10:57 Ticket #238 (generic XML plugin) created by dmn
a plugin which allows a user to specify certain XML elements to be …
10:53 Ticket #226 (Cannot download more than 500 OAI records using GLI) closed by dmn
10:42 Ticket #237 (new XSLT user interface mechanism (skins++)) created by dmn
make the new UI skins-based system the GS3 default (Dave, David M, Oran)


09:47 Ticket #236 (add detachable search boxes for embedding in other web sites) created by dmn
as described here: …


14:30 WikiStart edited by oranfry
12:13 WikiStart edited by oranfry
12:12 WikiStart edited by oranfry
11:39 Ticket #8 (Local library lock file problems) closed by oranfry
11:27 Ticket #221 (Build Fails at 50% in Windows Vista Business) closed by oranfry
fixed: This was indeed a permission problem. The new installer tells the user …
11:03 Ticket #235 (Change to an open source installer) created by oranfry
Start using an open source, multi-platform installer instead of our …
10:29 WikiStart edited by oranfry
10:23 WikiStart edited by oranfry
09:41 Ticket #234 (Redundant CSS links in greenstone HTML pages) created by oranfry
(this ticket replaces a ticket submitted by Dave Nichols which I had …


16:12 Changeset [14939] by oranfry
added branch.path argument
13:06 Changeset [14938] by anna
Improved texts in GTI.


10:58 Changeset [14937] by anna
Updated French translations and improved English version. Many thanks …


12:56 Changeset [14936] by shaoqun
fotgot to setIndex to the mg indexer before retrieving the document


21:55 Changeset [14935] by davidb
export.pl script updated to be more consistent with its import.pl …
21:53 Changeset [14934] by davidb
Changes to allow statistic calculations for metadata coverage, i.e. …
18:09 Changeset [14933] by davidb
plugin.pm modified to look for plugins in extension folder
18:06 Changeset [14932] by davidb
grammatical fix comment in code
18:02 Changeset [14931] by davidb
Revision to strings.properties based on change on exporting as …
17:59 Changeset [14930] by davidb
basebuilder.pm with Unix-style end-of-line characters
17:54 Changeset [14929] by davidb
Tidying up whitespace
17:48 Changeset [14928] by davidb
ConvertToPlug upgraded to be the same as BasPlug in regard to calling …
17:45 Changeset [14927] by davidb
Exporting as GreenstoneMETS and FedoraMETS changed tobe separate plugout
16:16 Changeset [14926] by dmn
essagedavidb gs3 building updates


15:03 Changeset [14925] by dmn
davidbs changes to update for gs3 building


13:49 Changeset [14924] by mdewsnip
Removed a hack for escaping " " entities -- this (and all the …
13:47 Changeset [14923] by mdewsnip
Undid a change I made back in August 2006 regarding removing entities …


14:09 Changeset [14922] by anna
improved English GLI Help
13:50 Changeset [14921] by anna
Updated French Perllib
13:49 Changeset [14920] by anna
Updated French GLI Dictionary.
13:49 Changeset [14919] by anna
Updated French GLI Help.


13:18 Changeset [14918] by dmn
davidb's to allow for proxy's without authentication


21:51 Changeset [14917] by davidb
Generic version number x.xx changed by mistake to svn-video. Now …
21:49 Changeset [14916] by davidb
File renamed to lowercase letters
16:20 Changeset [14915] by davidb
Removed from repository in favour of mgpass.c (lowercase)
13:45 Changeset [14914] by qq6
updated by Veronica
13:40 Changeset [14913] by qq6
updated by Veronica
13:39 Changeset [14912] by qq6
updated by Veronica
09:42 Changeset [14911] by davidb
Standardisation of Windows config file to lowercase (included from …
09:41 Changeset [14910] by davidb
Standardisation of Windows config file to lowercase (included from …
09:39 Changeset [14909] by davidb
Standardisation of Windows config file to lowercase (included from …
09:37 Changeset [14908] by davidb
Standardisation of Windows config and make files to lowercase. Was …


11:25 Changeset [14907] by anna
Improved GLI Help. Many thanks to John Rose.
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