14:31 Changeset [14389] by oranfry
brought in last change from the trunk
14:15 Changeset [14388] by qq6
Jeffrey has fixed operating records of users database on Windows
13:56 Changeset [14387] by shaoqun
make it use new defualt format
13:51 Changeset [14386] by shaoqun
make it new format
09:03 Changeset [14385] by anna
Changed paramList template so that don't generate the search level …


08:57 Changeset [14384] by xiao
a new added ->{'collect_cfg_preserve'} is used for gs3 only and to be …


12:25 Changeset [14383] by qq6
check the usersDB dir before searching the user


15:40 Changeset [14382] by anna
Added hidden param c in preference form.
11:11 Changeset [14381] by mdewsnip
Now ignores lib and share folders too.
11:04 Changeset [14380] by mdewsnip
Updated tar file with "HtmlLinks::" problem fixed in …
09:49 Changeset [14379] by anna
Added parameters p.a, p.s, p.sa, p.c in documentNode and …


16:20 Changeset [14378] by shaoqun
set case and stem only if they are supported by this collection
16:15 Changeset [14377] by shaoqun
added code to prevent parsing duplicated classifierList nodes
15:14 Changeset [14376] by mdewsnip
Changed to read custom collect.cfg file from "custom" collection …
12:05 Changeset [14375] by anna
Added with-param to pass the parameter collName when call template …


10:30 Ticket #208 (version number in meta element is missing) created by anonymous
This is unhelpful for debugging remote sites, or even our own. […]


13:02 Changeset [14374] by mdewsnip
Fix to problem where the "indexmap" line would be lost from the …
12:12 Changeset [14373] by mdewsnip
Don't know why this file was marked as binary?
09:55 Changeset [14372] by qq6
set the general.gliserver_url if Configuration.gliserver_url is defined


15:28 Changeset [14371] by qq6
if the loaded collection is not null,delete the gli.lck file when the …
13:00 Changeset [14370] by qq6
encrypt the password
12:43 Changeset [14369] by qq6
deleted parameter gsdl3home
12:41 Changeset [14368] by qq6
added a rot13() to encrypt the password
12:39 Changeset [14367] by qq6
decrypt passwords when read in users' info from a txt file
12:36 Changeset [14366] by qq6
encrypt or decrypt the password using rot-13
10:58 Ticket #207 (wget processes started by GLI keep running on GLI crash, and more wget ...) created by oranfry
If you start a web download, and then GLI crashes (which it is apt to …


13:42 Changeset [14365] by qq6
the hard_link on windows didn't work, get back to the old version
12:58 Changeset [14364] by qq6
delete require Win32::Hardlink
12:30 Changeset [14363] by qq6
moved require '/perllib/util.pm' to setup_gsdl()
12:27 Changeset [14362] by qq6
updated util.pm


16:41 Changeset [14361] by qq6
fixed a bug of finding collections under the site
16:38 Changeset [14360] by xiao
modify to call format4gs3.getPureFormat() instead of …
16:32 Changeset [14359] by xiao
modify to make a Format4gs3 object contain two format features: …
16:19 Changeset [14358] by qq6
fixed a bug in updateCollectionConfigXML()
12:54 Changeset [14357] by qq6
fixed a bug
12:20 Changeset [14356] by shaoqun
reordered the plugin list, it turns out that any plugins that follows …
10:17 Changeset [14355] by qq6
Added some strings
10:16 Changeset [14354] by qq6
added some strings
09:54 Changeset [14353] by qq6
page for the applet gli of GS3
09:43 Changeset [14352] by qq6
Configuration.gliserver_url is set up if Configuration.library_url != …
09:06 Changeset [14351] by qq6
added a string
09:06 Changeset [14350] by qq6
display a warning message of the user account is dsiabled
09:04 Changeset [14349] by qq6
put some comments


19:10 Changeset [14348] by qq6
deleted some outputs
19:08 Changeset [14347] by qq6
give a warning message if the username has existed in the table
19:06 Changeset [14346] by qq6
added a comment
19:04 Changeset [14345] by qq6
add a new string
16:07 Changeset [14344] by qq6
fixed some error messages
16:05 Changeset [14343] by qq6
fixed a bug on changing password
15:42 Changeset [14342] by mdewsnip
Added text_t replace() function, by John Rowe at DL Consulting Ltd.
15:06 Changeset [14341] by qq6
fixed modifyUserInfo()
14:12 Changeset [14340] by qq6
updated some strings
13:36 Changeset [14339] by qq6
updated Authentication.java
13:35 Changeset [14338] by qq6
updated DerbyWrapper.java
12:15 Changeset [14337] by anna
Fixed a bug in extracting search box.
09:23 Changeset [14336] by qq6
delete all rows defore adding new records
09:23 Changeset [14335] by qq6
added a method deleteAllUser()


16:18 Changeset [14334] by qq6
add users records from a text file
14:58 Changeset [14333] by qq6
compile GathererApplet4gs3.java for the applet greenstone3
14:56 Changeset [14332] by qq6
compile GathererApplet4gs3.java for the applet greenstone3
14:51 Changeset [14331] by qq6
create an etc dir under the site if the etc is not exiting
11:53 Changeset [14330] by qq6
added file GathererApplet4gs3.java
10:01 Changeset [14329] by qq6
deleted BEGIN{} for GS3
09:50 Changeset [14328] by qq6
export usersDB to text
09:49 Changeset [14327] by qq6
clean up
09:48 Changeset [14326] by qq6
updated gliserver4gs3.pl
09:33 Changeset [14325] by qq6
updated gliserver4gs3.pl
08:46 Changeset [14324] by qq6
deleted two comments


20:24 Changeset [14323] by qq6
set download web.xml first
15:21 Changeset [14322] by qq6
fixed a minor error
15:04 Changeset [14321] by qq6
updated NewCollectionDetailsPrompt.java
13:52 Changeset [14320] by qq6
added strings for GS3
12:57 Changeset [14319] by qq6
added commons-httpclient, commons-logging, commons-codec
12:56 Changeset [14318] by qq6
added client-gli4gs3.bat
12:56 Changeset [14317] by qq6
added client-gli4gs3.sh
12:50 Changeset [14316] by qq6
added etc
12:44 Changeset [14315] by qq6
added a etc directory
12:41 Changeset [14314] by qq6
added gliserver4gs3.pl
12:36 Changeset [14313] by qq6
added the cgi directory
11:44 Changeset [14312] by qq6
updated modify user's info
11:41 Changeset [14311] by qq6
added subaction 'gli4gs3' for a applet gli
11:36 Changeset [14310] by qq6
download web.xml and get names of sites if Gatherer.isGsdlRemote
11:24 Changeset [14309] by qq6
added the site info for a remote GS3
10:55 Changeset [14308] by qq6
download file 'web.xml' and get all names of sites avaliable if …
10:38 Changeset [14307] by qq6
zip collectionConfig.xml if parameter 'gsdl3' is found
10:31 Changeset [14306] by qq6
zip collectionConfig.xml for a remote GS3
10:27 Changeset [14305] by qq6
download 'buildConfig.xml' if Gatherer.GS3
10:20 Changeset [14304] by qq6
Added the configuration for the remote gs3
09:48 Changeset [14303] by qq6
Added parameter 'run_gsdl3' for the remote gs3
09:40 Changeset [14302] by qq6
Added configuration of the remote gs3


09:57 Changeset [14301] by anna
Added Vietnamese translations. Many thanks to Mr. Cao Minh Kiem.


14:58 Changeset [14300] by oranfry
did the release, now make sure the main trunk is branded as version 2.74
11:24 Changeset [14299] by oranfry
reworked the create_distributions.pl script to read from the new svn …
11:14 Changeset [14298] by oranfry
tagging the 2.74 release and deleting its branch


15:02 Changeset [14297] by qq6
added authentication interface
15:00 Changeset [14296] by qq6
added strings for Authentication
14:53 Changeset [14295] by qq6
Authentication service
14:44 Changeset [14294] by qq6
added links to the authentication page and the library interface page
14:24 Changeset [14293] by qq6
Added strings for authentication service
14:22 Changeset [14292] by qq6
added strings for the authentication service
14:18 Changeset [14291] by qq6
add an entry of authentication page and an entry of applet gli page
14:12 Changeset [14290] by qq6
Add an entry of Authentication service
14:10 Changeset [14289] by qq6
Add files DerbyWrapper.java UserTermInfo.java UserQueryResult.java for …
13:57 Changeset [14288] by qq6
add derby.jar for the user authentication
13:51 Ticket #206 (Spaces in Install paths) created by oranfry
Ensure that all installers can handle installing to a path with …
09:55 Changeset [14287] by anna
Updated translations. Many thanks to Cao Minh Kiem and Van Khang.


11:03 Changeset [14286] by oranfry
added xiao's last six changes to the 2.74 release branch
10:46 Changeset [14285] by xiao
add a member field 'baseURL'
10:46 Changeset [14284] by xiao
modify getCollectionConfig() to read 'baseURL' parameter from oai.cfg.
10:43 Changeset [14283] by xiao
modify to read the baseURL from oai.cfg using getCollectionConfig() …
10:41 Changeset [14282] by xiao
modify to read the baseURL from oai.cfg using getCollectionConfig() …
10:37 Changeset [14281] by xiao
add a parameter baseURL
10:35 Changeset [14280] by xiao
add comments about how to specify the baseURL in oai.cfg
10:03 Changeset [14279] by anna
Added Farsi auxiliary interface. Many thanks to Azad Paknejad.


14:10 Changeset [14278] by anna
Added Catalan and Vietnamese GLI interfaces. Many thanks to Eduardo …
14:06 Changeset [14277] by oranfry
Updated Vietnamese GLI. Many thanks to Cao Minh Kiem.
14:03 Changeset [14276] by oranfry
Catalan GLI Dictionary. Many thanks to Eduardo del Valle.
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