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Windows Vista requires Tomcat 6 which requires >= Java 5 to get Remote GS3 working

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Tomcat 5 when running on Win Vista does not seem to pass the shell environment, so the check-installation cmd to fails. This issue seems to have been fixed in Tomcat 6. But Tomcat 6 no longer provides compatibility patches for Java 4 and requires >= Java 5.

At present:

  • downloaded Tomcat 6 and tested that it works on getting the remote GS3 to work on Vista
  • have a server.xml template file for tomcat 6, while we still retain the server.xml template for tomcat 5. The latter has been renamed
  • have added an updated xercesImpl.jar to GS3/web/lib folder, and added the xml-apis.jar to the same folder for the first time, since these are no longer available in the latest tomcat. Instead, they get copied into tomcat 6's lib folder. In tomcat 5 they were already available in its common/endorsed directory which does not exist in tomcat 6.
  • build.xml has been changed to take all the above into account: it first sets the tomcat.version.major property based on what version of Java is being used. This property will be set to 5 (for tomcat 5) if using Java 4, or else it will be set to 6 (tomcat 6). This property is then consulted to work out which apache tomcat zip file to grab, which server.xml template file to copy across, to set the classpath to the tomcat library jar files which is different in the different tomcat versions.
  • updated wiki instructions on the Remote_Greenstone3 page, since resources/tomcat/greenstone3.xml requires the extra attribute privileged="true" added to its context element. Some other additional instructions.

All the above has been completed, tested on Vista with Java 5 and sort of tested with Java 4 (which required some bypassing of the Java 4/tomcat5/Vista problem). Then the changes were committed and tested on Linux.

Still need to test the above from the installer versions on Linux and Windows.

Change History (2)

comment:1 by ak19, 15 years ago

The files committed were:

  • updated xercesImpl.jar in GS3/web/lib obtained from the tomcat5/common/endorsed, since it is not part of tomcat 6
  • added xml-apis.jar to GS3/web/lib, since it is not part of tomcat 6
  • renamed the tomcat5 server.xml template located in resources/tomcat to server_tomcat5.xml
  • added the tomcat 6 server.xml as a template file to resources/tomcat, with the name server_tomcat6.xml
  • updated build.xml to work with all the above

comment:2 by kjdon, 15 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

we are now using tomcat 6 unless the user specifically wants to use java 1.4.

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