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FLI and remote GS tasks

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Priority: high Milestone: Next Release (2 or 3)
Component: Collection Building Severity: major
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  1. Remote GS server isn't allowed to delete on Windows. This is a problem, because even rebuilding an open collection on Windows using a remote GS fails because it is unable to delete lock files between rebuilds.
  1. Remote GS server and deleting on Linux:

When the .gli folder is on the network (home), GLI has problems deleting a collection.

  1. Spaces in filenames must be changed to %20 in FedoraMETS produced by FedoraMETSPlugout
  1. FLI perl code calls twice: once to create archives folder and once to create export folder. I goes to archives and downloads just the meta. Need to call only once and change server and client code accordingly.
  1. FLI processing stand-alone images is a problem on Linux but not on Windows.

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comment:1 by ak19, 15 years ago

  1. Verbosity for FLI code

comment:2 by ak19, 15 years ago

  1. Try configuring the GS Tomcat as the Tomcat for Fedora as well when installing Fedora. If it works, need to write a wiki page on this.

comment:3 by ak19, 15 years ago

  • Dr Bainbridge fixed (4).
  • I fixed (3) as a side-effect of dealing with the URL-encoded filenames generated for multilingual filenames/those that can't be encoded in plain ASCII. However the difficult filename "Rid.ic.U-lo us-Na me.doc" won't be ingested by Fedora since its name is illegal for its schema. (Throws ObjectValidationException when FLI tries to ingest it into Fedora).

comment:4 by ak19, 15 years ago

(5) has been temporarily resolved by commenting out an Element that is specially added by FedoraMETSPlugout, which prevented the docMETS generated by FLI for stand-alone image docs from being ingested by Fedora on LINUX only.

Initially, this Element had been added in order to enable use of Fedora's image-processing behaviours like thumbnail -generation. Therefore the reason why this XML Element was causing problems on Linux must be investigated.

Some more background on the error encounterd. It fails on Linux:

  • regardless of whether Fedora 2 or Fedora 3 is used
  • regardless of whether the Fedora demo object UVA_STD_IMAGE (which is referenced by the XML element added in order to get access to image behaviours) is already ingested into the Fedora repository or not.

However, the docMETS generated when it includes that element is still ingested by Fedora on Windows.

comment:5 by ak19, 15 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Closing this ticket as items 3 to 5 on this list have been done. Opening separate tickets for items 1 and 2.

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