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GS2 hard coded {If} in metadata (DSpace, associated files)

Reported by: kjdon Owned by: nobody
Priority: high Milestone: 3.05 Release
Component: Collection Building Severity: major
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A few of the plugins add metadata containing gs2 macros and format statements.

Macros are probably ok as long as they can be resolved by default macro resolver.

Format stuff needs to be changed to be gs3 style for a gs3 collection.

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comment:1 by kjdon, 13 years ago

Milestone: Greenstone 3 wishlist3.05 Release

comment:2 by ak19, 12 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

With a great deal of help from Sam, Veronica and Dr Bainbridge, this ticket got closed at last.

Affected code: web/interfaces/default/transform/config_format.xsl, src/java/org/greenstone/gsdl3/action/, perllib (mainly


Some further GS2 code was affected: lots of perllib plugins and runtime-src's formattools.cpp and dublincore.cpp. The changes were owing to metadata "srclink_file" getting renamed to "srclinkFile" to avoid the problems with underscore (since underscore is used as a meta separate by GS3). The commits for these changes were in:

comment:3 by ak19, 12 years ago

In order to have thumbnails appearing again in GS3 as well as for the main document's icon to link to the document itself, set the link type "source" in the GS3 format statement:

<gsf:link type="source">


<gsf:metadata name="thumbicon"/>

<gsf:metadata name="srcicon"/>



comment:4 by ak19, 11 years ago

Summary: GS2 hard coded {If} in metadataGS2 hard coded {If} in metadata (DSpace, associated files)
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