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Isis-Gdl code and gnome-lib code needs merging

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(1) About IsisGdl, Dr Bainbridge wrote:

In the case of Windows, 'long' is defined to be the same number of bytes for both 32-bit and 64-bit machines, so it doesn't suffer the same issue as Linux and MacOS when moving between these two binary formats. If the Chalky-catalina test works out, then I'm thinking it worth "affecting" a renaming the isis-gdl--mg-long directory to 'isis-gdl'. I would do this by taking a fresh svn checkout, copying in the *.cpp and *.h files from the isis-gdl--mg-long directory into the 'isis-gdl' directory. That way we'll keep the continued svn history on these files. Then commit the changed files back into svn. The release kit (for linux, MacOS, and Windows) then works with this newer version. Spot testing we can build the isis tutorial collection would help point out any issues we haven't though about.

(2) About gnome-lib-minimal: The gnome-lib-minimal branch Dr Bainbridge created for Mojave at needs to be merged back into the main branch and then need to regenerate all binaries (to check gnome-lib-minimal) and recompile gs3-svns using gnome-lib (not gnome-lib-minimal) on various OS to check all combinations I can think of.

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