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Organising ex.dc* metadata

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From emails sent by Dr Nichols:

I think it is fine to keep ex.dc.* if:

  • it is separated out and placed directly below the dc.* in the Enrich tab:

so the sets go dc, ex.dc, gs, ex

otherwise it is not visible, it is hidden in the rest of the ex stuff

  • the default format statements include ex.dc as one of the fallbacks
  • the lack of editability is explained in the UI somewhere:
  • with tooltips (which could include something like "extracted

metadata from file 000metadata.csv, this value can't be changed in GLI, make changes in the the original file', or some better phrasing

  • maybe with some other graphical marker in the left hand column,

just like the inherited/folder metadata icon. Again with useful tooltip text.

that is a simpler improvement.

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comment:1 by ak19, 12 years ago

Earlier suggestions by Dr Nichols follow.

(The distinction mentioned below may not be so concrete, I may have been wrong in assuming it. -- Anu)

GLI says ex.dc.* "belongs to the Greenstone metadata set". IF [a distinction between GS extracted <metadataset> metadata (e.g. ex.dc.*) and Greenstone ex.* meta] is important THEN:

1. GLI UI text should reflect it.

2. I suggest that such metadata should be listed between dc.* and the rest of the ex.*, at the moment it is just mixed in the middle of the ex.* (via an alphabetical sort); whereas it is more natural to think of it as somewhere in between these two groups of metadata.

Also, the tootltips for ex.dc.* are wrong, they aren't updated correctly. When you put your cursor over, say, ex.dc.Subject, the tooltip shown is something completely different.

comment:2 by ak19, 12 years ago

Milestone: 2.86 Release
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