18:23 Changeset [26551] by ak19
Tagging release 2.86 rc1
18:22 Changeset [26550] by ak19
Tagged in wrong location. Removing this tag
18:18 Changeset [26549] by ak19
Updating GS2 css too for earlier commit revision of today 26545. Its …
18:05 Changeset [26548] by ak19
Tagging release 2.86 rc1
16:38 Changeset [26547] by ak19
Reducing the list of GS3 interface files to be translated to the ones …
15:46 Changeset [26546] by ak19
All backslash-n (newline) chars replaced with html break since that's …
15:22 Changeset [26545] by ak19
List.pm makes all bucket titles lowercase now, for sorting purposes …


17:26 Changeset [26544] by ak19
Changes to get-all-chunks to work for GS3 translation files again.


18:08 Changeset [26543] by ak19
Forgot to commit the windows equivalent for the changes to the linux …
14:46 Changeset [26542] by ak19
When using DebugInfo, need the reconfigure the MessageRouter
14:11 Changeset [26541] by ak19
Kathy said that the apache server really only needs to give access to …
11:46 Changeset [26540] by davidb
Removal of rogue debugging statement


18:35 Changeset [26539] by ak19
Code to URL encode special characters in cgi-params to mitigate more …
12:36 Changeset [26538] by sjm84
Added the usersdb directory to the list of places that shouldn't be …
12:35 Changeset [26537] by sjm84
Removed some obsolete functions
11:59 Changeset [26536] by davidb
Introduction of two new OIDtype values (hash_on_full_filename and …


17:40 Changeset [26535] by ak19
Dos2linux on laotian.dm and corrected first char in utf-8 file so that …
13:38 Changeset [26534] by kjdon
tidying up basic properties. moved help (maybe not actaully used …
13:37 Changeset [26533] by kjdon
a couple of changes that showed up when I was cleaning up the …
06:36 Changeset [26532] by davidb
enable-streaming-list added to allow 'mp3' as a streamable target. …
06:34 Changeset [26531] by davidb
Fixed typo in convertto_cmd function name. Updated routine to return …
06:01 Changeset [26530] by davidb
Greenstone 3 supports global <format> format statements. Empty …
04:56 Changeset [26529] by davidb
Sample collections built by Casey to go with her version of the …
04:43 Changeset [26528] by davidb
Code developed by the Tipple-AR Smoke and Mirrors team, based on the …
04:30 Changeset [26527] by davidb
Sorting out import that was missing the final target directory name
04:28 Changeset [26526] by davidb
Sorting out import that was missing the final target directory name
04:27 Changeset [26525] by davidb
Sorting out import that was missing the final target directory name
04:26 Changeset [26524] by davidb
Sorting out import that was missing the final target directory name
04:23 Changeset [26523] by davidb
A version of Tipple with the mods Casey made for her Masters work
04:15 Changeset [26522] by davidb
Script restructured to avoid explicit 'exit' if setup-android.bash not …
04:13 Changeset [26521] by davidb
Updating of text to reflect the latest version of the scripts provided …
00:06 Changeset [26520] by davidb
Append string functions changed to a doubling algorithm for reserved …


10:22 Changeset [26519] by davidb
Commented out lines which add "&ed=1&dt=hierarchy" to a Greenstone …
10:17 Changeset [26518] by davidb
Added an if statement to check whether a doc URL line obtained has …


20:19 Changeset [26517] by ak19
Not allowing browser access to the contents of folder usersDB
19:55 Changeset [26516] by ak19
Minor changes to debuginfo display
19:54 Changeset [26515] by ak19
Minor changes to debuginfo display
19:50 Changeset [26514] by ak19
Removed windows-style new line characters ahead of changes (so that …
18:39 Changeset [26513] by ak19
Adding in original error message when a transformation of in-memory …
16:38 Changeset [26512] by ak19
First step to improving the security issues in GS2 and GS3: now GS2's …
11:34 Changeset [26511] by davidb
Corrected spelling of one of the method names (from getFormatedDate to …
01:29 Changeset [26510] by davidb
Fixed small typo in file
01:20 Changeset [26509] by davidb
collection config file updated to demonstrate th euse of …
00:40 Changeset [26508] by davidb
The browse action now support 'descendants' as a CGI-argument, which …
00:34 Changeset [26507] by davidb
Support for o=json as output type in Greenstone 3
00:34 Changeset [26506] by davidb
Support for o=json as output type in Greenstone 3
00:33 Changeset [26505] by davidb
Java library that can convert an XML document into a JSON string, …
00:28 Changeset [26504] by davidb
If you would like a <gsf:link> to open a new window/tab when clicked, …
00:23 Changeset [26503] by davidb
Line added to call 'define-js-macro-variables' so javascript versions …
00:22 Changeset [26502] by davidb
Section added to the <head>...</head> that lets a collection designer …
00:19 Changeset [26501] by davidb
A move towards easier migration of Greenstone2 collections to …
00:15 Changeset [26500] by davidb
Some white-space changes (indenting) and a comment added at the end to …


14:31 Changeset [26499] by sjm84
The debug behaviour is triggered via the debug cgi argument instead of …
14:00 Changeset [26498] by sjm84
Document metadata in on the classifier page is now stored in the gs …
12:48 Changeset [26497] by ak19
In previous commit, forgot to rename references to Library2 into …
12:45 Changeset [26496] by ak19
More descriptive name for Library 2, as it can be run from the …


18:57 Changeset [26495] by ak19
Added target to allow tomcat to be started up in debug mode which will …
16:13 Changeset [26494] by ak19
1. Adding new Library class TransformingLibrary.java that takes a GS3 …
15:57 Changeset [26493] by sjm84
The back-end service that gets and saves templates
15:56 Changeset [26492] by sjm84
Next iteration of the "Greenbug" interface. Saving now works. Still …
01:48 Changeset [26491] by davidb
Another place where we now also want to check for gsf:foreach-metadata


23:22 Changeset [26490] by davidb
Convenience command-line script to access JDBM databases produced by …
15:49 Changeset [26489] by kjdon
tidying up the interface properties. Deleting ones that are not used - …
15:47 Changeset [26488] by kjdon
using a dictionary string instead of hard coding
15:47 Changeset [26487] by kjdon
looks nicer like this
15:46 Changeset [26486] by kjdon
looks nicer like this
15:46 Changeset [26485] by kjdon
looks nicer like this
15:46 Changeset [26484] by kjdon
putting lesser used text strings into interface_default2.properties - …
13:01 Changeset [26483] by kjdon
renamed the default properties files to basic as that is the interface …
11:12 Changeset [26482] by kjdon
added Maori words for some/all, which is used in niupepa collection
11:03 Changeset [26481] by kjdon
added internal page links as per original niupepa collection. removed …
11:03 Changeset [26480] by kjdon
added internal page links as per original niupepa collection. removed …
10:39 Changeset [26479] by kjdon
put the final . inside the </p> tag so it doesn't appear on the next line
10:34 Changeset [26478] by kjdon
fixed up an HTML error which was preventing abexpl.abbrev from being …
10:25 Changeset [26477] by kjdon
only call results page if rt contains r: requesttype=request. When …
09:26 Changeset [26476] by davidb
Test and untar maven binary tarball is not already done so
09:22 Changeset [26475] by davidb
README file to go with the extension
09:12 Changeset [26474] by davidb
A Greeonstone3 extension for branding an Android install of i-jetty …
06:10 Changeset [26473] by davidb
Block of code added to monitors for the new '<gsf:foreach-metadata>' …


23:21 Changeset [26472] by davidb
For a group-by search results example, started to make use of xsl:key, …
23:20 Changeset [26471] by davidb
Added extra util:xx function (accessed from XSLT) to return the DocOID …
17:17 Changeset [26470] by ak19
Fixed how turning the realistic book on in Prefs wasn't being …


18:52 Changeset [26469] by ak19
17:58 Changeset [26468] by ak19
Adding eclipse project files for GS3. Instructions on setting this up …
15:37 Changeset [26467] by kjdon
added a few new gsf templates, foreach-metadata and supporting templates
14:02 Changeset [26466] by ak19
Need to handle on/off flags which take optional values. If these flags …
11:32 Changeset [26465] by xiao
in target flax-copy-del-files: use flax version of …
01:01 Changeset [26464] by davidb
Default level for quick-search box changed to use the default value of …


22:19 Changeset [26463] by davidb
A folder for storing example 'local' configuration files -- such as …
15:44 Changeset [26462] by sjm84
Fixing some minor bugs
15:41 Changeset [26461] by sjm84
Phase two of commiting the improved debugging system
15:41 Changeset [26460] by sjm84
Reformatting this file
15:38 Changeset [26459] by sjm84
This should probably be UTF-8?
15:37 Changeset [26458] by sjm84
Phase one of commiting the improved debugging system
14:04 Changeset [26457] by sjm84
Fixed the debug transformation so that it correctly reads files in UTF-8
14:01 Changeset [26456] by sjm84
Fixing an error with a duplicate variable name
14:00 Changeset [26455] by sjm84
Reformatting this file ahead of some changes


17:47 Changeset [26454] by ak19
Adding the missing link to the previous commit. Previous commit …
17:42 Changeset [26453] by ak19
Committing the changes necessary to get Library2.java working again: …


17:22 Changeset [26452] by ak19
Recommitting with debug statement commented out. Previous commit …
17:19 Changeset [26451] by ak19
1. Fixed processing of the collectionconfig's indexOption element. 2. …


20:42 Changeset [26450] by ak19
1. Added GS3 colconfig.xml processing of any OIDtype and OIDmetadata …
16:17 Changeset [26449] by ak19
Some regexp variables were undefined owing to the caller method being …


15:29 Changeset [26448] by kjdon
make the colleciton links add in any default params listed in the …
15:27 Changeset [26447] by kjdon
simple text replacement only macro resolver. used by servicecluster
15:27 Changeset [26446] by kjdon
trying to tidy up the collection classes. Move some general stuff to …
15:25 Changeset [26445] by kjdon
changed a comment
15:24 Changeset [26444] by kjdon
added in libraryParamList and some titles for classifiers
02:51 Changeset [26443] by davidb
Getting the ball rolling with a clone of the OAIDownload.pm module
02:50 Changeset [26442] by davidb
Further tweaks based on test-runs
01:44 Changeset [26441] by davidb
Additional minus-option syntax added to allow the user to specify a …


17:12 Changeset [26440] by ak19
On NZDL, using the args fromPid (and deletePid) instead of fromPID …
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