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Replacing GSDLHOME var in gsdlsite.cfg on Windows

Reported by: ak19 Owned by: ak19
Priority: low Milestone: Greenstone 2 wishlist
Component: Collection Building Severity: trivial
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This turned out to be a bigger problem than anticipated even after finding a GPL version of sed.

1) Get gsed from ( and put it in bin windows.

2) Modified makegs2.bat with the following prepended at the start of the existing ENDOK target (Oran managed to successfully get backlashes in the gsdlpath replaced with escaped/double backslashes):


if not exist llssite.cfg copy llssite.cfg

if not exist glisite.cfg copy glisite.cfg

pushd "%CD%"

set gsdlpath=%~dp0

CD /D "%gsdlpath%"

echo "GSDLPATH: %gsdlpath%"

:: the following line escapes backslashes in gsdlpath for the sed regex for /F %%T in ('"echo %gsdlpath% | bin\windows\sed.exe s@

@g"') do set safepath=%%T

echo %safepath%

if not exist cgi-bin\gsdlsite.cfg bin\windows\sed.exe "s@\*\*GSDLHOME\*\*@\"%safepath%\"@g" cgi-bin/ > cgi-bin/gsdlsite.cfg

set gsdlpath=


3) While the above works when gsdlpath contains no spaces, it fails at other times.

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