13:44 Changeset [14956] by oranfry
adding a new file, version.properties, which will be honoured by the …
13:32 Changeset [14955] by mdewsnip
Fixed MetadataXMLPlug.pm so empty values in metadata.xml files aren't …


15:01 Changeset [14954] by mdewsnip
New "-cached_generated_images" option for caching images in the …
13:54 Changeset [14953] by mdewsnip
Changed convert() function to take a target file type instead of a …
13:28 Changeset [14952] by mdewsnip
Tidied up the code for cleaning up the temporary files, in preparation …
13:18 Changeset [14951] by mdewsnip
All calls to convert now go through one "convert()" function, in …
12:51 Changeset [14950] by mdewsnip
Renamed run_convert() to generate_images() in preparation for adding …


16:38 Changeset [14949] by davidb
Tweak to parsing of OAI metadata to XML tags within a metadata field …


22:07 Changeset [14948] by davidb
Added support for resumptionToken
10:18 Changeset [14947] by shaoqun
correct the last commitment
10:04 Changeset [14946] by shaoqun
try HitsPerPage and StartPage in service params first to work with …


13:28 Ticket #239 (XSLT enhancement to OAI server) created by dmn
We should use a similar system to this to provide a user friendly view …
13:26 Ticket #232 (oai records with dc metadata are auto transferred to extracted metadata set) closed by dmn


11:38 Changeset [14945] by shaoqun
add two default value variables so that subclasses can overwrite them


10:22 Changeset [14944] by shaoqun
make it use the default level specified in the collectionConfig.xml
10:17 Changeset [14943] by shaoqun
make it use the default level specified in buildConfig.xml


20:53 Changeset [14942] by davidb
Modification to support extensions. BEGIN block now adds perllib/ …
14:10 Changeset [14941] by dmn
updates for qualified DC
14:09 Changeset [14940] by dmn
updates for qualified DC


10:57 Ticket #238 (generic XML plugin) created by dmn
a plugin which allows a user to specify certain XML elements to be …
10:53 Ticket #226 (Cannot download more than 500 OAI records using GLI) closed by dmn
10:42 Ticket #237 (new XSLT user interface mechanism (skins++)) created by dmn
make the new UI skins-based system the GS3 default (Dave, David M, Oran)


09:47 Ticket #236 (add detachable search boxes for embedding in other web sites) created by dmn
as described here: …
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