14:37 Changeset [28795] by ak19
Header to XML explicitly set to UTF-8. Probably not needed anymore, …
14:35 Changeset [28794] by ak19
Encoding issue now straightened out
14:35 Changeset [28793] by ak19
No longer needed
14:30 Changeset [28792] by ak19
Moved to within relevant Java program
14:29 Changeset [28791] by ak19
Java program to split up the GB HathiTrust metadata file into smaller …
14:27 Changeset [28790] by ak19
Java program designed to fix encoding errors in the NZ catalogue …
14:24 Changeset [28789] by ak19
Where the output gets written to\!
14:22 Changeset [28788] by ak19
Generalized to a suite of scripts
14:22 Changeset [28787] by ak19
Scripts to run Java code. DEFAULT one takes no command-line …
14:19 Changeset [28786] by ak19
Collection specific version for HathiTrust metadata
14:18 Changeset [28785] by ak19
Script dynamically determines which import folder to use: 'import' or …
14:17 Changeset [28784] by ak19
Refactored and upgraded to latest version of SGVizler
14:12 Changeset [28783] by ak19
Treatment of 'and' in the MARC*Plugin.pm an issue for Greenstone …
14:11 Changeset [28782] by ak19
Routine for reading in text files failed to 'decode' from UTF-8 to …


19:01 Changeset [28781] by davidb
Added external link to cascade-make library


18:27 Changeset [28780] by ak19
Now the default version of the convert_coll_from_gs2.pl does not try …


13:02 Changeset [28779] by jmt12
Making timing message all sorts of purty
12:58 Changeset [28778] by jmt12
Typo - underscore where I meant hyphen
12:56 Changeset [28777] by jmt12
Need to include path to mpiimport on Medusa
12:53 Changeset [28776] by jmt12
opps.. left one join behind. fixed now, and added comment about the …
12:16 Changeset [28775] by jmt12
Apparently trying to join() threads that have been detached() is …
12:03 Changeset [28774] by jmt12
Meh - forgot to add utime functions to module definition
12:01 Changeset [28773] by jmt12
Adding time taken to shutdown server so I can debug this on Medusa
11:54 Changeset [28772] by jmt12
Trying to make error message a little clearer, as I track down this problem
11:11 Changeset [28771] by jmt12
A version of BasePlugout where the RSS feed update attempts to write …
11:08 Changeset [28770] by jmt12
Adding microtiming... a little tricky what with TDBServer taking …
10:53 Changeset [28769] by jmt12
No longer used. import.pl now smart enough to dynamically load …
10:53 Changeset [28768] by jmt12
Initially added microtime to this script, but then remembered it isn't …
10:21 Changeset [28767] by jmt12
Drastically increased the script to allow 1) battery of imports backed …
10:20 Changeset [28766] by jmt12
Removing an occasional few characters of garbage that turn up in the …
10:17 Changeset [28765] by jmt12
Making the waiting for TDBServer exit a little more finegrained - i.e. …


12:08 Changeset [28764] by jmt12
Adding microsecond timing messages
11:13 Changeset [28763] by kjdon
added BasPlugout.no_auxiliary_databases
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