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Need 2 ways of specifying filepaths in metadata.xml

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At present, we've decided to stipulate that the FileName element in metadata.xml (which represents a regex filepath) will accept only URL style slashes.


for an example metadata.xml file.

In future, the idea is to come out with a new version of the DTD for the metadata.xml file, version 1.1 (the present one is at

This will have 2 FileName related elements: FileName and FileNameRegex (FileNameRe). In the former, the user can specify a plain filepath, and we'll have to define an attribute setting called OS wherein the user can stipulate what OS (windows, linux) the filepath represents.

FileNameRegex will behave like the current FileName element, accepting regular expression that represent filepaths and requiring these to be in URL format.

See also ticket 807, which lists the files changed for previous issues to do with this matter.

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