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    33"An issue that has bugged me for a while is now resolved - simply enough, I must add, but I wonder if people in the GS Team could take a note of this please, if they have not already done so for 2.81. It concerns the version of wvWare that comes with 2.80, and which handles conversion of MS files, particularly Word.  It is an older version, and while wvWare has remained somewhat static for a few years, there is a newer version 1.2.4 which works better than the one shipped with GS 2.80.  Could this newer version be included, please, in upgrades of GS?
    44I realise that the issue is less important for Windows users, who can overcome problems by using Windows scripting, but in my case, using Ubuntu 8.10 and GS 2.80, MSWord files were simply not being converted to html as they should be, and I was left with hieroglyphics instead of readable text. By replacing the wvWare file in the gsdl/bin/linux folder (that was sufficient, nothing else needed) with the 1.2.4 version I resolved the problem. It also seems to have resolved a similar problem I was having with ppt files.  I might add, for anyone using Linux, that I had to download a few lib file dependencies to compile wvWare, and that kept me a bit preoccupied for a while until I succeeded, but that's by the way."
     6see also #667