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FormatConverter. Converting GS2 format statements to GS3

Reported by: ak19 Owned by: ak19
Priority: moderate Milestone: 3.06 Release
Component: GLI Severity: major
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comment:1 by ak19, 10 years ago

A further 2-part commit for improving FormatConversion from GS2 to GS3. formatconverter.exe now takes an additional optional parameter which can be documentNode or classifierNode. This then determines what the formatconverter.exe does when it sees an If test on the existence of the numleafdocs variable, since a positive test applies only to classifierNodes, while a negative test applies only to documentNodes. Further, [link][icon][link] should output something slightly different for classifierNodes than for documentNodes.

+ GS2 runtime C++ code:

+ GS3 and Java GLI code:

comment:2 by ak19, 10 years ago

+ (Just tidying comments and commented up lines


Kathy suggested that the GS3 buildConfig.xml generated from GS2 build.cfg should ideally have the same content as if buildConfig.xml generated from a rebuild of the collection. This is so that a collection converted from GS2 to GS3 can be immediately previewed without rebuilding. Although immediate previewing already worked, the intention is to nevertheless make the automatically-generated buildConfig.xml file as identical as possible to the one generated upon a rebuild.

main/trunk/greenstone3/bin/script/ (9 diffs)

comment:3 by ak19, 10 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

comment:4 by ak19, 10 years ago

Changes were to

GLI, particularly the new gui/FormatConversionDialog and NumberedJTextArea. Also changes to OpenCollectionDialog and helper methods here and there.

GS2's runtime-src/src/recpt/formattools and formatconverter .cpp and .h files

GS3's bin/formatconverter.exe, bin/tidyconfig.cfg, bin/script/


comment:5 by ak19, 10 years ago


GS2 runtime-src/src/recpt/, "make install" should put the formatconverter binary into GS2/bin/OS.

This was used to produce the 32 bit statically linked binary (using the nightly gs2-caveat). This can then be committed to GS3.


Windows win32.mak file to generate formatconverter.exe and install it into GS2/bin/windows

comment:6 by ak19, 9 years ago

A few more commits:

  1. Mac requires its own formatconverter binary, as the linux formatconverter binary does not work on either Mac Maverick or Mac Mountain Lion. The Mac 32 bit formatconverter binary generated on Leopard seems to work on Mountain Lion.
  1. Moving the formatconverter binaries into their own OS dir subfolders of the GS3/bin folder.
  1. Note that tidyconfig.cfg remains in the GS3/bin super folder, and is shared by all the format converter binaries in the subfolder

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