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Absolute URLS in gdb and doc.xml - should the first or both be relative?

Reported by: ak19 Owned by: nobody
Priority: moderate Milestone: Possible 2.88 Release
Component: Collection Building Severity: major
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In doc.xml the URL and UTF8URL are absolute paths with http:// prefixed

In the coll.gdb file, these as well as any tmp files generated are stored as absolute file paths.

As long as they are used only as keys (as long as these filepaths represent just strings that we do lookups on), it's not a problem. But there was a time when they were relative paths and it makes more sense to store them as relative, it could potentially harm portability.

It weakens what's tested for in diffcol, where tmp files (generated in time stamped folders) end up as keys in the gdb file which may occur in a different order in the gdb file from one OS to another because the tmp filepaths are not identical. At present diffcol ignores such tmp files, which weakens the comparison testing.

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