17:27 Changeset [28195] by davidb
Increased robustness in running these setup files
17:25 Changeset [28194] by davidb
Changes necessary to move version of subversion used to 1.8.1
17:21 Changeset [28193] by davidb
Script to help with the downloading of images, ratherthan it being …
09:21 Changeset [28192] by jmt12
Need to still output Greenstone messages to log otherwise I can't …
09:18 Changeset [28191] by jmt12
Removing redundant error stream redirect - this wasn't causing the …
09:08 Changeset [28190] by jmt12
Had accidently hardcoded the max replication number - allow it to be …
09:06 Changeset [28189] by jmt12
Replace the newer (and faster) while(@file) loop with the older (and …
08:58 Changeset [28188] by jmt12
Minor fix to allow for tasks that start in the same second (now each …
08:56 Changeset [28187] by jmt12
A customized version of Kea.pm that looks in the correct place for …
08:55 Changeset [28186] by jmt12
A (failed) attempt to use the unix iotop tool to determine IO percentage


15:13 Changeset [28185] by kjdon
we don't need to copy solr.xml from ext folder as its modified in the …
15:10 Changeset [28184] by kjdon
added in text for sortby none
15:09 Changeset [28183] by kjdon
small mods
15:08 Changeset [28182] by kjdon
passing the web/ext/solr dir as solr home to the server. So now it …
15:03 Changeset [28181] by kjdon
making search param defaults able to be set in config file. uses …
15:02 Changeset [28180] by kjdon
removed my email address
14:49 Changeset [28179] by kjdon
added string for paramDefault for collectionConfig.xml
14:39 Changeset [28178] by kjdon
solr server now working only with files in web folder, so need to copy …


21:02 Changeset [28177] by ak19
Added new subroutines to convert from absolute paths to Greenstone …
18:10 Changeset [28176] by ak19
Fix to previous commit
18:01 Changeset [28175] by ak19
Splitting resolve_collection_dir into two functions, one of which …
17:45 Changeset [28174] by ak19
Fix to when using GSDLCOLLECTDIR
12:45 Changeset [28173] by sjm84
Don't show titles and subjects that don't exist unless you're logged in


21:03 Changeset [28172] by ak19
task.pl now takes a model_os param as argument to the run_test command …
15:57 Changeset [28171] by sjm84
Allow for missing dc.Titles
15:52 Changeset [28170] by davidb
Renaming of folder to emphasize it is intended as a useful pointer for …
15:49 Changeset [28169] by sjm84
Adding changable metadata boxes to the document
15:24 Changeset [28168] by sjm84
Some fixes as well as some improvements
15:13 Changeset [28167] by ak19
Need to export MAGICK_HOME from the setup scripts for …
15:05 Changeset [28166] by ak19
Minor improvements to debug msg display
14:48 Changeset [28165] by sjm84
Make the user information available to the javascript gs variable
14:45 Changeset [28164] by sjm84
Screen image zooming can now be disabled with the disableZoom gsf:option
12:59 Changeset [28163] by kjdon
set a default sort field, and make sure it is not being set to null
11:43 Changeset [28162] by davidb
Slightly tider printing of error message, so easier to make sense of
11:26 Changeset [28161] by sjm84
Fixed a silly mistake that was causing non-admins to not be able to …
10:46 Changeset [28160] by davidb
Commented out some debugging statements
10:45 Changeset [28159] by davidb
rewrite to avoid undefined error on hash


23:24 Changeset [28158] by davidb
Tidy up on echo message
23:22 Changeset [28157] by davidb
Latest version of jar with minor tweak to output message
23:20 Changeset [28156] by davidb
Minor tweak to output message
23:06 Changeset [28155] by davidb
Make the siteConfig.xml file be an svn:externals reference to the one …
23:02 Changeset [28154] by davidb
Upgrade these transform files to work across the whole site
23:00 Changeset [28153] by davidb
images to give the site its distinctive Pei Jones look-and-feel interface
22:59 Changeset [28152] by davidb
interface folder no longer needed
21:56 Changeset [28151] by davidb
Custom description for home page of Pei Jones DL
21:55 Changeset [28150] by davidb
Switch to JDBM, and tidy up on collection short name
21:13 Changeset [28149] by davidb
Longer description moved out to home.xsl. Cut down this description …
20:54 Changeset [28148] by ak19
Updated the script to handle generating model collections for …
20:51 Changeset [28147] by ak19
Updated customignore file. Not sure if it's actually being used.
20:50 Changeset [28146] by ak19
Committing the GS3 model collections for the tutorials originally …
20:47 Changeset [28145] by ak19
Committing the GS3 model collections for the tutorials originally …
20:46 Changeset [28144] by ak19
Committing the GS3 model collections for the tutorials originally …
20:45 Changeset [28143] by ak19
Committing the GS3 model collections for the tutorials originally …
20:44 Changeset [28142] by ak19
Committing the GS3 model collections for the tutorials originally …
20:43 Changeset [28141] by ak19
Committing the GS3 model collections for the tutorials originally …
20:42 Changeset [28140] by ak19
Committing the GS3 model collections for the tutorials originally …
19:42 Changeset [28139] by ak19
AUTOCOMMIT by gen-model-colls.sh script. Message: Adding new model …
18:04 Changeset [28138] by ak19
Committing empty gs3 model directory with the ignore file …
17:38 Changeset [28137] by davidb
Additional property set (and used in 'javac' task) to remove annoying …
17:28 Changeset [28136] by davidb
Newer version of anttasks.jar that includes verbosity setting for …
17:25 Changeset [28135] by davidb
Include crypt.jar to simplify compiling
17:25 Changeset [28134] by davidb
Introduction of 'verbosity' attribute to control the level of output …
16:14 Changeset [28133] by ak19
Some updates to the GS2-only versio of the script before the changes …
15:39 Changeset [28132] by ak19
Adding a readme file linking to pages on the devel wiki explaining how …
15:32 Changeset [28131] by davidb
Better home for this
15:31 Changeset [28130] by davidb
For Greenstone3 -- collections grouped together as one site, also with …
15:29 Changeset [28129] by davidb
Just the customized bits to header for Pei Jones look-and-feel web pages
13:48 Changeset [28128] by davidb
Code as written (with 'eval') was resulting in a 'Useless use of …
13:46 Changeset [28127] by davidb
Commenting out code that looks like it was meant only for debugging
13:44 Changeset [28126] by davidb
Print statement added to Perl to make better sense of the …
11:47 Changeset [28125] by davidb
Added if-statement test to make sure sort_field exists before it is …
11:46 Changeset [28124] by davidb
debug flag added so file and error lines are given in Exception. To …


13:32 Changeset [28123] by davidb
Populated the <metadataList/> with some default values
13:22 Changeset [28122] by davidb
Shortening of name so it fits on the home page better. Description on …


18:41 Changeset [28121] by ak19
Better error checking after system commands in mgpbuilder too. Could …
17:14 Changeset [28120] by sjm84
Should be web/etc not [sitename]/etc
16:20 Changeset [28119] by ak19
First commit of better error checking of system commands in …
14:06 Changeset [28118] by sjm84
Fixed a silly mistake I think
13:33 Changeset [28117] by kjdon
only display FileSize for document nodes (not section nodes, as the …
13:09 Changeset [28116] by kjdon
also need gutil.jar - contains the GlobalProperties class
11:42 Changeset [28115] by kjdon
changed prepare-solr-ext to install-solr-ext and moved it to install …


19:58 Changeset [28114] by ak19
The run_test actions takes additional cmdline parameters. The first is …
15:06 Changeset [28113] by ak19
The Linux gdbm.h file, which gets re-generated during compilation, was …
13:52 Changeset [28112] by ak19
AUTOCOMMIT by gen-model-colls.sh script. Message: Rebuilding after …
13:52 Changeset [28111] by ak19
AUTOCOMMIT by gen-model-colls.sh script. Message: Rebuilding after …
13:20 Changeset [28110] by sjm84
The ability to edit and add notes is disabled if you're not logged in
10:17 Changeset [28109] by davidb
Shift to newer version of ant
10:06 Changeset [28108] by davidb
Implementation of set_infodb_entry() function for JDB database type


21:41 Changeset [28107] by ak19
Demo-Lucene has a different type of doc.xml in its index\text folder's …
21:34 Changeset [28106] by ak19
Stop diffcol task if compile fails.
20:23 Changeset [28105] by ak19
Using rsync to copy selectively
20:10 Changeset [28104] by ak19
Part of previous commit: removing tmp folder that was generated for …
19:58 Changeset [28103] by ak19
Removing folders from import that are not part of the indexers tutorial
18:01 Changeset [28102] by ak19
15:51 Changeset [28101] by ak19
Dr Bainbridge's bugfix. The gdbm_errno variable exported by gdbm.h is …
14:33 Changeset [28100] by kjdon
unzip solr-jdbm-demo index dir
14:32 Changeset [28099] by kjdon
some changes to do with new compile-in-place strategy
14:31 Changeset [28098] by kjdon
updated index for modified collection config.xml
14:06 Changeset [28097] by ak19
Fixing use of env variable MODE. The silent mode of makegs2.bat was …
14:05 Changeset [28096] by kjdon
now compile up solr-gs3 java classes into build dir in ext folder, and …
12:30 Changeset [28095] by kjdon
removed this file. There is a SharedSolene properties file in gs3. The …
10:33 Changeset [28094] by kjdon
new sort/facet syntax.
10:27 Changeset [28093] by kjdon
deleting mime-type property so that we can easily do an svn diff on …
10:18 Changeset [28092] by kjdon
sort fields cannot be multivalued


23:55 Changeset [28091] by davidb
Further header file needed
23:55 Changeset [28090] by davidb
Further header file needed
23:50 Changeset [28089] by davidb
Additional error message details added
23:36 Changeset [28088] by davidb
Additional print messages added to show the decision making process …
23:35 Changeset [28087] by davidb
Minor tweak to the formatting of the message produced about the RSS …
20:42 Changeset [28086] by ak19
Bringing windows diffcol up to date for the latest tutorials. A new …
15:52 Changeset [28085] by ak19
Lucene collections generate didx and sidx folders in the index folder. …
15:50 Changeset [28084] by ak19
Adding the Demo-Lucene model collection of the GS2 Indexers tutorial
15:19 Changeset [28083] by ak19
Adding Demo-MGPP model collection of Indexers tutorial
09:36 Changeset [28082] by davidb
Change to newer version of ant


20:04 Changeset [28081] by ak19
The svnaddnew flag now ensures that the cache and log folders and any …
19:51 Changeset [28080] by ak19
The model collections for the 2 DSpace tutorials. The output of the …
19:33 Changeset [28079] by ak19
Adding in the OAI-Local and METS tutorial model collections (tested …
19:31 Changeset [28078] by ak19
diffcol modifications for getting the METS tutorial collection to …
18:59 Changeset [28077] by ak19
Fix noticed when doing diffcol. When the import option saveas was set …
17:32 Changeset [28076] by ak19
Need to ignore the presence of the earliestDatestamp file in the test …
17:06 Changeset [28075] by ak19
Deleting all the earliestDatestamp files, log folders containing …
14:45 Changeset [28074] by ak19
Adding in the svnaddnew cmdline option to add new collections to the …
12:15 Changeset [28073] by ak19
Forgot to add the help cmdline option


22:17 Changeset [28072] by ak19
New variable use_local_rebuild, though not for nightly use, can speed …
22:09 Changeset [28071] by ak19
1. If the tutorial collection involves tmp folders (such as …
20:57 Changeset [28070] by ak19
No support for adding a new collection yet. At present the script is …
20:28 Changeset [28069] by ak19
1. When run in svnupdate mode, the script now performs an svn add on …
20:15 Changeset [28068] by ak19
Updated Multimedia and PDFBox collections after Dr Bainbridge's fix to …
16:46 Changeset [28067] by ak19
Fixing the numerous overly greedy regular expressions concerning …
16:42 Changeset [28066] by ak19
Dr Bainbridge fixed a subtle bug where the timestamped tmp folders …
14:53 Changeset [28065] by kjdon
adding in sort by none, and sort order asc/desc
14:33 Changeset [28064] by sjm84
Added functionality to use prevmetavalue when setting index metadata
14:22 Changeset [28063] by kjdon
adding in comments and sorting search results
14:17 Changeset [28062] by kjdon
removing print statements, allow for special sort field 'none'
14:02 Changeset [28061] by kjdon
rank param keywords
13:50 Changeset [28060] by kjdon
sections_sort_on_doc_meta is for solr and lucene
13:49 Changeset [28059] by kjdon
GS2LuceneSearch stuff moved to SharedSoleneGS2FieldSearch
13:48 Changeset [28058] by kjdon
removing this as it no longer has anything in it. can put it back …
13:47 Changeset [28057] by kjdon
moved sortby and sort order param strings from GS2LuceneSearch into …
11:35 Changeset [28056] by kjdon
sort fields are not allowed to be multivalued
10:47 Changeset [28055] by sjm84
Some fixes for the photo annotations
10:43 Changeset [28054] by sjm84
Remove zooming
10:38 Changeset [28053] by sjm84
A fix to the photo annotations
10:31 Changeset [28052] by sjm84
Adding 2 examples of collection security
09:47 Changeset [28051] by sjm84
Changing the top buttons into actual buttons and a new experimental …
09:47 Changeset [28050] by sjm84
Changing the top buttons into actual buttons and a new experimental …


22:31 Changeset [28049] by ak19
1. Running a diff between model-collect (svn) and rebuilt collect at …
22:02 Changeset [28048] by ak19
Major overhaul to script generating the model-collections. This script …
21:32 Changeset [28047] by ak19
Clean rebuild of model collections 2/2. Adding rebuilt archives and index.
21:30 Changeset [28046] by ak19
Committing an intermediate version of the gen-model-colls script, …
21:28 Changeset [28045] by ak19
Clean rebuild of model collections 1/2. Clearing out deprecated …
18:55 Ticket #866 (GS3 build.xml os.windows property should not require constant maintenance) closed by ak19
18:49 Changeset [28044] by ak19
Related to previous commit: all exec tasks specific to windows now …
18:40 Changeset [28043] by ak19
Shaoqun has confirmed with the Windows Server 2008 RT user that using …
15:14 Ticket #866 (GS3 build.xml os.windows property should not require constant maintenance) created by ak19
GS3 build.xml contains the following property definition for …
15:04 Changeset [28042] by ak19
Shaoqun fixed an oversight in build.xml that prevented tomcat from …


22:22 Changeset [28041] by ak19
Finished svn usage testing
22:19 Changeset [28040] by ak19
Test update
22:16 Changeset [28039] by ak19
small test collection
21:19 Changeset [28038] by ak19
1. Adding the Multimedia collection. 2. Rebuilt all the tutorial the …
21:13 Changeset [28037] by ak19
The script to generate the MODEL collections now also handles the svn …
14:30 Changeset [28036] by kjdon
added in gsf:rank and gsf:OID elements
14:29 Changeset [28035] by kjdon
handle sort field none as well as rank
14:28 Changeset [28034] by kjdon
handling importOption and buildOption - they are not options in a …
14:19 Changeset [28033] by kjdon
sortfields rank and none don't have a long name, just use the same …
14:18 Changeset [28032] by kjdon
added in search result sort fields, and some other options
13:33 Changeset [28031] by kjdon
changes for sorting search results. setReverseSort now takes a boolean …
13:28 Changeset [28030] by kjdon
adding in sort order option
13:27 Changeset [28029] by kjdon
moved some stuff back to super class. setting reverse_sort is …


23:12 Changeset [28028] by davidb
Updated to run the 4store-http server with no soft-limit
19:02 Changeset [28027] by ak19
Need PDFBox for generating the pdfbox MODEL collection too
18:09 Changeset [28026] by ak19
Preliminary version of script to generate the MODEL collections. It's …
17:39 Ticket #865 (Absolute URLS in gdb and doc.xml - should the first or both be relative?) created by ak19
In doc.xml the URL and UTF8URL are absolute paths with http://
13:40 Changeset [28025] by davidb
Updating to reflect new location of httpd-afrepo.conf.in
13:38 Changeset [28024] by davidb
Moved to more appropriate folder
13:37 Changeset [28023] by davidb
For configuration files
10:49 Changeset [28022] by jmt12
Found a bug in that I was defaulting 'subdir_hash_prefix' (the flag …
10:47 Changeset [28021] by jmt12
Found a bug in that I was defaulting 'subdir_hash_prefix' (the flag …


22:55 Changeset [28020] by ak19
Adding the Customization model tutorial collection
22:46 Changeset [28019] by ak19
Better detection of whether a gdb file is a windows-generated one or …
13:30 Changeset [28018] by jmt12
Try really hard to capture the output from 'time' function as Medusa …
13:26 Changeset [28017] by jmt12
Forgot to add processing comment before call to hadoop_import.pl
13:16 Changeset [28016] by jmt12
Allow the hadoop report generator to parse start and end times …
13:16 Changeset [28015] by jmt12
Add an extra option that allows me to pass in the directory to write …
13:15 Changeset [28014] by jmt12
Remove tasks that have had data locality established from the array of …
13:14 Changeset [28013] by jmt12
A new script to run a battery of Hadoop ingests at varying replication …
13:13 Changeset [28012] by jmt12
Express start time as a double as well
13:13 Changeset [28011] by jmt12
Turn off debugging in the copy in SVN
13:11 Changeset [28010] by jmt12
Correctly set up the environment for calls to txt2tdb and also replace …


20:07 Changeset [28009] by ak19
Adding in the two Paged Img (Scanned Img) tutorial collections
19:57 Changeset [28008] by ak19
Updates to diffcol's doc.xml processing necessary for diffcol to …
18:36 Changeset [28007] by ak19
Adding the 2 collections for the MARC tutorial.
17:14 Changeset [28006] by sjm84
Fixing a bug caused when the context and the interface have the same name
16:20 Changeset [28005] by ak19
1. task.pl summarise cmd now prints out whether the diffcol result is …
13:50 Changeset [28004] by ak19
The task file (bash script) has been replaced with the perl version …
13:50 Changeset [28003] by ak19
The task file (bash script) has been replaced with the perl version …
13:40 Changeset [28002] by ak19
Adding the Demo-Section-Tagging tutorial collection
12:46 Changeset [28001] by jmt12
Write datestamp using dbutil if applicable
12:07 Changeset [28000] by jmt12
Functions for determining if the plugout supports writing Datestamp …
12:07 Changeset [27999] by sjm84
Fixes for metadata with base interfaces
12:02 Changeset [27998] by sjm84
Reformatting this file
10:18 Changeset [27997] by kjdon
need to check that perfect hash function was generated otherwise we …
10:13 Changeset [27996] by jmt12
A new version of the archive with minor changes to log4j configuration
10:12 Changeset [27995] by jmt12
Just adding some code comments


18:04 Changeset [27994] by ak19
Renaming report from OS-diffcol- to diffcol-OS- for sorting reports on …
16:33 Changeset [27993] by ak19
Adding collections for Tudor tutorials that Jenny had gone through, …
13:50 Changeset [27992] by sjm84
Changing the way the file is turned into bytes
09:52 Changeset [27991] by sjm84
Get gslib.xsl the way we get all other xsl files


22:20 Changeset [27990] by ak19
2 fixes: 1. The Tudor collections' html source documents have stray …
16:44 Changeset [27989] by sjm84
Return was in the wrong place
16:42 Changeset [27988] by sjm84
Removing a print statement
16:41 Changeset [27987] by sjm84
If a file cannot be found in the given interface then check if it is …
16:03 Changeset [27986] by ak19
Fixing syntax error: forgot semi-colon
15:38 Changeset [27985] by ak19
Now prints out exit status and weights and passes commands that get …
13:06 Changeset [27984] by davidb
Next round of changes after fruther testing and extra example development
13:05 Changeset [27983] by davidb
EchoprintClassifier needs to be in the getMBID function as well
09:03 Changeset [27982] by sjm84
Fixed an error that was occuring on Windows due to backslashes
08:12 Ticket #864 (Name of SRW protocol deprecated in favor of SRU) created by jlwhisler
The name SRW is deprecated, and SRU should be used instead. This has …


20:54 Changeset [27981] by ak19
Updating Word-PDF-Formatting tutorial model collection now that …
20:51 Changeset [27980] by ak19
Updating Word-PDF-Basic tutorial model collection now that extra_meta …
20:42 Changeset [27979] by ak19
Updating Small-HTML tutorial model collection now that extra_meta is …
20:36 Changeset [27978] by ak19
Updating PDFBox tutorial model collection now that extra_meta is sorted.
20:33 Changeset [27977] by ak19
Updating PDFBox tutorial model collection now that extra_meta is sorted.
20:28 Changeset [27976] by ak19
Updating Enhanced-PDF collection now that extra_meta is sorted and the …
20:20 Changeset [27975] by ak19
Cached folder is superfluous and not used by diffcol
20:11 Changeset [27974] by ak19
Rebuilt with extra_meta sorted
19:21 Changeset [27973] by ak19
Reinstating Dr Bainbridge's fix to getting the extra meta in sorted …
17:44 Changeset [27972] by ak19
1. Skips any modelcol (template) folder in model-collect, 2. Flag for …
17:39 Changeset [27971] by ak19
doc.xml should also ignore the FileSize metadata as there can be …
17:05 Changeset [27970] by ak19
Fix to regex. The regex sorting the ordering of the generated …
15:28 Changeset [27969] by ak19
When test-running diffcol on the Enhanced-PDF tutorial, it would choke …


11:21 Changeset [27968] by davidb
4store server needs to be run with -X to 'enable public cross-origin …


22:29 Changeset [27967] by ak19
Skip the 'cache' folder, which is the location where the paged_imgs …
20:40 Changeset [27966] by ak19
GS2 apache server had issues launching because it thought setup.bat …
19:22 Changeset [27965] by ak19
No need to make the ghostscript and imagemagick binaries executable …
18:18 Changeset [27964] by ak19
Setting the mac ghostscript and imagemagick binaries to executable in SVN
16:02 Changeset [27963] by ak19
Need Max's ghostscript binary with his imagemagick for darwin to …
14:48 Changeset [27962] by ak19
For darwin, need to get the imagemagick binaries that Max had …
11:49 Changeset [27961] by sjm84
More cascade-makeifying
09:55 Changeset [27960] by sjm84
Upgrading to the latest version of jodconverter
09:22 Changeset [27959] by sjm84
Renaming build-srcpack to packages


17:58 Changeset [27958] by ak19
Adding in the Enhanced-PDF model collection
17:44 Changeset [27957] by ak19
For now, undoing the change made to BasePlugin for the diffcol nightly …
17:34 Ticket #863 (GLI scheduling feature needs updating) created by ak19
Renate wrote in to the mailing list that scheduling had some issues to …
16:39 Changeset [27956] by ak19
Rebuilt with latest pdfbox extension to bring it up to speed with …
16:15 Changeset [27955] by kjdon
supports_memberof needs to be called from self otherwise we don't get …
16:14 Changeset [27954] by ak19
Removed old PDFBox collection
15:58 Changeset [27953] by ak19
Redid PDFBox collection without 2nd pdf file.
15:57 Changeset [27952] by ak19
Phasing out old PDFBox model collection
15:35 Changeset [27951] by ak19
Updating PDFBox collection with the extra metadata extracted (when …
15:17 Changeset [27950] by kjdon
check that we actually have stem/case/accentfold before setting them - …
14:43 Changeset [27949] by ak19
Need to sort extra metadata (e.g. ex.PDF.* and ex.File.* meta …
10:48 Ticket #862 (Greenstone doesn't like empty script tags) created by jlwhisler
When creating a new interface, I noticed that the XSL doesn't like …
09:50 Changeset [27948] by davidb
First cut at a collection specificially designed to annotate the …
09:49 Changeset [27947] by davidb
For the interface
09:49 Changeset [27946] by davidb
For the collections
09:40 Changeset [27945] by davidb
Top-level folder to contain the site/interface and collection …
09:38 Changeset [27944] by davidb
Moving to one side to make way for more substantial set of collection files


14:15 Changeset [27943] by davidb
Quick presentation fixes prior to giving demo
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.