21:47 Changeset [30131] by ak19
Changes specific to 64 bit MacOS with which we now bundle a JRE.
17:38 Changeset [30130] by ak19
No longer using JavaApplicationStub for either Mac Lion or Leopard, …


19:21 Changeset [30129] by ak19
Adding code to handle 32 bit MacOS case where there is no bundled jre: …
17:21 Changeset [30128] by ak19
Bringing findjava for gs2 (used by gs2-setup.sh) up to speed with …
16:56 Changeset [30127] by ak19
No longer setting JRE_HOME but returning the code back to setting …


18:10 Changeset [30126] by davidb
Some svn:ignore values to cover oof VS automatically generated folders
18:06 Changeset [30125] by davidb
VS seems to want this icon in the top level
18:06 Changeset [30124] by davidb
branded icon for project
17:56 Changeset [30123] by davidb
Refactoring to use better playing-in-the-street (PITS) 'branding'
17:54 Changeset [30122] by davidb
Deleting, as it looks like it was mistakenly committed within this …
17:53 Changeset [30121] by davidb
Refactoring of files names used


19:26 Changeset [30120] by ak19
Bringing GS2 up to speed with the previous commit for GS3: Mac icons …
19:22 Changeset [30119] by ak19
Mac icons for when launching the startup scripts from the command …
17:07 Changeset [30118] by ak19
Correcting location of icon.icns


17:18 Changeset [30117] by jmt12
Altered to fix bug where imgcaption tag closed before image actually …
17:17 Changeset [30116] by jmt12
Doubt this file works with newer Apache2 but I'll put in SVN anyway
17:16 Changeset [30115] by jmt12
Added this symlink ages ago by mistake
17:16 Changeset [30114] by jmt12
Updated Greenstone customizations for Detritus, but rearranged to move …


18:04 Changeset [30113] by ak19
Set JRE_HOME not JAVA_HOME if using the jre included packages
17:52 Changeset [30112] by ak19
Recommitting a self-extracting jre_bin_x64 with the hopes that when …


17:59 Changeset [30111] by ak19
1. Dr Bainbridge got the GS icon to appear in the dock throughout …
11:43 Changeset [30110] by davidb
Zach's initial auto-loading support module for OCRing using tesseract
11:42 Changeset [30109] by davidb
Updated to use newer version of tiff library
11:41 Changeset [30108] by davidb
Small tweaks to help compilation
11:40 Changeset [30107] by davidb
Newer library for tesseract


20:33 Changeset [30106] by ak19
HINT for search4j adjusted after JRE inclusion on Mac Lion.
17:35 Changeset [30105] by ak19
Following Georgy's advice to increase the heap memory allocated to …


21:07 Changeset [30104] by ak19
Renaming back to jre_bin_x64, since I'm not sure whether we'll be …
21:02 Changeset [30103] by ak19
Mounted drive's .app may not have writable contents. Instead, we make …
19:47 Changeset [30102] by ak19
Putting back placeholders instead of fixed strings
19:01 Changeset [30101] by ak19
Mac GS binaries will now be using the extractable jre (64 bit). Adding …
11:57 Changeset [30100] by jmt12
Updating the development page with the lastest changes (which appear …
11:46 Changeset [30099] by jmt12
Updating date to reflect minor fixes applied end of 2014 - mostly to …
11:41 Changeset [30098] by jmt12
Initial checkin of plugin code


11:53 Changeset [30097] by kjdon
commenting out document basket option on prefs page, and edit …


16:44 Changeset [30096] by ak19
For Macs, the jre binary is 64 bit and 32 bit. But because we don't …
16:25 Changeset [30095] by ak19
We've decided to include a JRE for Mac Greenstone binaries, since …
08:45 Changeset [30094] by Georgiy Litvinov
Check for existence of snippets


13:50 Changeset [30093] by davidb
Development work done in at JCDL


20:56 Changeset [30092] by ak19
Tagging gs3-extensions for release gs 3.07rc1. Released 3 Aug 2015.
20:56 Changeset [30091] by ak19
Tagging gs2-extensions for release gs 3.07rc1. Released 3 Aug 2015.
20:55 Changeset [30090] by ak19
Tagging release gs 3.07rc1. Released 3 Aug 2015.
20:43 Ticket #898 (From embedded derby server to networked derby server) closed by ak19
20:42 Ticket #898 (From embedded derby server to networked derby server) created by ak19
We changed from an embedded derby server to a networked derby server …
17:59 Changeset [30089] by ak19
Gujarati language glidict module. Many thanks to Lavji Zala.
17:50 Changeset [30088] by ak19
The current solr tomcat context file's IP regex was insufficient to …
14:18 Changeset [30087] by kjdon
added a comment
11:47 Changeset [30086] by kjdon
updated the OAI configuration
11:46 Changeset [30085] by kjdon
updated the OAI configuration
10:28 Changeset [30084] by kjdon
modified the default OAIPMH service rack contents


20:15 Changeset [30083] by ak19
Forgot to rebuild the solr demo collection after Georgy's changes so …
17:35 Changeset [30082] by ak19
French language gsinstaller module GS interface. Many thanks to John Rose.
17:33 Changeset [30081] by ak19
Incorporating another correction from John Rose.
17:17 Changeset [30080] by davidb
Ocropus nolonger used
17:15 Changeset [30079] by ak19
French language gsinstaller module GS interface. Many thanks to John Rose.
17:05 Changeset [30078] by ak19
Incorporating corrections from John Rose.
16:18 Changeset [30077] by davidb
Now using the version hosted on Github
16:17 Changeset [30076] by davidb
Tweaks to CASCADE-MAKE files so it compiles up with the 2015 version …
11:57 Changeset [30075] by davidb
Initial cut at a setup file
11:56 Changeset [30074] by davidb
To be used in the Java code that downloads PDFs using APIs such as …
11:26 Changeset [30073] by davidb
GPL v3 license
11:22 Changeset [30072] by davidb
Folder for code that does the downloading work
11:21 Changeset [30071] by davidb
'trunk' for Top level folder for the Institutional Repository …
11:21 Changeset [30070] by davidb
Top level folder for the Institutional Repository harveting metadata …


16:37 Changeset [30069] by ak19
Jeremy jts1 found that the Payload archive file is just a tar. Though …


18:20 Changeset [30068] by ak19
Georgy Litvinov provided a much better image for an editable anchor …
16:52 Changeset [30067] by ak19
Minor changes.
16:28 Changeset [30066] by ak19
Gujarati language glidict module. Many thanks to Lavji Zala.
09:38 Changeset [30065] by Georgiy Litvinov
Fix for editor bug. Removed ckeditor internal information from saved …


23:30 Changeset [30064] by davidb
Useful files for compiling and running the code. Inlucde 'ant' for …
23:22 Changeset [30063] by davidb
Replacement of NetBeans based ant compile files with much simpler …
23:14 Changeset [30062] by davidb
Removal/Tidy-up of debug statements
23:13 Changeset [30061] by davidb
Removal of debug print statements, and tidy up on 'finally' clause
23:13 Changeset [30060] by davidb
Tidy up on how thrown exception is handled
23:10 Changeset [30059] by davidb
Files needed to compile without a Java EE 'stack'


18:19 Changeset [30058] by davidb
More careful checking/testing of parameters so an override is …
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