16:02 Changeset [15162] by mdewsnip
Changed to use "archivedir" instead of "assocfilepath" when generating …
14:44 Ticket #286 (CD/DVD Collections for GS3) created by dmn
Can we write collections to Read-only media such as CDs and DVDs (and …
13:38 Changeset [15161] by kjdon
not sure what this file does, but I have changed the colbuilder group …
13:35 Ticket #265 (Authentication inconsistency for Depositor) closed by kjdon
fixed: I have changed the collector and depositor group to be …
13:32 Changeset [15160] by kjdon
changed the group with permission to build collections from colbuilder …
13:22 Ticket #285 (GS3 files included in gs2 distribution) created by kjdon
Some gs3 files (gli client I think) are still presesnt in a greenstone …
13:20 Ticket #284 (start menu overwritten when multiple versions installed) created by kjdon
John Rose reported that he installed both the web library and local …
12:09 Changeset [15159] by kjdon
changed the preferences button on the download panel to say 'configure …
11:43 Ticket #283 (GLI log files first character) created by kjdon
In each log file produced by GLI we start it with a single character …
11:38 Ticket #282 (HTMLPlug "smartblock" is soooo dumb) created by kjdon
HTMLPlug "smartblock" is supposed to block the images contained in …
10:45 Changeset [15158] by kjdon
indexers now included in the make clean and make distclean
09:48 Ticket #281 (Accessibility panel in GLI) created by kjdon
It would be nice if there was a pane in GLI where you could do …


18:22 Changeset [15157] by ak19
Added entry for tooltip …
18:21 Changeset [15156] by ak19
Doesn't allow users to delete the currently open collection. Modified …
18:12 Changeset [15155] by ak19
When calling mkcol to create a new collection, no longer add empty …
18:10 Changeset [15154] by ak19
runLocal() method now uniformly executes a process with arguments …
18:03 Changeset [15153] by ak19
Moved code that checks for name collisions between generated html (and …
17:53 Changeset [15152] by ak19
Regular expression in make_links_to_assocdir_relative is corrected and …
17:43 Changeset [15151] by ak19
Commented out regular expressions that remove periods, hyphens and …
17:41 Changeset [15150] by ak19
Now replaces a source textfile with its html by converting it to the …


16:19 Changeset [15149] by oranfry
reversing some accidental changes
16:14 Changeset [15148] by oranfry
a few changes to gs3-setup.bat
15:58 Changeset [15147] by shaoqun
file:///, which is added in BasPlugout.pm for java 1.6 has to be …
12:53 Changeset [15146] by oranfry
a few changes to wirk3 to keep it up-to-date with lirk3
12:49 Changeset [15145] by oranfry
adding the bundled jre for linux
12:49 Changeset [15144] by oranfry
use the current directory to work in, not the system temp directory
12:45 Changeset [15143] by oranfry
changed the meaning of the -to option slightly
12:43 Changeset [15142] by oranfry
changes to the wrapper and installer logic, and a few changes to init …
12:37 Ticket #280 (Ekit - decide whether or not to include this with Greenstone distributions) created by ak19
Ekit is an open source WYSIWYG Java-based html editor, available from …
12:19 Ticket #279 ("Replace srcdoc with html" should work if GSDL is remote, and changes) created by ak19
Presently the script replace_srcdoc_with_html works when GSDL is …
11:46 Changeset [15141] by oranfry
installer now puts bundled java in packages directory, updating this …
11:04 Changeset [15140] by shaoqun
java 1.6 doesn't allow direct drive name like c: when loading xml …


14:34 Changeset [15139] by oranfry
hid the ugly output mention in the message of my last commit
14:03 Ticket #278 (GLI Format Extended Options (GS2)) created by kjdon
If the AllowExtendedOptions format is enabled, then it would be nice …
13:39 Changeset [15138] by oranfry
if during gs3-setup no (appropriate) java is found except the bundled …
13:37 Changeset [15137] by kjdon
added NavigationBar into the list of format options. I added pulldown …
13:34 Changeset [15136] by oranfry
made the configure-java-version execute quicker, and made it run every …
12:12 Changeset [15135] by kjdon
Added in extra java files explicitly to compile line for …


16:29 Changeset [15134] by oranfry
look for ant during gs3-setup instead of mucking around during installation
15:30 Changeset [15133] by oranfry
added a hint option to search4j
15:15 Changeset [15132] by oranfry
don't try to run java unless search4j has found it
15:01 Changeset [15131] by oranfry
modified these scripts so they don't polute the user's environment so …
14:22 Ticket #277 (GLI for GS3: Setting display text for search indexes doesn't have an effect) created by ak19
This problem was identified by Andy Carter and explained at …
12:24 Changeset [15130] by oranfry
checking in the linux tool for finding java
09:36 Changeset [15129] by anna
Added configuration for the Nepali language.
09:35 Changeset [15128] by anna
Nepali Greenstone User Interface. Many thanks to Mohan Raj Pradhan.
09:31 Changeset [15127] by anna
rename singhalese.dm
09:31 Changeset [15126] by anna
rename singhalese.dm


19:49 Changeset [15125] by ak19
runLocal executes a Process with single string command in general, but …


15:57 Changeset [15124] by shaoqun
add codes for flax and remove all annoying Ms
15:31 Changeset [15123] by shaoqun
add a service for searching Google ngram collections


21:15 Changeset [15122] by ak19
Prompt dialog to work with new script replace_srcdoc_with_html.pl. …
21:13 Changeset [15121] by ak19
New perl script replace_srcdoc_with_html.pl allows users to replace a …
21:08 Changeset [15120] by ak19
Changes to work with new script replace_srcdoc_with_html.pl: added to …
20:59 Changeset [15119] by ak19
added srcreplaceable option and the subroutine tmp_area_convert_file …
20:56 Changeset [15118] by ak19
Three new strings, under section titled replace_srcdoc_with_html.pl …
20:54 Changeset [15117] by ak19
Dr Bainbridge made some changes to tidy up the code (replaced file …
20:51 Changeset [15116] by ak19
1. Doesn't presume that GSDLCOLLECT env var is set. 2. Sub …
20:43 Changeset [15115] by ak19
Added SourceReplaceable in output for plugin xml. srcreplaceable is a …
20:41 Changeset [15114] by ak19
Added srcreplaceable option to work with new script …
20:34 Changeset [15113] by ak19
Added Dr Bainbridge's code to trackback caller to filename_cat subroutine
20:32 Changeset [15112] by ak19
Added CollectionPopupMenu.Refresh, Menu.Replace_SrcDoc_With_HTML and …
20:29 Changeset [15111] by ak19
Added code to work with new replace_srcdoc_with_html.pl script
20:28 Changeset [15110] by ak19
1. rt.exec(args) is now used on Linux as well instead of its specific …
20:22 Changeset [15109] by ak19
Now works with replace_srcdoc_with_html.pl (mainly added 2 methods)
20:21 Changeset [15108] by ak19
Now works with replace_srcdoc_with_html.pl
20:19 Changeset [15107] by ak19
Added Refresh on rightclick AND now allows multiple selected documents …
20:12 Changeset [15106] by ak19
To work with new replace_srcdoc_with_html.pl script
20:09 Changeset [15105] by ak19
Works with new replace_srcdoc_with_html.pl
17:10 Changeset [15104] by oranfry
have lirk3 use search4j
17:09 Changeset [15103] by oranfry
massaged search4j to work in windows and linux
17:05 Changeset [15102] by oranfry
changing back to regular search4j
17:04 Changeset [15101] by oranfry
undoing a previous change - dont split search4j into windows and linux …
16:09 Changeset [15100] by oranfry
use the windows version of search4j
16:06 Changeset [15099] by oranfry
lets split search4j into windows and linux versions
15:46 Changeset [15098] by oranfry
when running 'ant update' on a greenstone3 installtion, perform svn …
15:03 Ticket #276 (tidy up classes directory / Greenstone extensions) created by dmn
the directory […] is full of .properties files, especially …
10:56 Changeset [15097] by oranfry
a few i18n tests
10:49 Changeset [15096] by oranfry
dont use launch4j anymore in wirk3
10:48 Changeset [15095] by oranfry
checking in a few weeks work on wirk3
10:42 Changeset [15094] by oranfry
oops, I checked in some extraneous files. deleting.
10:40 Changeset [15093] by oranfry
importing the search4j tool I wrote for the release kits
10:38 Changeset [15092] by oranfry
dont ignore the compiled wirk3 program, and dont use launch4j anymore
10:32 Changeset [15091] by oranfry
we no longer use launch4j in the release kits
10:32 Changeset [15090] by oranfry
made the rsr task windows filename safe - for real this time
09:40 Ticket #275 (Check that Greenstone3 works on Windows using Java 1.6) created by kjdon
Using Java 1.6 on Windows, the ApplyXSLT class (used by plugouts in …
09:28 Ticket #274 (grouping search results) created by kjdon
It would be nice to be able to group search results, for example …


11:35 Changeset [15089] by anna
Call Chinese character segmentation when handling metadata values from …


15:24 Ticket #273 (collection grouping) created by dmn
GS3 should have the ability to group collections into arbitrary sets …
14:59 Changeset [15088] by kjdon
changed reg exp to use split and pop instead due to not working under …
12:45 Ticket #272 (2.80 binary release doesn't include indexers source code) created by kjdon
I noticed in an email that Anu sent to the mailing list that she has …
11:10 Ticket #271 (Admin groups for Greenstone 2) closed by kjdon
fixed: Done.
11:10 Changeset [15087] by kjdon
changed the default group for admin to be all-collections-editor …
11:09 Changeset [15086] by kjdon
made the input space for groups to be longer
11:02 Changeset [15085] by kjdon
added a list of predefined groups to the help for groups on edit/add …
09:50 Ticket #271 (Admin groups for Greenstone 2) created by kjdon
The admin user has colbuilder group set - this is no longer used (I …
09:38 Ticket #270 (2.80 release doesn't install Java) created by kjdon
Reported by John Rose. I haven't tried it myself. The new 2.80 CD-ROM …
09:35 Ticket #269 (Greenstone CDROM - security risk?) created by kjdon
Is this just a CD problem, or local library problem in general?? From …


18:34 Ticket #268 (Cross-Collection Search feature available in GS2's GLI is missing in ...) created by ak19
Using: Greenstone 3 compiled from source code that was checked out on …
18:29 Ticket #267 (GS3: Need to restart tomcat in order for browser to note new and ...) created by ak19
Using: Greenstone 3 compiled from source code checked out on 03 March …
18:24 Ticket #266 (GS2 and GS3: Casefolding is off by default even though prefs say it's on) created by ak19
Tested on: GS3 compiled from source (checked out from svn on March 03, …


16:48 Changeset [15084] by oranfry
replacing hacked launch4j with a customised utility, search4j, which …
11:32 Changeset [15083] by davidb
mistakenly commited code with version number set to 1.0. Changed back …
11:31 Changeset [15082] by davidb
mistakenly commited code with version number set to 1.0. Changed back …
10:18 Ticket #265 (Authentication inconsistency for Depositor) created by johnrose
Depositor requires that the user be in the colbuilder group, but the …


16:34 Changeset [15081] by xiao
add the derby library and also some classes that use the library
16:31 Changeset [15080] by xiao
delete the dir containing the derby library temparorily
16:15 Changeset [15079] by xiao
a new dir containing the derby library


12:05 Ticket #264 (GS3 Java 1.4 minimum requirement should be 1.5) created by dmn
In build.xml we have […] …


16:08 Changeset [15078] by shaoqun
add a unzip-flax-collections target and use it in flax-update
15:18 Changeset [15077] by mdewsnip
Oh dear... there were two pretty big problems with the replace() …
14:46 Ticket #263 (John Rose's problems with GLI client on XP Home) created by kjdon
Intermittent problem. greenstone 2.80, XP Home edition. Run GLI …
14:36 Ticket #262 (GLI deleting a collection that is open) created by kjdon
Running GLI client, I deleted lots of collections including the one I …
14:34 Ticket #261 (GLI client: changing gliserver.pl in Preferences) created by kjdon
Running GLI client. Change the library and gliserver address in …
14:06 Ticket #260 (Problem with MetadataXMLPlug when -maxdocs specified) created by kaybl1991
I've been struggling against some pretty strange behaviour with …
13:44 Changeset [15076] by anna
recover to the previous version
13:21 Changeset [15075] by anna
Added configuration for the Marathi language.
12:37 Changeset [15074] by ak19
added -w in #!/usr/bin/perl -w
11:48 Ticket #259 (GLI client (and standalone??) saving config file) created by kjdon
When starting up the GLI client, you are asked for library and …
11:29 Ticket #258 (XML exception when not providing a GS3 path to GLI) created by dmn
11:07 Ticket #257 (GLI client annoyingness with invalid gliserver.pl path) created by kjdon
When you start up the GLI client, it tries to get lots of info from …
09:35 Changeset [15073] by kjdon
added -reversesort option to import.pl. Used with -sortmeta option, to …
09:31 Changeset [15072] by kjdon
added -reversesort option to import.pl. Used with -sortmeta option, to …


15:06 Changeset [15071] by oranfry
checking in two very simplified gs3 scripts and a grain of salt
14:59 Changeset [15070] by oranfry
checking in two very simplified gs3 scripts and a grain of salt
13:54 Changeset [15069] by oranfry
Adding a utility to find java based on launch4j
13:47 Changeset [15068] by xiao
when producing buildConfig.xml from collectionConfig.xml, add two more …
13:14 Changeset [15067] by oranfry
reversing an accidental change


17:49 Ticket #256 (Non-Roman encoded filenames of non-text content not indexed for searching) created by ak19
1. Problem received in mailing list (Linux): The problems: a) I …
16:24 Changeset [15066] by anna
Improved English expressions for searching, thanks to John Rose.
16:18 Changeset [15065] by oranfry
made the rsr task windows-filename-safe
16:10 Changeset [15064] by oranfry
bringing in the shared tasks
16:08 Changeset [15063] by oranfry
deleted the unshared tasks
16:07 Changeset [15062] by oranfry
bringing in the shared component ant-tasks
16:05 Changeset [15061] by oranfry
16:04 Changeset [15060] by oranfry
16:04 Changeset [15059] by oranfry
16:02 Changeset [15058] by oranfry
moving the ant tasks to the shared area
16:01 Changeset [15057] by oranfry
creating a directory for ant tasks to be shared from
14:25 Changeset [15056] by kjdon
added a line to create the bin/windows directory if it is not there, …
14:11 Changeset [15055] by xiao
add a method getNamedElements following the same concept of the method …
14:09 Changeset [15054] by oranfry
hacked launch4j to report javas location aswell as just running it
14:08 Changeset [15053] by oranfry
lots of work on wirk3
13:59 Changeset [15052] by oranfry
undoing an accidental change from a few weeks ago
09:29 Ticket #255 (ant prepare-collections fail) created by dmn
as part of ant prepare install prepare-collections failed as below: …


16:31 Changeset [15051] by oranfry
fixing a change accidentally checked in
16:28 Changeset [15050] by oranfry
create the gs2build/lib directory before trying to export to it
16:06 Changeset [15049] by mdewsnip
Fixed the Lucene jar file name and class name in the commented out …
15:43 Changeset [15048] by oranfry
changed all 'gets' from the repo to 'svn export's and introduced a …
15:34 Changeset [15047] by ak19
Skipped wrong file when new -group flag not set. Now fixed
14:56 Changeset [15046] by shaoqun
temporarily remove this class from the repository cos' it depends on …
13:45 Changeset [15045] by shaoqun
add install.flax for installing flax
13:42 Changeset [15044] by shaoqun
use install.flax set up in the build.properties file
13:29 Changeset [15043] by shaoqun
add a property for installing gdbm
13:16 Changeset [15042] by shaoqun
reorganise gdbm-related targets
12:02 Ticket #245 (java crash, index out of bounds) closed by ak19
worksforme: Fix is not yet tested as I could not reproduce the error. From the …
11:56 Changeset [15041] by ak19
Attempted fix for http://trac.greenstone.org/ticket/245 - Java crash, …
10:15 Changeset [15040] by xiao
add a method getCollectionList


17:30 Changeset [15039] by shaoqun
add a sql package
15:46 Ticket #254 (ant: prepare-tomcat failure because of hard-coded version numbers in ...) created by dmn
do we have the tomcat version number hard-coded somewhere? …
14:12 Changeset [15038] by shaoqun
add prepare, configure, compile stuff for gdbm
13:52 Changeset [15037] by xiao
add two targets: update-flax and flax-copy-files.
12:23 Changeset [15036] by xiao
add servlet/mappings for flax web service
12:13 Ticket #253 (broken website link, missing README) created by dmn
http://www.greenstone.org/greenstone3/README.txt is linked to from …
11:17 Changeset [15035] by shaoqun
write a target to copy xalan.jar to endorsed dir of tomcat
11:01 Changeset [15034] by shaoqun
fix the checkout for flax


17:14 Changeset [15033] by anna
Improved English expression as John Rose suggested.
16:40 Changeset [15032] by anna
Arabic Translations for the Installer's Guide. Many thanks to Kamal …
15:08 Changeset [15031] by mdewsnip
Fixed bug when parsing quoted arguments starting with a minus character.
14:43 Changeset [15030] by kjdon
added a missing > sign to the plugin description
14:42 Ticket #252 (Java application - Demonstrate enhanced web services for GS3) created by ak19
Demo-client for Greenstone 3 that demonstrates its new web services - …
14:14 Changeset [15029] by kjdon
need to add os attribute to the windows executable commands in …


13:08 Changeset [15028] by shaoqun
copy xalan.jar into tomcat endorsed dir on mac
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