19:20 Changeset [30574] by ak19
Improving dispersed GS3: changes to util.pm fix the bug whereby the …


18:35 Changeset [30573] by ak19
Terminology change: 'web-distributed' GS3 is a GS3 with dispersed web …
18:21 Changeset [30572] by ak19
Removed stale files pptextract.exe, pptextract.frm, pptextract.vbp …


12:07 Changeset [30571] by kjdon
removed unnecessary items in format statement
12:04 Changeset [30570] by kjdon
changed a few of the displayItems
09:46 Changeset [30569] by kjdon
INTERFACE_NAME shouldn't have been translated


22:11 Changeset [30568] by ak19
All the commits for a distributed GS3 on Windows (no changes made for …


14:25 Changeset [30567] by kjdon
changed the powered by gs3 url to one that works


18:30 Changeset [30566] by ak19
Had return statement back to front, returning true when meaning to …
15:56 Changeset [30565] by ak19
Some changes when moving from default port 80 to 8282 should not have …


23:14 Changeset [30564] by Georgiy Litvinov
Load Solr cores on search service start.
22:56 Changeset [30563] by Georgiy Litvinov
Undoing solr cores initialization commit to move code in solr …


19:19 Changeset [30562] by ak19
Another bugfix in gtil.pl: regex was too greedy, must only discard …
18:07 Changeset [30561] by ak19
All the changes (I think) to switch from port 80 as default for GS2 to …
14:41 Changeset [30560] by kjdon
added in basic handling for HTML type classifiers
14:33 Changeset [30559] by kjdon
handling to add navigationTabs into the navigation bar
14:28 Changeset [30558] by kjdon
undoing last commit which was made in error
14:26 Changeset [30557] by kjdon
commit to add the full message: added ability for the …
14:23 Changeset [30556] by kjdon
check values not null before iterating over them
14:22 Changeset [30555] by kjdon
undoing last commit which was made by mistake
14:20 Changeset [30554] by kjdon
undoing last commit which was made by mistake
14:11 Changeset [30553] by kjdon
added ability for teh collectionConfig.xml file to carry additional …
14:06 Changeset [30552] by kjdon
added extraInfo element string
07:39 Changeset [30551] by Georgiy Litvinov
Added solrj lib for solr checks in Collection class
07:07 Changeset [30550] by Georgiy Litvinov
At collection initialization stage added checks for activated Solr …


19:28 Changeset [30549] by ak19
Undoing changes for testing GTI (revisions 30545 and 30547)
19:25 Changeset [30548] by ak19
Fixing gti.pl: previously for just the gs3interface module, if any …
19:06 Changeset [30547] by ak19
Committing temporary change for testing GTI


22:19 Changeset [30546] by Georgiy Litvinov
Fixed sorting order


15:42 Changeset [30545] by ak19
Test commit (for testing GTI). To be removed.


11:12 Changeset [30544] by kjdon
added in gsf:html template. this template is used to avoid the user …


16:05 Changeset [30543] by ak19
Minor spelling corrections
14:27 Ticket #904 (Search suggestions for solr collections using ajax) created by ak19
For a solr collection, the search box could provide search completion …


11:41 Changeset [30542] by Georgiy Litvinov
Added checkFileExistence method for xslt checks. Fixed invisible group …


15:52 Changeset [30541] by Georgiy Litvinov
Fixed CollectionGroups non-existent collections check
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