12:23 Changeset [14238] by xiao
change the tooltip text for disable_OAI.
09:53 Changeset [14237] by xiao
modify to skip the parsing of the collectionConfig.xml internal …


14:44 Changeset [14236] by mdewsnip
Added a bunch more code to deal with IIS 6 craziness, thanks to Stefan …
13:40 Changeset [14235] by mdewsnip
Added an iis6_mode variable and new code for working around IIS 6 …
12:04 Changeset [14234] by xiao
modify RemoveListener so that the remove button is disabled after the …
11:57 Changeset [14233] by xiao
in sub extract_metadata, when reading the value of the argument …
11:52 Changeset [14232] by xiao
add c ClickListener to listen for double click upon the index list and …
10:53 Changeset [14231] by xiao
fixed a bug that when the user accidentally deletes the content of …
10:46 Changeset [14230] by xiao
make menu bar items, file and edit, public so that they can be …
10:44 Changeset [14229] by xiao
modification in the LoadCollectionTask() to enable the menubar items …
10:40 Changeset [14228] by xiao
add a method to disable the menu bar items (file and edit) while the …
10:28 Changeset [14227] by xiao
change getFirstChild() to getFirstElementChild() in case an extra line …
10:28 Changeset [14226] by xiao
change getFirstChild() to getFirstElementChild() in case an extra line …
10:27 Changeset [14225] by xiao
change getFirstChild() to getFirstElementChild() in case an extra line …
10:25 Changeset [14224] by xiao
change getFirstChild() to getFirstElementChild() in case an extra line …
10:24 Changeset [14223] by xiao
change getFirstChild() to getFirstElementChild() in case an extra line …
10:05 Changeset [14222] by xiao
add a method getFirstElementChild(node)


11:30 Changeset [14221] by qq6
making hardlink works on windows. Many thanks to Pongtawat Chippimolchai


14:05 Changeset [14220] by mdewsnip
Changed the "die $full_mess" to "exit 0" so IIS doesn't barf on it.


12:38 Changeset [14219] by oranfry
renaming to stop a naming conflict in windows working-copies


16:11 Changeset [14218] by mdewsnip
Undid changes made by someone else.
15:11 Changeset [14217] by oranfry
creating a branch which will become the Greenstone 2.74 release


14:12 Changeset [14216] by xiao
a working copy of index.zip with modified buildConfig.xml containing …
13:34 Changeset [14215] by xiao
try zip file
11:44 Changeset [14214] by xiao
add the OAI element containing ListMetadataFormats of a list of …
11:42 Changeset [14213] by xiao
add the OAI element containing ListMetadataFormats of a list of …
09:30 Changeset [14212] by xiao
change the test version back to normal


13:27 Changeset [14211] by xiao
an exclusive receptionist handling OAI requests
13:26 Changeset [14210] by xiao
accept a specific request from OAIReceptionist and return a list of …
13:24 Changeset [14209] by xiao
an OAI metadata providing service class
13:22 Changeset [14208] by xiao
add a method hasOAI() identifying itself whether it's serviceRackList …
13:20 Changeset [14207] by xiao
an OAI servlet
13:19 Changeset [14206] by xiao
contains all utility methods for oai processing
13:17 Changeset [14205] by xiao
add a static string OAI
13:16 Changeset [14204] by xiao
modify to write the OAI element into the internal structure and write …
13:15 Changeset [14203] by xiao
add the oaiserver servlet (specify here all the site names that this …
12:50 Changeset [14202] by xiao
the oai configuration file for the oai service of the whole repository …
12:46 Changeset [14201] by xiao
put in an OAI element but leave the mappingList empty
12:42 Changeset [14200] by xiao
i-This line, and thoseerviceRack OAIPMH in buildConfig.xml, if …
12:41 Changeset [14199] by xiao
et the $buildcfg->{'disable_OAI'} argument in the sub …
11:41 Changeset [14198] by xiao
dd the tooltip text for disable-OAI: tick to disable OAI service for …
11:39 Changeset [14197] by xiao
add an argument called disable_OAI (default is 0, i.e., enable the …


14:05 Ticket #205 (GS3 install fail on Windows XP) created by anonymous
Using the Windows binary from sourceforge (v3.02) it installs …


09:48 Ticket #204 (Valid XHTML) created by oranfry
The DOCTYPE claims Greenstones pages to be XHTML Strict, yet when …
09:35 Ticket #203 (Failure of CSS to style the document footer) closed by oranfry
fixed: Bug came from the imported html documents of the particular collection …
08:36 Ticket #203 (Failure of CSS to style the document footer) created by oranfry
See mail [greenstone-users] style:footer, 21/06/07 Text added …


13:10 Changeset [14196] by xiao
a working version of collectionConfig.xml
13:09 Changeset [14195] by xiao
a working version of index.zip


15:40 Changeset [14194] by xiao
remove old version of collectionConfig.xml
15:38 Changeset [14193] by xiao
check in working version of index.zip
15:36 Changeset [14192] by xiao
remove old version of buildConfig.xml
15:33 Changeset [14191] by xiao
check in working version of index.zip
15:31 Changeset [14190] by xiao
remove old version of index.zip
15:30 Changeset [14189] by xiao
the file should go into index.zip
15:24 Changeset [14188] by xiao
check in working version
15:05 Ticket #202 (Unit testing in Greenstone 3) created by oranfry
We have a framework for Java Unit Testing using JUnit. The test suite …
15:05 Ticket #201 (Zettair) created by oranfry
A new search engine from http://www.seg.rmit.edu.au/zettair/index.php. …
15:04 Ticket #200 (Changing formating statements has no effect) closed by oranfry
15:04 Ticket #200 (Changing formating statements has no effect) created by oranfry
encountered in 417 Greenstone exercises lab: Changing formating …
15:01 Ticket #199 (Collage browser and phind causes crash) created by oranfry
Collage and Phind crashed the brower launched through Preview button. …
15:00 Ticket #198 (String out of index error) created by oranfry
String out of index error Some students persistantly encountered this …
14:59 Ticket #197 (--prefix support) created by oranfry
Get configure/Makefiles to install stuff into the --prefix, if given. …
14:58 Ticket #196 (GSDLHOME to compiled in location) created by oranfry
Modify everywhere that uses the GSDLHOME env var to default to a …
14:57 Ticket #195 (Index names) created by oranfry
Get index names to be read from the collect.cfg file at runtime …
14:56 Ticket #194 (MGPP developer documentation) created by oranfry
Finish the MGPP developer documentation
14:56 Ticket #193 (Element attributes) created by oranfry
Element attributes currently all marked as required? This means that …
14:55 Ticket #192 (Gems Icon) created by oranfry
A nice icon, different from the GLI icon.
14:55 Ticket #191 (Controlled vocabulary) created by oranfry
Make it able to add in a controlled vocabulary for metadata values. - …
14:54 Ticket #189 (New value in the attribute tables) created by oranfry
A new value in the attribute tables doesn't get saved unless Enter is …
14:54 Ticket #190 (New value in the attribute tables) created by oranfry
A new value in the attribute tables doesn't get saved unless Enter is …
14:54 Ticket #188 (Up and down buttons) created by oranfry
Move up and down buttons should be disabled/enabled as appropriate
14:53 Ticket #187 (Show loaded metadata set in Title bar) created by oranfry
Show loaded metadata set in Title bar
14:53 Ticket #186 (Help menu) created by oranfry
Help menu
14:52 Ticket #185 (Language and font) created by oranfry
File->Preferences for language and font
14:52 Ticket #184 (Add back in delete attribute option) created by oranfry
Add back in delete attribute option
14:51 Ticket #183 (Save settings for new set) created by oranfry
When do File->New with a set already open, you have filled in the …
14:51 Ticket #182 (Auto-remapping) created by oranfry
If you rename a metadata element in the GEMS should the metadata be …
14:49 Ticket #181 (Applet: Design options) created by oranfry
Keep track of what Design options have changed, and only perform the …
14:48 Ticket #180 (Applet: Smart uploads) created by oranfry
Have smarter file uploads: only upload new/changed files
14:33 Changeset [14187] by sjboddie
Creating a private branch of /gsdl/trunk to improve the separation …
14:29 Ticket #179 (Applet: Incremental Button) created by oranfry
Check that the incremental button works properly
14:28 Ticket #178 (Applet: Windows and OS/X) created by oranfry
Make the server stuff work on Windows (and check it works on Mac OS/X)
14:27 Ticket #177 (Applet: Zipup / Unzip) created by oranfry
On Mac OS X, either the Zipup or Unzip class doesn't work properly. …
14:26 Ticket #176 (Applet: Server/Client desync) created by oranfry
Weird stuff can happen when collections on the client are not in sync …
14:26 Changeset [14186] by mdewsnip
Now ignores "sunos" directory too.
14:26 Ticket #175 (Applet: Annoying user preferences errors) created by oranfry
Annoying user preferences errors on Linux (something in .java.policy file?)
14:23 Ticket #174 (Controlled vocab for metadata) closed by oranfry
14:22 Ticket #174 (Controlled vocab for metadata) created by oranfry
In GEMS, add values, then in GLI, show the values in the existing …
14:22 Ticket #173 (Two collection tree objects to one) closed by oranfry
14:22 Ticket #173 (Two collection tree objects to one) created by oranfry
Are two collection tree objects really necessary? - michael made it …
14:21 Ticket #172 (Collection tree dummy file to real file) closed by oranfry
14:21 Ticket #172 (Collection tree dummy file to real file) created by oranfry
Collection tree: rename file and replace dummy file with real file, …
14:20 Ticket #171 (Overriding inherited metadata) created by oranfry
Some way of overriding inherited metadata -- have special button in …
14:20 Ticket #170 (Public/private document authentication) created by oranfry
Add the ability to use the existing public/private document authentication
14:19 Ticket #169 (Redesign Create pane) created by oranfry
Redesign Create pane to be nicer, and more similar between modes
14:18 Ticket #168 (Setting collection preferences) created by oranfry
More control over setting collection preferences (eg. search …
14:18 Ticket #167 (Format statement editing) created by oranfry
Dave's wacky research idea of the day -- nice format statement editing
14:17 Ticket #166 (First characters in the log file) created by oranfry
Surely we can do something better?
14:17 Ticket #165 (Use the same browser as the Local Library) created by oranfry
Should always use the same browser as the Local Library? (Grey out …
14:16 Ticket #164 (Feedback stuff) created by oranfry
Turn Veronica's feedback stuff on from within the GLI?
14:16 Ticket #163 (Plugin Descriptions) created by oranfry
Display more information about the plugins (description, what file …
14:15 Ticket #162 (Zip files and the progress bar) created by oranfry
Zip files mess up the progress bar -- probably can't make it perfect …
14:15 Ticket #161 (Drive Icons) created by oranfry
Have nice icons for the file system drives in the workspace tree (eg. …
14:14 Ticket #160 (Have the GLI check for GSDLHOME) created by oranfry
Have the GLI check for GSDLHOME value "GSDLHOME" on Windows for …
14:13 Ticket #159 (Save rebuild type) created by oranfry
GLI should save what type of rebuild is necessary in the .col file, so …
14:13 Ticket #158 (Delete collection dialog) created by oranfry
Ian doens't like the delete collection dialog. You shouldn't have to …
14:11 Ticket #157 (GLI interface changes) created by oranfry
GLI interface changes: …
14:11 Ticket #156 (Plugin file extensions) created by oranfry
Can we display, for each plugin, a list of the file extensions that …
14:10 Ticket #155 (Interface text esp. design pane) created by oranfry
Interface text, particularly design pane - make it consistent across …
14:09 Ticket #154 (Download panel, http://) created by oranfry
Download panel - guess http so don't have to type it in, or provide a …
14:09 Ticket #153 (Exportcol output) created by oranfry
tidy up output from exportcol - repeats info, provide a file browse option?
14:08 Ticket #152 (Allow different paths to collect dir) created by oranfry
Make it use a collectdir option so it can be outside of greenstone, eg …
14:07 Ticket #151 (Shortcut to desktop) created by oranfry
Shortcut to desktop in workspace tree? local file system open by …
14:07 Ticket #150 (Make icons consistent) created by oranfry
new icons for toolbar? dos window/gli/gems confusion. also icons for …
14:06 Ticket #149 (Explode progress bar) created by oranfry
A progress bar for exploding metadata databases (probably not so …
14:05 Ticket #148 (Format -> General Pane) created by oranfry
Format -> General pane could show images for the collection icons, …
14:05 Ticket #147 (Metadata access and editing times) created by oranfry
Metadata access and editing times could be improved slightly further …
14:04 Ticket #146 (ScriptOptions cache) created by oranfry
The collection/ScriptOptions class should probably cache (in memory, …
14:03 Ticket #145 (Remove glisite.cfg) created by oranfry
Why does the GLI need a glisite.cfg file for the local library? Using …
14:02 Ticket #144 (Incremental building) created by oranfry
Make GLI do proper incremental building, using the -incremental flag
14:00 Ticket #143 (Manually quit Local Library) closed by oranfry
14:00 Ticket #143 (Manually quit Local Library) created by oranfry
Exceptions trying to talk to Local Library when it has been manually …
14:00 Ticket #142 (Blank "buildtype" lines) closed by oranfry
14:00 Ticket #142 (Blank "buildtype" lines) created by oranfry
Blank "buildtype" lines are added repeatedly into the collect.cfg file …
13:59 Ticket #141 (Classifier rearrange and format statments) closed by oranfry
13:59 Ticket #141 (Classifier rearrange and format statments) created by oranfry
Rearranging classifiers does not rearrange the format statements …
13:58 Ticket #140 (Invalid XML?) closed by oranfry
13:58 Ticket #140 (Invalid XML?) created by oranfry
Are metadata set files invalid XML? - they are all valid.
13:57 Ticket #139 (ArgumentControl naming conflict) closed by oranfry
13:57 Ticket #139 (ArgumentControl naming conflict) created by oranfry
There are two classes called ArgumentControl - one in gui package, the …
13:56 Ticket #138 (Replaced item moves in list) closed by oranfry
13:56 Ticket #138 (Replaced item moves in list) created by oranfry
lists that have a replace button, e.g. search indexes, format …
13:55 Ticket #137 (Can't switch to english) closed by oranfry
13:55 Ticket #137 (Can't switch to english) created by oranfry
If you're running on a non-English machine, you get the …
13:54 Ticket #136 (Inherited metadata icon) closed by oranfry
13:54 Ticket #136 (Inherited metadata icon) created by oranfry
Inherited metadata icon disappears when value field is empty
13:53 Ticket #135 (Removing shortcuts) closed by oranfry
13:53 Ticket #135 (Removing shortcuts) created by oranfry
Removing shortcuts from the file tree doesn't refresh correctly
13:53 Ticket #134 (util/DragTreeSelectionModel doesn't compile in win) created by oranfry
Compiling on windows - util/DragTreeSelectionModel doesn't get compiled.
13:52 Ticket #133 (Basing a collection on an existing one) created by oranfry
Basing a collection on an existing one - are metadata sets dealt with …
13:51 Ticket #132 (Collection icons problem) created by oranfry
Intermittent problems when assigning collection icons with the Local …
13:51 Ticket #131 (TranslateView, can't delete all translations) created by oranfry
Translate view - can't delete all translations?
13:50 Ticket #130 (Mirroring on Windows) created by oranfry
Proxy user and password are arguments to the command because …
13:49 Ticket #129 (Missing default format statements) created by oranfry
Missing default format statements
13:49 Ticket #128 (Build empty collection on windows problem) created by oranfry
Bad result when building collections with no documents on Windows
13:48 Ticket #127 (Fixed Mode) created by oranfry
What about modes? should the mode be fixed, or able to be fixed - …
13:47 Ticket #126 (Unticking problems) created by oranfry
The Workflows idea is a bit messed up. After unticking some panes you …
13:46 Ticket #125 (Plugin confirmation suppression) created by oranfry
When dragging in multiple files and it asks you about adding a plugin, …
13:46 Ticket #124 (Export to CD twice causes problems) created by oranfry
Exporting to cdrom - if do it twice with the same name (eg …
13:45 Ticket #123 (Windows 2000 EOF problem) created by oranfry
Windows 2000 problems: "unexpected EOF in mg_weights_build.c on line …
13:44 Ticket #122 (GLI to local library communication) created by oranfry
Make gli use same settings for talking to local library that the local …
13:44 Ticket #121 (Ghostscript detect) created by oranfry
Detect ghostscript and warn if not present - like for image magick. …
13:43 Ticket #120 (Null pointer exception for large collections) created by oranfry
Null pointer exception in AppendLineOnlyFileDocument (was line 552, …
13:42 Ticket #119 (Can't resurrect crashed library) created by oranfry
GLI doesn't seem to be very successful at resurrecting the local …
13:39 Ticket #118 (GenericList add 'removeprefix' option) created by oranfry
GenericList - add removeprefix option so that punctuation etc can be …
13:38 Ticket #117 (Incremental updates in MGPP) created by oranfry
CVS version of MGPP used by Perseus can do incremental updates. …
13:38 Ticket #116 (DateList formats) created by oranfry
DateList - make it accept different date formats?
13:37 Ticket #115 (Include_unclassified_documents option) created by oranfry
Classifiers - add -include_unclassified_documents option - can add in …
13:37 Ticket #114 (Metadata_read to global pass) created by oranfry
Make metadata_read a global pass. Have a separate block pass too? …
13:36 Ticket #113 (Associated files request) created by oranfry
Associated files: here is the request: The Contemporary African …
13:35 Ticket #112 (List direction request) created by oranfry
GenericPlug request - some one had documents using two scripts - …
13:34 Ticket #111 (Segmentation and the space character) created by oranfry
Using the wrong character for (non-displaying) space - change to a …
13:33 Ticket #110 (MGPP Paragraph searching) created by oranfry
MGPP paragraph searching isn't all good: paragraph numbers are …
13:32 Ticket #109 (Word files with image links) created by oranfry
Word files containing links to images (not embedded images). The image …
13:31 Ticket #108 (URL metadata field name) created by oranfry
Change the name of the URL metadata field to something like InternalLink
13:30 Ticket #107 (ImagePlug in Windows 95/98) created by oranfry
ImagePlug doesn't work on Windows 95/98 (can't read output from …
13:30 Ticket #106 (Groupsize problem) created by oranfry
Groupsize doesn't work properly with associated files?? johnT reported …
13:29 Ticket #105 (Unicode metadata names - XML parser issues.) created by oranfry
Unicode metadata names - XML parser issues.
13:28 Ticket #104 (OpenDocument parsing of XMl files) created by oranfry
OpenDocument plugin - sometimes parsing of XMl files causes a …
13:26 Ticket #103 (RealMediaPlug could not find source file error) created by oranfry
RealMediaPlug: could not find the source file error in the browser …
13:25 Ticket #102 (Fix long import times) created by oranfry
Diego (several emails to greenstone users in March 2007) claims that …
13:19 Ticket #101 (Garish collection tidyups) created by oranfry
Redo the garish collection using extra.dm instead of garish.dm with …
13:17 Ticket #100 (Screenshots) created by oranfry
Add some screenshots to our sourceforge.net page?
13:17 Ticket #99 (OAI collection existance check) created by oranfry
oaiserver: check that collections exist before advertising them?
13:16 Ticket #98 (Standardise metadata mapping) created by oranfry
Standardise metadata mapping - oai, dspace etc
13:15 Ticket #97 (Tidy up unbuilding scripts) created by oranfry
Tidy up unbuilding scripts
13:15 Ticket #96 (Make Greenstone use collectionmeta) closed by oranfry
13:14 Ticket #96 (Make Greenstone use collectionmeta) created by oranfry
Make Greenstone use collectionmeta from the config file so don't need …
13:14 Ticket #95 (Make multiple field indexes for mgpp) closed by oranfry
13:14 Ticket #95 (Make multiple field indexes for mgpp) created by oranfry
Make multiple field indexes for mgpp, eg dc.Title,ex.Title …
13:13 Ticket #94 (Speed up preprocess_text) closed by oranfry
13:13 Ticket #94 (Speed up preprocess_text) created by oranfry
Speed up preprocess_text function in mgppbuildproc.pm - did this at …
13:13 Ticket #93 (Open Office plugin) closed by oranfry
13:13 Ticket #93 (Open Office plugin) created by oranfry
Open Office plugin [1/2006] OpenDocument plugin created by Reuben Evans
13:12 Ticket #92 (Valid HTML4.0) closed by oranfry
13:12 Ticket #92 (Valid HTML4.0) created by oranfry
Only generate valid HTML4.0 html. Ie close tags, no overlapping tags, …
13:11 Ticket #90 (Support for non-English values) closed by oranfry
13:11 Ticket #91 (maxnumeric for mgpp [kjdon]) closed by oranfry
13:11 Ticket #91 (maxnumeric for mgpp [kjdon]) created by oranfry
maxnumeric for mgpp [kjdon]
13:11 Ticket #90 (Support for non-English values) created by oranfry
Better support for non-English values in classifiers Completed, …
13:09 Ticket #89 (Plugin/classifier descriptions to take arguments) created by oranfry
Make the plugin/classifier descriptions able to take arguments (eg …
13:08 Ticket #88 (PPTPlug and pps) created by oranfry
Can PPTPlug process pps (power point show) files? What is the difference?
13:07 Ticket #87 (DSpace export options) created by oranfry
Have we done these? generate full text, provide gs id as handle, …
13:06 Ticket #86 (General multi file document plugin) created by oranfry
Make a general multi file document plugin. Like PagedImagePlug, but …
13:06 Ticket #85 (Demonstrate Dana's Date stuff) created by oranfry
Build a collection demonstrating Dana's Date stuff
13:05 Ticket #84 (Bucket Classifier) created by oranfry
Classifier to put items into buckets
13:04 Ticket #83 (Julian dates for classifier) created by oranfry
Julian dates for the Date classifier, as suggested by Tim Finney (see …
13:04 Ticket #82 (Form-based searching) created by oranfry
Have drop down lists for metadata fields with all values listed
13:03 Ticket #81 (Dual "MIME-type" metadata) created by oranfry
Dual "MIME-type" metadata -- both halves. Want to build a "type" …
13:02 Ticket #80 (Highlighting and linking search terms) created by oranfry
Link highlighted query terms together, and link from the start of the …
13:01 Ticket #79 (Spreading collections over multiple CDs) created by oranfry
13:01 Ticket #78 (Searching multiple collections at once (eg. Oyster)) created by oranfry
Searching multiple collections at once (eg. Oyster)
13:00 Ticket #77 (Notifying users when documents are added) created by oranfry
Notifying users when documents are added.
12:59 Ticket #76 (Scheduled collection rebuilding) created by oranfry
Scheduled collection rebuilding
12:59 Ticket #75 (Fix confusing search results) created by oranfry
Search for entire documents -- don't get entire document displayed. …
12:50 Ticket #74 (Build just certain documents) created by oranfry
Add ability to build just certain documents in your import folder into …
12:41 Ticket #73 (Translate Local Library server interface) created by oranfry
Translate Local Library server interface
12:40 Ticket #72 (ImagePlug thumbnails) created by oranfry
ImagePlug: don't recreate thumbnails unless necessary? Don't create …
12:04 Ticket #71 (Remove setpw program) created by oranfry
It is no longer used.
12:03 Ticket #70 (buildcol.pl for empty collection) created by oranfry
Should buildcol.pl be changed to do nothing if there are no archive …
12:02 Ticket #69 (Unicode at start of macro files) created by oranfry
Greenstone should be able to handle Unicode byte-order characters at …
12:02 Ticket #68 (Format statement how-many-values test) created by oranfry
Some way of finding out how many values are assigned to a metadata …
12:00 Ticket #67 (HTMLPlug metadata letter case) created by oranfry
HTMLPlug should make sure metadata names extracted from <meta> tags …
11:59 Ticket #66 (Home page format statement) created by oranfry
A format statement for controlling how the collections on the home …
11:58 Ticket #65 (Remove perllib/lang.pm) created by oranfry
Remove perllib/lang.pm if it is no longer used (seems to be replaced …
11:57 Ticket #64 (Add an e-mail field into user details?) created by oranfry
Add an e-mail field into user details?
11:57 Ticket #63 (Bundle for GLI on Mac) created by oranfry
Installer: create "bundle" for the GLI on Mac OS X?
11:56 Ticket #62 (Add a new plugin for processing delimited text files) created by oranfry
Add a new plugin for processing delimited text files
11:56 Ticket #61 (Greenstone interoperablity with Koha) created by oranfry
Greenstone interoperablity with Koha
11:55 Ticket #60 (Add Mac OS X installers onto the CDROM) created by oranfry
Add Mac OS X installers onto the CDROM
11:55 Ticket #59 (Search form help) created by oranfry
Add a help box by the search form - shows query syntax, for mgpp and lucene
11:54 Ticket #58 (MIME Type config) created by oranfry
The Local Library's support for MIME types is unflexible -- you need …
11:53 Ticket #57 (Coll building and empty classifiers) created by oranfry
Coll building: Need warnings for empty classifiers, no documents in …
11:52 Ticket #56 (Installer to detect image magick) created by oranfry
Installer: doesn't detect existing image magick.
11:51 Ticket #55 (Installer multi greenstone installations) created by oranfry
Installer: can it warn you if there is an existing greenstone installation?
11:50 Ticket #54 (Install and uninstall sequences to be differenciated) created by oranfry
Installer: install and uninstall sequences very similar - can get …
11:48 Ticket #53 (Installer to mention Greenstone) created by oranfry
Installer: first dialog (choose language) has no mention of Greenstone …
11:47 Ticket #52 (Library cgiarg options) created by oranfry
library - can we make collection specific cgiarg options work??
11:46 Ticket #51 (Local library network address) created by oranfry
Local library network address - add user defined??
11:45 Ticket #50 (Documented example option) created by oranfry
Make another option for public flag - documented example, and set it …
11:44 Ticket #49 (Metadata manipulation for display) created by oranfry
Ask Kath about this: kjdon@…
11:42 Ticket #48 (Convert to plug output) created by oranfry
Has messages from eg HTML Plug, but you may not have HTMLPlug in the …
11:41 Ticket #47 (Sphinx Search) created by oranfry
If we ever get mysql working with greenstone, take a look at Sphinx - …
11:40 Ticket #46 (Mac OS X Intel binaries??) created by oranfry
Mac OS X Intel binaries??
11:39 Ticket #45 (BibTex plugin - honour {}) created by oranfry
Can we make BibTex plugin respect {} in author field? e.g. {{Sugar …
11:38 Ticket #44 (PDFPLug - pdf to img) created by oranfry
Can we extract the text behind the images? so that we display a series …
11:36 Ticket #43 (Hierarchy classifier with hfiles - excessive memory use) created by oranfry
The memory usage of the Hierarchy classifier with hfiles has been …
11:35 Ticket #42 (Separate code and data) created by oranfry
Look at separating code and data directories, ie. allow "collect" …
11:34 Ticket #41 (Upgrade to a newer version of wv) created by oranfry
Upgrade to a newer version of wv -- but very carefully! (Newer …
11:34 Ticket #40 (Improve the RelatedDocuments run-time code) created by oranfry
Currently hard-wired to work with dc.Relation and Title (no namespace) …
11:33 Ticket #39 (Accentfolding and truncation) created by oranfry
MGPP - can we make accentfolding and truncation work together? In …
11:29 Ticket #38 ("e" variable to cookie) created by oranfry
Add an option to store the contents of the "e" variable in a cookie, …
11:11 Changeset [14185] by xiao
modify to suppress the dummy string Untitled and display the real title
09:46 Ticket #37 (GenericList add 'removeprefix' option) created by oranfry
GenericList - add removeprefix option so that punctuation etc can be …
09:45 Ticket #36 (Detect absent XML::Parser) created by oranfry
Add facility to detect the absence of XML::Parser and the …
09:42 Ticket #35 (VB script word2html) closed by oranfry
09:42 Ticket #35 (VB script word2html) created by oranfry
VB script word2html (probably pptextract as well) does not have the …
09:42 Ticket #34 (Renaming a collection directory) closed by oranfry
09:41 Ticket #34 (Renaming a collection directory) created by oranfry
Renaming a collection directory makes it unusable unless rebuilt …
09:40 Ticket #33 (Underscore searching) closed by oranfry
09:40 Ticket #33 (Underscore searching) created by oranfry
"_" "_" phrase searching with more than one single quoted words …
09:39 Ticket #32 (Cover image handling) closed by oranfry
09:38 Ticket #32 (Cover image handling) created by oranfry
Should we always be blocking cover images? (unless of course …
09:38 Ticket #31 (gsarch seg faults) closed by oranfry
09:37 Ticket #31 (gsarch seg faults) created by oranfry
There is something weird going on with gsarch collection. Some …
09:35 Ticket #30 (Stopwords warning) closed by oranfry
09:35 Ticket #30 (Stopwords warning) created by oranfry
Lucene searching - need something on the interface to warn people that …
09:32 Ticket #29 (Hashfile and Unicode) closed by oranfry
09:32 Ticket #29 (Hashfile and Unicode) created by oranfry
hashfile doesn't work on Unicode filenames -- could not reproduce
09:31 Ticket #28 (Local library file locks) closed by oranfry
09:31 Ticket #28 (Local library file locks) created by oranfry
Local Library holding locks on files [should now be much better about …
09:30 Ticket #27 (mg accumulator problems) created by oranfry
mg accumulator problems (documented at around line 335 of …
09:29 Ticket #26 (Macro file order) created by oranfry
Macro files appear to be loaded alphabetically rather than in the …
09:28 Ticket #25 (exportcol.pl can't-delete warning) created by oranfry
Uninstaller should display a warning if it is unable to delete some files
09:20 Ticket #24 (exportcol.pl "readme" suppression) created by oranfry
Should have option to suppress "readme" and "technical support" items …
09:19 Ticket #23 (exportcol.pl output dir check) created by oranfry
Should check if output directory already exists
09:19 Ticket #22 (exportcol.pl multi install bug) created by oranfry
Installing exported collection multiple times causes error?
09:17 Ticket #21 (Punctuation in search queries) created by oranfry
Punctuation in a query craps out the server? MG all, not some.
09:16 Ticket #20 (Win Server 2003 and IIS 6.0) created by oranfry
Windows Server 2003 running IIS 6.0. When library.exe called, it …
09:15 Ticket #19 (AZCompactList and multiple metadata elements) created by oranfry
AZCompactList works badly with multiple metadata elements (eg. …
09:14 Ticket #18 (Can't open mozilla as default browser) created by oranfry
If Mozilla is default browser, can't start up local library server …
09:13 Ticket #17 (Search results (terminology issue?)) created by oranfry
Search results: "document" is not always appropriate (e.g., it is not …
09:10 Ticket #16 (Open a browser bug) created by oranfry
Local library sometimes has problems starting up browser (eg. …
09:09 Ticket #15 (Non-greenstone cross-collected links) created by oranfry
Links to non-Greenstone documents in cross-collected collections are bad
09:08 Ticket #14 (Util::cp error checking) created by oranfry
The util::cp function doesn't check for errors -- should look at …
09:06 Ticket #13 (Gsinstaller and disk space bug) created by oranfry
Gsinstaller and disk space bug The exported collection installer (cvs …
09:03 Ticket #12 (Usernames with funny chars) created by oranfry
If usernames contain '.' or '_' then Greenstone doesn't remember that …
09:01 Ticket #11 (Google Desktop and buildding bug (suspected)) created by oranfry
Investigate whether Google Desktop Search interferes with the building …
09:00 Ticket #10 (Compiling Greenstone + Expat) created by oranfry
Compiling Greenstone + Expat from source on Unix is fundamentally …
08:59 Ticket #9 (Java 1.5 and the language pack) created by oranfry
Doug Carter's problem with the language pack: doesn't work with Java 1.5?
08:58 Ticket #8 (Local library lock file problems) created by oranfry
Can't delete the index directory, and therefore can't install the new …
08:57 Ticket #7 (Uninstall all but collections bug) created by oranfry
Dave found that if you uninstall Greenstone but not the collections, …
08:56 Ticket #6 (Export to CD then uninstall bug) created by oranfry
Collection exported to CD: The uninstaller is not clearing the …
08:54 Ticket #5 (Empty VList bug) created by oranfry
Library crashes when VList statement is empty.
08:53 Ticket #4 (Cygwin disclosure) created by oranfry
I think we are required to mention somewhere where we got the version …
08:52 Ticket #3 (Installer txt2db on '98) created by oranfry
Installer: txt2db instances stop installation on Windows 98
08:51 Ticket #2 (Installer Cancel Bug) created by oranfry
Installer: Cancelling during file copying still runs through …
08:49 Ticket #1 (Update Developers Guide) created by oranfry
Edit the developers guide: replace all occurrences of …
08:33 Changeset [14184] by xiao
change the default retrieve level to follow the text level


22:28 Changeset [14183] by xiao
instead of simply retrieving the first child of format element in the …
15:19 Changeset [14182] by mdewsnip
Now ignores tmp directory.
15:05 Changeset [14181] by mdewsnip
Moved some HTML out of the C++ and into the macrofiles.
14:37 Changeset [14180] by mdewsnip
Now ignores .svn directories as well as CVS directories.


13:25 Changeset [14179] by xiao
The directory arguments of wget command need to be quoted to work …
13:24 Changeset [14178] by xiao
The directory arguments of wget command need to be quoted to work …


19:18 Changeset [14177] by mdewsnip
Now ignores .svn directories as well as CVS directories.
16:24 Changeset [14176] by qq6
modified by Shaoqun
13:26 Changeset [14175] by qq6
Determine the name of the operating system, make the file extension …
13:18 Changeset [14174] by qq6
add NoText metadata which can be used to suppress the dummy tex


09:06 Changeset [14173] by mdewsnip
Changed all function calls from &function($self, ...) to …


11:58 Changeset [14172] by mdewsnip
svn:ignored some executables and other files that should never be …
11:20 Changeset [14171] by mdewsnip
svn:ignored all the compiled executables, unpacked packages …
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