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OAI exploding and dc.* meta (not ex.dc.*)

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Priority: moderate Milestone: Possible 2.88 Release
Component: Greenstone2&3 Severity: major
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John Rose in an email requested that downloaded .oai files' metadata get attached to downloaded documents as dc.* not as ex.dc.*

Kathy considered that instead of the usual way that oai meta gets attached to its document, exploding the oai file might produce the desired results. Instead of the metadata getting attached to the document, it resulted in a nul file.

The ex.dc.* turning up as dc.* instead is now a secondary problem.

The relevant emails by John Rose and Kathy's responses are under the subject heading "(Re: )Help please on OAI metadata" in both private and mailing list communication.

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comment:1 by ak19, 12 years ago

The first email John Rose sent us on the topic contained a screenshot of the OAI Download details necessary for a suitable test case.

Another issue. Katherine also wrote about dc.* becoming dc.dc.*:

GLI shows metadata from two sources. metadata.xml files - this is the dc.metadata and other namespaced metadata that is entered and editable in GLI. After building, it scans the archive files and pulls out any ex metadata it finds and displays that as non-editable extracted metadata. It will ignore things like dc.Title, as it assumes that this will have been entered from GLI.

If we save the oai metadata as dc.Title, it will not be displayed in GLI - this is what used to happen a few releases ago. Now it is stored as ex.dc.Title so that it can be displayed in GLI. I guess we could have an option to save the metadata as pure dc, but it will not show up in GLI.

On rebuilding, the oai metadata will be reextracted so it will never be erased - unless you delete the oai file from the colleciton.

(Note, I just tried exploding an OAI file - this should store the metadata in metadata.xml files so it appears as normal metadata in gli. I ended up with dc.dc.Title, so that needs to be fixed.)

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