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GS3: txtgz file to gdbm file requires that server side runs setup.bat

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Priority: moderate Milestone: Greenstone 3 wishlist
Component: Greenstone3 Runtime Severity: major
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The converts the txtgz database file into the ldb (bdb?) file. It is called from util/

This conversion works successfully when gs2build/setup.bat is first run in a DOS prompt followed by starting the tomcat GS3 server from the same terminal.

If setup.bat is not run, the greenstone.log file indicates that could not be found by the server side code in util/

While the temporary solution of running setup.bat before starting the GS3 tomcat server works for now, the goal is that the web directory of GS3 should be all that is required for the server to get going. This means that the bin/script folder containing would not be accessible in those cases where the web directory is located elsewhere (like inside an external tomcat folder). And similarly, is dependent on txt2db which is also not part of the web folder.

Therefore some other solution needs to be found to solve this in future.

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