using it. now it doesn't seg fault, but the documents that used to seg fault now have a table of contents full of untitled, empty nodes. Adding format DocumentContents false to the config file makes the gsarch collection look good. But it doesn't fix the underlying problem: some of the documents e.g identifiers like ( get treated as hierarchical, but others like ( don't. Why? Is it because the first one has only numbers in between the dots?

error.txt was getting messages like "receptionist: no childtype element in metadata map!" and "Error: call to filter failed for in OIDtools::get_info (protocol error)". These documents were not getting Title metadata set when viewing the document. Looking in OIDtools.cpp shows that is_top() assumes the presence of a "." in the doc ID means that this is a section and not a document. EMAILPlug has now been changed so that dots are removed from the document ids (we were using the email message id as the unique doc id).

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