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Remote GS3 server: getting it working again

Reported by: ak19 Owned by: ak19
Priority: moderate Milestone: 3.05 Release
Component: Greenstone3 Runtime Severity: major
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Fixes to get Remote Greenstone 3 working with client-gli: 1. client-GLI should not start the local GS3 server, since client-GLI will be running against a remote server. 2. The encryption process for authentication had been changed for GS3, so now has a main function which is invoked by gliserver's to encrypt the password. 4. UsersDB when converted to txt for parsing by has a different structure, so needs to take that into account. 5.'s functions for prepending and appending to environment variables needs to use an OS dependant path separator. This was not noticed when testing the remote GS server on 32 bit linux so far, but the windows style path separator (semicolon) used so far didn't work on the 64 bit linux test machine.

gli/src/org/greenstone/gatherer/ (1 diff)

greenstone2/common-src/cgi-bin/ (3 diffs)

greenstone2/common-src/cgi-bin/ (4 diffs)

greenstone2/perllib/ (4 diffs)

greenstone3/src/java/org/greenstone/gsdl3/service/ (1 diff)

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comment:2 by ak19, 12 years ago

Tested remote GS3 on Windows (Vista) too.

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