14:40 Changeset [28967] by kjdon
no longer have this.doc to use. Need to create new Documents when needed
14:39 Changeset [28966] by kjdon
Lots of changes. Mainly to do with removing this.doc from everywhere. …
14:38 Changeset [28965] by kjdon
removing stored Document field - now get passed it as needed or work …
14:34 Changeset [28964] by kjdon
nodeToElement now in GSXML. Some param changes for a few GSXML methods
14:29 Changeset [28963] by kjdon
moved a method here from XMLConverter. Removed Document param from …
14:27 Changeset [28962] by kjdon
getDOM was already creating a new parser each time, so we don't need …


17:58 Changeset [28961] by ak19
Need to update formatconverter binary in GS3 since it has been …
17:51 Changeset [28960] by ak19
Bugfix to formatconverter for if exists test.


18:28 Changeset [28959] by davidb
Related to previous commit. Minor change to make parsing more robust.
17:34 Changeset [28958] by davidb
Remote Greenstone user authenticaton stopped working, because the code …
11:59 Changeset [28957] by kjdon
metadata now has lower case m


12:17 Changeset [28956] by kjdon
if no current value, use the default from the option - for sortfield.
11:34 Changeset [28955] by kjdon
now we read in indexsortfieldmap and defaultsortfield, so the user can …
11:32 Changeset [28954] by kjdon
the library code is now going to use the indexsortfieldmap, and we …
11:30 Changeset [28953] by kjdon
changed some of the help messages


14:50 Changeset [28952] by davidb
uname cmd exists only on unix/mac, so restricting get-isisgdl target …


11:51 Changeset [28951] by davidb
No longer actively used in extension
11:50 Changeset [28950] by davidb
folder to hold files no longer actively relevant to the extension


17:29 Changeset [28949] by ak19
Dr Bainbridge fixed an encoding issue in the depositor, where if you …
16:24 Changeset [28948] by ak19
Another security commit surrounding cgiargs. Collectionaction updated.
14:32 Changeset [28947] by kjdon
need to import replacement node into current document before adding it …


20:59 Changeset [28946] by ak19
Moving libiconv-1.11.tar.gz to gs-libiconv-1.11.tar.gz since we've …
19:41 Changeset [28945] by ak19
Forgot to make one last minor change which I noticed were necessary …
19:33 Changeset [28944] by ak19
Fixing stray less-than symbol in XSLT file which causes a server error …
19:29 Changeset [28943] by ak19
The website template news-magazine.zip from os-templates.com for the …
19:20 Changeset [28942] by ak19
When testing on the Win 7 machine with Firefox, the jquery.blockUI.js …
18:56 Changeset [28941] by ak19
Updates to GS3 tutorials


19:10 Changeset [28940] by ak19
global.properties.in and log4j.properties.in have now been moved to …
17:57 Changeset [28939] by ak19
Fix to libiconv-1.11 (which Sam had set up specifically for Macs, as …
15:19 Changeset [28938] by ak19
global.properties.in has now been moved to resources/web
11:00 Changeset [28937] by kjdon
moved global.properties.in and log4j.properties.in to resources/web - …


22:01 Changeset [28936] by ak19
Undoing earlier improvements that turned out to have broken generating …
21:32 Changeset [28935] by ak19
AUTOCOMMIT by gen-model-colls.sh script. Message: Clean rebuild of …
21:31 Changeset [28934] by ak19
AUTOCOMMIT by gen-model-colls.sh script. Message: Clean rebuild of …
20:53 Changeset [28933] by ak19
AUTOCOMMIT by gen-model-colls.sh script. Message: Clean rebuild of …
20:49 Changeset [28932] by ak19
AUTOCOMMIT by gen-model-colls.sh script. Message: Clean rebuild of …
19:27 Changeset [28931] by ak19
Moving back
19:11 Changeset [28930] by ak19
Commit to do with security surrounding cgiargs. Depositor and collector.
16:10 Changeset [28929] by ak19
Moving temporarily to rebuild model-collect using older version of …
15:59 Changeset [28928] by ak19
AUTOCOMMIT by gen-model-colls.sh script. Message: Clean rebuild of …
15:54 Changeset [28927] by ak19
AUTOCOMMIT by gen-model-colls.sh script. Message: Clean rebuild of …
15:22 Changeset [28926] by ak19
Committing after security changes surrounding cgiarg where rdf items …
15:11 Changeset [28925] by ak19
Minor changes
10:58 Changeset [28924] by ak19
Change in metadata label names
10:57 Changeset [28923] by ak19
Tidy up and changes resulting from UTF8 encoding issues
10:56 Changeset [28922] by ak19
Tweak to run more smoothly
10:56 Changeset [28921] by ak19
Tweak to run more smoothly
10:46 Changeset [28920] by ak19
Local copy for this collection. Could be that these changes could be …
10:43 Changeset [28919] by ak19
Tweak to values processed
10:43 Changeset [28918] by ak19
Tidy up
10:39 Changeset [28917] by ak19
Conversion XSLT updated to reflect elements found in the HathiTrust data
10:38 Changeset [28916] by ak19
Tidy up
10:32 Changeset [28915] by ak19
Changes made to these files at the end of the 2013/2014 Summer project …
10:27 Changeset [28914] by ak19
Supporting javascript libraries and bespoke code written by Steffan to …


20:22 Changeset [28913] by ak19
6th commit for security of cgiargs. Looked over all occurrences of …
16:45 Changeset [28912] by ak19
Commit 5 for security. Handles setmacro() occurrences in non …


21:36 Changeset [28911] by ak19
Fourth commit for security and safe cgiargs.
14:57 Changeset [28910] by ak19
Removing the runtime-src/packages/security folder from SVN, since we …
14:52 Changeset [28909] by ak19
Updating the windows makefile to add in securitytools.cpp in the list …
12:22 Changeset [28908] by kjdon
added in a copy step for global.properties.in and log4j.properties.in …
12:16 Changeset [28907] by kjdon
moved gsdl3site.cfg.in file to resources/cgi. On prepare it's copied …
12:04 Changeset [28906] by kjdon
generating OAIConfig.xml from OAIConfig.xml in resources/oai instead …
11:57 Changeset [28905] by kjdon
Configuration files that may be edited by the user, and that need some …
11:55 Changeset [28904] by kjdon
added a target copy-dot-in-files. Configuration files that may be …
11:26 Changeset [28903] by kjdon
moved OAIConfig.in from web/WEB-INF/classes into new resources/oai. …
11:24 Changeset [28902] by kjdon
new folder to contain oaiconfig.xml for editing
11:19 Changeset [28901] by kjdon
script I wrote to check usage of interface keys. Was ages ago so I …
11:09 Changeset [28900] by kjdon
added a devel folder for developer tools. Added bin/script folder in …


22:46 Changeset [28899] by ak19
Third commit for security, for ensuring cgiargs macros are websafe. …
17:13 Changeset [28898] by ak19
1. The cgiargq query variable is now no longer escaped in the 3 simply …
15:44 Changeset [28897] by davidb
GUI front-end to server base plus web page content
15:42 Changeset [28896] by davidb
Core Web Server that connects to the Kinect device
15:39 Changeset [28895] by davidb
Base Kinect Project
15:38 Changeset [28894] by davidb
Code for initial work done over the summer of 2013/2014
15:38 Changeset [28893] by davidb
Top level repository for StreetView + Kinnect project
15:36 Changeset [28892] by davidb
Top level repository for StreetView + Kinnect project


14:38 Changeset [28891] by kjdon
added a placeholder Manager element and comment. using only default …
14:37 Changeset [28890] by kjdon
chnaged a comment
14:34 Changeset [28889] by kjdon
don't want this file in repository. Just create it when we need it.
14:34 Changeset [28888] by ak19
First security commit. 1. Introducing the new securitools.h and .cpp …


11:59 Changeset [28887] by shaoqun
Updated default jquery js files + included base64 plugin


13:38 Changeset [28886] by ak19
Additions to the OWASP-for-C++ security package, even though we are no …
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