15:53 Changeset [24795] by sjm84
Changed where imagemagick is retrieved from and separated out the wv …
15:09 Changeset [24794] by ak19
Part 3 of commit r24547. The recently-added abstract plugin …


19:00 Changeset [24793] by ak19
Tagging the greenstone 2.85 rc2 release.


10:39 Changeset [24792] by sjm84
gsf:metadata statements will now work out where to get metadata from …
10:31 Changeset [24791] by sjm84
Better handling of paged-images, still needs more work though. Also …
10:16 Changeset [24790] by sjm84
More Peijones changes


18:36 Changeset [24789] by ak19
Cleaning up fix committed with revision 24786: won't try deleting …
17:48 Changeset [24788] by ak19
Fixed oversight due to copy and paste in previous commit that broke …
14:29 Changeset [24787] by ak19
GSIControl.sh' reset-gsdlhome target should update the path to perl at …
14:00 Changeset [24786] by ak19
GSIControl.bat's reset-gsdlhome target should update the path to perl …


19:45 Changeset [24785] by ak19
GSDLARCH is only set on some Linux systems. Not set on the CentOS …
15:56 Changeset [24784] by sjm84
More Pei Jones collection changes
15:27 Changeset [24783] by ak19
Same changes as were committed for the equivalent Windows batch file, …


17:45 Changeset [24782] by ak19
Undoing previous commit and redone as per Dr Bainbridge's suggestion: …
14:49 Changeset [24781] by papitha
changes to header.xsl
14:06 Changeset [24780] by sjm84
Fixing the documentmaker to be in the correct place
14:05 Changeset [24779] by papitha
Changes to Style
14:01 Changeset [24778] by sjm84
Moving Papitha's documentmaker code to the correct location
13:58 Changeset [24777] by sjm84
Creating a folder for Papitha's documentmaker code
13:57 Changeset [24776] by sjm84
Moving the annotator code to the correct place
13:56 Changeset [24775] by sjm84
Moving the annotator code to the correct place
13:55 Changeset [24774] by sjm84
Making a directory for the annotator
13:52 Changeset [24773] by sjm84
Moving the annotator code to the correct place
13:46 Changeset [24772] by papitha
changes to style
13:44 Changeset [24771] by papitha
Changes to JS
13:16 Changeset [24770] by papitha
Changes to Zoom and Tag Photo
13:13 Changeset [24769] by papitha
Changes done to Zoom and Tag Photo


20:25 Changeset [24768] by ak19
Related to previous commit: may after all require to sleep/wait an …
19:39 Changeset [24767] by ak19
Undoing previous commit, since the change to get GLI.jar containing …
19:34 Changeset [24766] by ak19
Makejar needs to put the org.apache classes into GLI.jar so that …


22:52 Changeset [24765] by ak19
Undoing previous commit to gsdlsite.cfg.in and gsicontrol.bat where a …
09:13 Changeset [24764] by papitha
Added Dual Link to Collage and Flip Photo.


19:52 Changeset [24763] by ak19
Passing verbosity to gs-magick.pl when verbosity is set in import options
18:44 Changeset [24762] by ak19
When launching the java command with 2>&1, still need the extra & at …
17:10 Changeset [24761] by ak19
Need the org.apache.xerces files in gli/jar folder making the jar …
17:02 Changeset [24760] by ak19
Can't generate .app document.wflow files (shortcuts for Mac) if no …


19:02 Changeset [24759] by ak19
Fix for spaces in filepath when launching the apache webserver, since …


21:45 Changeset [24758] by ak19
Related to bugfix of previous commit: this time, not only is the …
21:20 Changeset [24757] by ak19
Corrections to code to prevent server crash when swapping indexers …
20:20 Changeset [24756] by ak19
Diego found an oversight in the previous commit: forgot to use Encode …
13:25 Changeset [24755] by sjm84
Some changes to support the store_metadata_coverage option
13:23 Changeset [24754] by sjm84
Some changes to support the store_metadata_coverage option
12:05 Changeset [24753] by sjm84
Some modifications to LibraryServlet to allow CGI formatted POST …


16:34 Changeset [24752] by sjm84
Removed a debug output statement
14:41 Changeset [24751] by ak19
Sam fixed the menu input not allowing value 6 (for quit).
14:13 Changeset [24750] by ak19
String representing filepath requires double backslash as file separator
11:44 Changeset [24749] by davidb
Further tweak to output statement about switching to full rebuild
11:24 Changeset [24748] by davidb
Support for -site in pluginfo.pl added
11:22 Changeset [24747] by davidb
Tidied up support for -site in full-rebuild.pl and …


16:05 Changeset [24746] by sjm84
If the classes3 folder does not exist then we need to make it when …
15:01 Changeset [24745] by ak19
Removed code that was added in a recent commit and is no longer used: …
14:55 Ticket #798 (Extend MetadataCSVPlugin to support char encoding option) created by ak19
main/trunk/greenstone2/perllib/plugins/MetadataCSVPlugin.pm # Would …


23:52 Changeset [24744] by davidb
Now using LuceneWrapper3.jar, which embodies the updated Lucene 3.x …
22:34 Changeset [24743] by davidb
jar files to include in main gsdl3 area
22:28 Changeset [24742] by davidb
Due to introduction of LuceneWrapper3, no longer need to keep a backup …
21:20 Changeset [24741] by ak19
Dr Bainbridge's fix to another unicode issue to do with classifier …
20:54 Changeset [24740] by davidb
This is now handled as LuceneWrapper3 in gs2 build's lucene-gs area
20:53 Changeset [24739] by davidb
Shifted to using LuceneWrapper3
20:50 Changeset [24738] by davidb
Shifted over to using LuceneWrapper3
17:29 Changeset [24737] by ak19
Further adjustment of code, reflecting the fact that text strings read …
17:25 Changeset [24736] by ak19
Perl strings that result from reading in data from text files need to …
14:43 Changeset [24735] by davidb
Ignore values for Lucene 3.x version of code
14:42 Changeset [24734] by davidb
no longer needed
14:41 Changeset [24733] by davidb
no longer needed
14:40 Changeset [24732] by davidb
Some additional changes that allow both Lucene 2.x and 3.x be compiled …
11:36 Changeset [24731] by sjm84
Lucene 3.x version of code accidentally commited rolling back to 2.x …


12:43 Changeset [24730] by papitha
Annotator functionality added.


20:32 Changeset [24729] by ak19
Ensuring that classpath and filenames are in quotes, in order to …
20:00 Changeset [24728] by ak19
AutoloadConverter messages string properties were not appearing: one …
16:21 Changeset [24727] by davidb
Restructured template rule to be more in line with the …
15:56 Changeset [24726] by davidb
Repackaging to LuceneWrapper3
15:44 Changeset [24725] by davidb
Restruturing of Lucene version 2.x and 3.x to make it easier to …
15:38 Changeset [24724] by davidb
Changes necessary to make LuceneSearch work with Lucene version 3.3
15:33 Changeset [24723] by davidb
missing public on class defintion
14:43 Changeset [24722] by davidb
Restructuring of classes to prepare the way for the Solr extension
14:35 Changeset [24721] by davidb
Further file needed for Lucene version 3.3 support
14:19 Changeset [24720] by davidb
Extra support for extensions added
14:19 Changeset [24719] by davidb
Whitespace tidyup
14:14 Changeset [24718] by davidb
On the road to Greenstone working with a more update to date version …
14:14 Changeset [24717] by davidb
On the road to Greenstone working with a more update to date version …
14:11 Changeset [24716] by davidb
A version of the LuceneWrapper code that works with Lucene version 3.3
14:04 Changeset [24715] by davidb
Added in support to copy and remove needed jar files
13:57 Changeset [24714] by davidb
Corrected 'gsdlsrc' to 'gsdlsrcdir' variable, plus made the decision …
13:54 Changeset [24713] by davidb
Corrected 'gsdlsrc' to 'gsdlsrcdir' variable, plus made the decision …


14:25 Changeset [24712] by papitha
11:30 Changeset [24711] by anna
Fixed a bug in Thai translations. Many thanks to Dwight Martin.


16:59 Ticket #797 (GS installer: counterintuitive behaviour of select dir button) created by ak19
GS installer comes with a browse button to help you choose a directory …
16:55 Ticket #796 (Standard way to install GS menu icon on Linux systems) created by ak19
xdg-utils appears to work on various window/desktop managers (gnome, …
16:12 Changeset [24710] by papitha
Tag Photo - Delete functionality added.
15:48 Changeset [24709] by ak19
If on Windows and using the Start command to launch a file from GLI …
15:25 Changeset [24708] by papitha
Tag Photo - Save functionality modified.
14:13 Changeset [24707] by ak19
Reverting code committed last time which started using xdg-open as the …
12:13 Changeset [24706] by davidb
'use Config' needs to appear earlier on in the file for the BEGIN …
11:46 Changeset [24705] by davidb
A version of mini-unix that includes 'ssh' and 'svn'.


20:49 Changeset [24704] by ak19
Dr Bainbridge found a default Linux file open command (xdg-open). This …
15:10 Changeset [24703] by sjm84
If there is any gsf:metadata elements in the skin xsl these will now …
15:04 Changeset [24702] by jmt12
apparently the missing script was missing... teehee
14:39 Changeset [24701] by sjm84
The multithreaded version of the Expat.so file for perl 5.8 will now …
14:37 Changeset [24700] by sjm84
Commiting changes to XMLParser that will make it use a multithreaded …
14:31 Changeset [24699] by jmt12
Write the manifest files to the collection's tmp directory so we can …
14:30 Changeset [24698] by jmt12
Store the filelist.txt (list of all documents to be imported) in the …
14:28 Changeset [24697] by jmt12
Adding in a defined test on complex_meta to prevent a Perl warning
10:54 Changeset [24696] by jmt12
Removing debug code, and adding in strings.h header to improve …
10:51 Changeset [24695] by jmt12
Script to run a battery of tests and record the results in a database
10:51 Changeset [24694] by jmt12
Setup script to generate a number of collections or varying sizes …
10:51 Changeset [24693] by jmt12
A hack to allow sudoedit to modify the drop_caches value non-interactively


18:30 Changeset [24692] by ak19
Lan fixed errors in the xsl file which was causing execution of …
16:51 Changeset [24691] by davidb
Improved multi-lingual support
14:30 Changeset [24690] by jmt12
Having added a new function to the cascade-make library to handle Perl …
14:26 Changeset [24689] by jmt12
Add new function for Perl CPAN module configuration (which calls 'perl …


20:04 Changeset [24688] by ak19
Changes to zipfiles after changing perl file: If soffice is not …
19:56 Changeset [24687] by ak19
If soffice is not installed, then the OpenOfficeConverter's attempt to …
14:18 Ticket #795 (That annoying Java exception GLI gives out) created by ak19
Dr Bainbridge has found a possible solution. He wrote: I was just …
14:07 Ticket #794 (Allow spaces in filepath on Linux) created by ak19
Allow spaces in filepath on Linux: - Should work in launch of apps …
13:22 Changeset [24686] by jmt12
Several changes to ensure parallel importing plays nicely with …
13:21 Changeset [24685] by jmt12
Ensure the client end of the socket is opened UTF8 aware
13:21 Changeset [24684] by jmt12
Changed order of arguments to mpiimport to make site (a GS3 thing) …
13:20 Changeset [24683] by jmt12
Fixes to process (based predominantly on the new/custom complexmeta …
13:19 Changeset [24682] by jmt12
Restored the complexmeta flag needed to allow parallel importing with …
13:18 Changeset [24681] by jmt12
Made it so listeners are only removed when the object is deallocated …
13:16 Changeset [24680] by jmt12
Removed sanity check for GDBM (where was my sanity - GDBM works, it's …
13:15 Changeset [24679] by jmt12
Added code to determine the open file handles and persist them through …
13:14 Changeset [24678] by jmt12
A tool for comparing the contents of two GDBM databases
13:13 Changeset [24677] by jmt12
A tool for generating manifest files from import directories


20:57 Changeset [24676] by ak19
Output of running basic java command should go to dev/null on linux …
18:16 Ticket #793 (On GLI attempting to close: list any programs it opened by name) created by ak19
When GLI can't close due to other programs being open, let's say what …
12:55 Changeset [24675] by jmt12
Continued to document the parallel building extension and various …
12:54 Changeset [24674] by jmt12
A new database driver that connects to one or more GDBMServers …
12:52 Changeset [24673] by jmt12
Added switch and code for enabling WAL when accessing SQLite, but it …
12:50 Changeset [24672] by jmt12
changed some error messages to be less... sacrilegious
12:49 Changeset [24671] by jmt12
Simple server and client objects that are based around a socket that …
12:47 Changeset [24670] by jmt12
An object encapsulating an active client to the GDBMServer - to be …
12:46 Changeset [24669] by jmt12
Added a test before trying to twiddle binmode on the infodb_handle to …
12:45 Changeset [24668] by jmt12
changed warning message when basebuilder asked to generate build …
12:43 Changeset [24667] by jmt12
Adding another sanity test to prevent parallel building when infodb is …
12:41 Changeset [24666] by jmt12
A daemonizable server that modifies a GDBM database (via the GDBMCLI …
12:40 Changeset [24665] by jmt12
A simple client for testing GDBMServer and for properly shutting it …
12:39 Changeset [24664] by jmt12
Ignoring unpacked versions of new packages
12:39 Changeset [24663] by jmt12
A new cascade-make script for sqlite although (since SQLite 3.7.8 …
12:37 Changeset [24662] by jmt12
Ignoring unpacked versions of new packages
12:36 Changeset [24661] by jmt12
New packages for GDBMServer, and a (failed) attempt to support SQLite …
12:10 Changeset [24660] by jmt12
Cascade make script (and script adjustments) for GDBMCLI tool
12:09 Changeset [24659] by jmt12
Several small changes to CLI such as new commands
12:07 Changeset [24658] by davidb
The all important .so file
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