15:37 Changeset [30444] by davidb
Move to newer version of ant needed, for some of the features now used …
15:37 Changeset [30443] by davidb
Move to newer version of ant needed, for some of the features now used …


15:27 Changeset [30442] by davidb
Files to give the collection the AMC style web interface
15:25 Changeset [30441] by davidb
siteURL commented out as the default situation
15:05 Changeset [30440] by davidb
for reference
11:28 Changeset [30439] by davidb
audioDB based example, designed for source docs (m4a files) from AMC


23:39 Changeset [30438] by davidb
Based on localsite on toro
23:21 Changeset [30437] by davidb
Notes taken while setting up on an EC2 instance
23:06 Changeset [30436] by davidb
Tweak to allow %xx%xx encodings expressing UTF8 to be correctly handled
17:45 Changeset [30435] by davidb
Tweak to CSS on classifier page
17:03 Changeset [30434] by davidb
Initial set of files for the MARS -- Music Affect Recommender System …
15:46 Changeset [30433] by davidb
Debugging statements commented out
15:37 Changeset [30432] by davidb
Extension creates the jar file all in lowercase letters, not …
15:25 Changeset [30431] by davidb
Changed the way 'append' is handled, to avoid having 'undefined' in @_ …


21:01 Changeset [30430] by davidb
Corrected mistake in load library name


19:42 Changeset [30429] by ak19
Forgot to remove test string.


17:43 Changeset [30428] by davidb
Useful to still have this template rule around, for some of the more …
16:21 Changeset [30427] by davidb
Technique for working out cached-dir name for file updated to allow it …
16:15 Changeset [30426] by davidb
Fixed debug typo


21:15 Changeset [30425] by davidb
Save metadata as JSON file. Create sub-directories to spreadout the …
20:05 Changeset [30424] by ak19
Dr Bainbridge improved the code so that the script always gets the …
15:38 Changeset [30423] by ak19
Minor correction to display string for gti status page
15:12 Changeset [30422] by davidb
Tidier treatment of 'bin' and 'audio' directories from an SVN point of view
15:09 Changeset [30421] by davidb
Removed from SVN tree
15:05 Changeset [30420] by davidb
svn:ignore 'audio' and 'bin'
15:02 Changeset [30419] by davidb
Support for JSON added
15:02 Changeset [30418] by davidb
Code updated to work through a sequence of pages for one artist
10:14 Changeset [30417] by davidb
Switched order of stdout and stderr redirects
10:11 Changeset [30416] by davidb
Initial cut at code for scraping music excerpts from AMC site
10:09 Changeset [30415] by davidb
Main trunk.
10:08 Changeset [30414] by davidb
Top-level folder for Western Sydney University led Music Affect …


10:14 Changeset [30413] by davidb
Minor changes to help code compile on MacOS El Capitan


20:53 Changeset [30412] by davidb
With changes made on MacOS so DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH not typically honoured …
20:50 Changeset [30411] by davidb
Changes after debugging on MacOS El Capitan
19:46 Changeset [30410] by ak19
Finally got the upload of the binary to turn up.
14:01 Changeset [30409] by ak19
Test string. Testing GTI


20:19 Changeset [30408] by ak19
Fix (from Puka) for the upload destination machine to work out the …
20:00 Changeset [30407] by ak19
Script for clearing old binaries and logs from the machine where they …
17:11 Changeset [30406] by ak19
Minor change. rke log for expeditee should have the os suffix on all OS.
17:08 Changeset [30405] by ak19
Swap month and day in date string for generated nightly binary, to get …
17:03 Changeset [30404] by ak19
Cosmetic change: more helpful comment for configuring rke-setup on mac.
11:32 Changeset [30403] by davidb
Changed to SH not BASH syntax


10:34 Changeset [30402] by davidb
Fix for MacOS 10.11, El Capitan
10:33 Changeset [30401] by davidb
Fix for MacOS 10.11, El Capitan


15:50 Changeset [30400] by ak19
Harry found and fixed this bug when he was installing GS3 in R block, …


21:09 Changeset [30399] by ak19
Minor changes to mirror the way the expeditee nightly generation …
20:48 Changeset [30398] by ak19
Parallel changes for the linux machines to use variables in …
17:16 Changeset [30397] by ak19
Fixed values in environment setup file, and used as variables in …


20:26 Changeset [30396] by ak19
Uploading expeditee nightly on linux 32 bit works.
18:15 Changeset [30395] by ak19
Got uploading to work at last.


16:20 Changeset [30394] by ak19
Gujarati language glidict module of Greenstone Interface. Many thanks …


19:32 Changeset [30393] by ak19
Bat file also needs to delete stale expeditee snapshot before …
19:04 Changeset [30392] by ak19
Deleting expeditee snapshot before regenerating.


15:30 Changeset [30391] by sjm84
Additional setup.sh.in file for linux-lsb VM environments. To be used …
15:06 Changeset [30390] by sjm84
New expeditee SVN repository URL.
10:36 Changeset [30389] by davidb
Useful for development work under Windows
10:23 Changeset [30388] by davidb
ffmpeg for MacOS. Useful when doing experimental development work …


19:22 Changeset [30387] by ak19
First step in creating nightly scripts for generating expeditee …


22:43 Changeset [30386] by davidb
Fixed error in install script, that resulted in the 'lib' folder not …
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