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#319 new enhancement

multilingual metadata

Reported by: kjdon Owned by: nobody
Priority: high Milestone: Greenstone 2 wishlist
Component: Collection Building Severity: enhancement
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We need to be able to have different language versions of document metadata. For example, a dc.Title in English, and a dc.Title in French. The user will see the appropriate version of the metadata depending on the language he is viewing the page in. Will need a default language then.

This will affect:

  • GLI: allow entering metadata in different languages. Maybe an extra column in Enrich panel?
  • metadata.xml file needs language attribute in Metadata element.

*doc.xml object and archive file needs language attributes.

*indexing metadata - do we just put it all in, or will we have separate indexes for each language?

*classifiers - have an option to only use metadata for a particular language?

  • gdbm db - need to store language info for each metadata - can do this like we do language specific collection metadata
  • runtime - make sure we get the right language metadata to display.

Is that all?

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comment:1 by dmn, 16 years ago

Milestone: Next Release (2 or 3)Release 2.82

comment:2 by johnrose, 15 years ago

This is very important. I carelessly submitted a subset of this enhancement with the same priorities as #369 (that I will try to delete since taken care of). Here is my text (Thanks, John):

When you create an index in a GLI language interface, the index titles are proposed from the translation of the metadata set in that language if it exists. But a distrubing problem occurs if the user changes the language interface in Greenstone, as the metadata titles in the original language (not the interface language) are displayed for doing searches. I suggest that if the index title matches the name of a metadata element in the language version of the metadata set used in creating the collection (I assume that the language of creation is stocked somewhere?), then Greenstone should always display the translated metadata title name if the the interface is changed (assuming that the relevant metadata set element titles have been translated into the active language). But if the user has changed the name in the original language, he/she would have to add the intended translation to list of translated terms if the title is to be changed upon changing the interface. Same thing for the classifier titles. If we don't do this, perhaps the most important part of the user language interface will be in the wrong language.

comment:3 by kjdon, 15 years ago

Milestone: Release 2.82Release 2.83

I have reopened ticket 369, so the above comments by John are now in that ticket. This is a separate issue.

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