16:03 Changeset [30600] by ak19
An empty metadata.xml was unrecognised by MetadataXMLPlugin because …
16:03 Changeset [30599] by ak19
Minor spelling correction to convertutil.pm.
13:03 Changeset [30598] by ak19
Updates to Gujarati language glidict module of the GS interface. Many …


20:31 Changeset [30597] by ak19
1. Reindexing files with a user-generated manifest file did not work …


18:46 Changeset [30596] by ak19
1. activate.pl modified to allow incremental-building with a manifest …
14:46 Changeset [30595] by kjdon
removed an erroneous quote mark
11:53 Changeset [30594] by kjdon
modifying the input and results areas to get it looking the same in …


18:11 Changeset [30593] by ak19
Dr Bainbridge found another point in the code where the UTF-16 …


15:50 Changeset [30592] by ak19
Further changes to make sure recent updates to batch scripts still …
15:34 Changeset [30591] by ak19
Correct way of allowing spaces in filepath when using a batch for …
13:34 Changeset [30590] by kjdon
this change was made on puka, and when I tried this on commdev, it …


19:16 Ticket #907 (Security Issues to fix urgently) created by gkka321
Dear Sir, The following issues are to be fixed urgently 1. Reflected …
17:45 Ticket #906 (Dispersed GS3 on windows (setting up GS3 in labs)) closed by ak19
17:45 Ticket #906 (Dispersed GS3 on windows (setting up GS3 in labs)) created by ak19
Install GS3 with the binary installer, then set the following 4 …
12:54 Ticket #905 (remove java hard coded metadata names) created by kjdon
The server reads through xslt files and format statements looking for …
12:46 Changeset [30589] by kjdon
use the new GSXSLT.findExtraMetadataNames in action and …
12:44 Changeset [30588] by kjdon
use new GSXML.STD_NAMESPACES_ATTS instead of adding each one individually
12:42 Changeset [30587] by kjdon
use new GSXML.ALL_NAMESPACES_ATTS instead of adding each one individually
12:41 Changeset [30586] by kjdon
use standard GSXML function to add namespaces
12:40 Changeset [30585] by kjdon
added method findExtraMetadataNames. This looks through xsl to find …
12:38 Changeset [30584] by kjdon
added GSLIB namespace to the list. Also created strings and methods …


20:12 Changeset [30583] by ak19
Final fixes to get changes to GTI working with new gs3colcfg …
20:12 Changeset [30582] by ak19
Final fixes to get changes to GTI working with new gs3colcfg …
19:59 Changeset [30581] by ak19
GTI related changes to add gs3 demo collection config files' …
19:16 Changeset [30580] by ak19
Adding display string for new translation module (gs3colcfg).
18:41 Changeset [30579] by ak19
Second GTI related commit. Adding new folder for translating GS3 demo …
18:36 Changeset [30578] by ak19
Fixing name of newly added file, should be properties not xml.
17:42 Changeset [30577] by ak19
First step in adding demo collection's collectionConfig displayitems …
17:29 Changeset [30576] by ak19
First step in adding demo collection's collectionConfig displayitems …
16:05 Changeset [30575] by ak19
Important correction to previous commit: forgot file output character …


19:20 Changeset [30574] by ak19
Improving dispersed GS3: changes to util.pm fix the bug whereby the …


18:35 Changeset [30573] by ak19
Terminology change: 'web-distributed' GS3 is a GS3 with dispersed web …
18:21 Changeset [30572] by ak19
Removed stale files pptextract.exe, pptextract.frm, pptextract.vbp …


12:07 Changeset [30571] by kjdon
removed unnecessary items in format statement
12:04 Changeset [30570] by kjdon
changed a few of the displayItems
09:46 Changeset [30569] by kjdon
INTERFACE_NAME shouldn't have been translated


22:11 Changeset [30568] by ak19
All the commits for a distributed GS3 on Windows (no changes made for …


14:25 Changeset [30567] by kjdon
changed the powered by gs3 url to one that works


18:30 Changeset [30566] by ak19
Had return statement back to front, returning true when meaning to …
15:56 Changeset [30565] by ak19
Some changes when moving from default port 80 to 8282 should not have …


23:14 Changeset [30564] by Georgiy Litvinov
Load Solr cores on search service start.
22:56 Changeset [30563] by Georgiy Litvinov
Undoing solr cores initialization commit to move code in solr …
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