22:31 Changeset [26611] by davidb
In last message I wrote that documentation frameset had been added but …
22:29 Changeset [26610] by davidb
Adding in required Expeditee framesets for GlamED - interface-overlays …
22:22 Changeset [26609] by davidb
Added in action and agent code for GlamED's Collection Space feature.
22:19 Changeset [26608] by davidb
Added back in code for generating a collection space and for …
22:15 Changeset [26607] by davidb
Added in getCollectionSpace method.
22:13 Changeset [26606] by davidb
removing unnecessary debug print lines.
21:34 Changeset [26605] by davidb
Adding more code for the Collection Space feature back into GlamED, …
21:27 Changeset [26604] by davidb
Adding back in code for generating a "Collection Space" in GlamED.
21:15 Changeset [26603] by davidb
Changed instructions in regards to importing GSDL collections into …
20:15 Changeset [26602] by davidb
Adding jar files required for running GlamED.
19:51 Changeset [26601] by davidb
Editing formatting of a line.
19:50 Changeset [26600] by davidb
Changed filepath of greenstone3-svn.
19:45 Changeset [26599] by davidb
An "Import Collections" action text item is automatically generated …
19:40 Changeset [26598] by davidb
Changed file path to greenstone3 directory.
19:34 Changeset [26597] by davidb
The name of the collection and the last frame number are now written …
14:13 Changeset [26596] by davidb
The html to expeditee feature will now obtain a matching assocfilepath …
14:07 Changeset [26595] by davidb
Corrected locations of jar files.
14:05 Changeset [26594] by davidb
Added/edited instructions for compiling Greenstone3, Expeditee and GlamED.


15:14 Changeset [26593] by davidb
Tidied up on cgi-param names being used.
11:43 Changeset [26592] by davidb
Adding a collection huilder batch file.
11:42 Changeset [26591] by davidb
Initial version of files for compiling with Eclipse.
11:35 Changeset [26590] by davidb
Added an external reference to greenstone3 and expeditee.
11:13 Changeset [26589] by davidb
Adding a README file.
11:04 Changeset [26588] by davidb
Initial import of Korii's 520 project for managing digital cultural …


17:31 Ticket #852 (GS3 source distributions still have extra demo collections) created by ak19
GS3 source distributions still have extra demo collections. Need to …
10:57 Changeset [26587] by kjdon
translations provided by Te Taka Keegan
10:56 Changeset [26586] by kjdon
translations provided by Te Taka Keegan


20:01 Changeset [26585] by ak19
Tagging 3.05 binary releases
17:00 Changeset [26584] by ak19
Recomitting corrections of 2 commits ago, this time the tar.gz file …
16:48 Changeset [26583] by ak19
Undoing previous commit
15:28 Changeset [26582] by ak19
The lucene-jdbm-demo collection in the GS3 release binary wasn't …
12:10 Changeset [26581] by kjdon
translations were all in interface_basic_xx.properties files. I wrote …
10:30 Changeset [26580] by sjm84
Reverting an accidentally commited change
10:29 Changeset [26579] by sjm84
Add a message to the home page when there is no collections
10:25 Changeset [26578] by sjm84
Removing a test that was causing a null pointer exception
09:53 Changeset [26577] by sjm84
Reformatting this file ahead of some changes
00:00 Milestone 3.05 Release completed
Greenstone 3.05 was released December 2012


14:56 Changeset [26576] by ak19
Deny access to the Greenstone 3 log files, with greenstone.log …
14:04 Changeset [26575] by ak19
Tagging win, lin 32 and 64, mac leopard binaries for 2.86 rc2


18:13 Changeset [26574] by ak19
Related to commit revision 26567 and 26573. The first mandated the …
17:21 Changeset [26573] by ak19
Related to commit revision 26567 which mandated the inclusion of the …
14:33 Changeset [26572] by sjm84
Removed an unnecessary print statement
14:30 Changeset [26571] by sjm84
Reformatting this file ahead of some chances
10:33 Changeset [26570] by sjm84
Added Arial as the first-choice font


19:17 Changeset [26569] by ak19
Since advbeat_large collection is pre-built, committing the …
18:42 Changeset [26568] by ak19
Browse format needs to specify select attribute set to collection when …
16:37 Changeset [26567] by ak19
When a GS2 collection contains both collect.cfg and …
16:29 Ticket #851 (Minimal rebuild duplicates docs) created by ak19
Discovered by Jessica Turner: Between 2.85 and 3.05rc2, minimal …
15:13 Changeset [26566] by ak19
Tagging 2.86rc1 for the mac binary generated on Leopard
13:40 Changeset [26565] by ak19
Trying to get the mac release binary to install correctly again. It …
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