23:15 Changeset [32032] by ak19
Adjusting the numbering of the Text elements in the latter (Icecite) …
23:11 Changeset [32031] by ak19
1. First round of composing the new DjVu portion of the recently added …
21:49 Changeset [32030] by ak19
Minor improvements to the newly added UnknownConverterPlugin tutorial, …
18:59 Changeset [32029] by ak19
More links and some minor changes to sentence structures
18:55 Changeset [32028] by ak19
1. Bugfix to previous commit: var might not be on an …


23:01 Changeset [32027] by ak19
1. Beginning of a new tutorial, one on using the new …
21:48 Changeset [32026] by ak19
Some more placeholder strings for the UnknownConverterPlugin to …
20:10 Changeset [32025] by ak19
Correcting icecite classpath (removing extraneous).
20:02 Changeset [32024] by ak19
IceCite for Greenstone was built 19 July 2017 on the research net …
19:39 Changeset [32023] by ak19
First attempt at committing the non-extension gs-icecite, icecite …


20:04 Changeset [32022] by ak19
Fix intended to get stables uploaded to the Snapshots page again. …


19:18 Changeset [32021] by ak19
Some further changes to the GS2 tutorials for the GS2.87 release.
16:04 Changeset [32020] by ak19
Tagging the gs3-extensions for the 2.87 release.
16:03 Changeset [32019] by ak19
Tagging the gs2-extensions for the 2.87 release.
16:02 Changeset [32018] by ak19
Tagging release 2.87


00:00 Milestone 2.87 Release completed
Greenstone 2.87 was released on 1 October, 2017. Please see the …


22:12 Changeset [32017] by ak19
GLI License may need special portion on OpenSSL
17:08 Changeset [32016] by ak19
1. Shifting the imagemagick windows binary to within trunk where the …
17:01 Changeset [32015] by ak19
Zipped up bin\windows\imagemagick folder (without the .svn subfolder) …


23:18 Changeset [32014] by ak19
Remove the imagemagick.tar.gz from ext after it's been unpacked and …
23:10 Changeset [32013] by ak19
Suppressing confusing message on Macs when there's no system Java …
22:33 Changeset [32012] by ak19
Correction. Discovered issue in srcdist situation
22:11 Changeset [32011] by ak19
Tidying up a commit message
20:48 Changeset [32010] by ak19
Putting a copy of the customised el capitan version of GS2 release …
20:46 Changeset [32009] by ak19
Fixing up comment
20:34 Changeset [32008] by ak19
Rewriting the part of makegs2.sh that grabs the imagemagick binary, as …
19:30 Changeset [32007] by ak19
Fixing typo before more significant changes
19:20 Changeset [32006] by ak19
Want to have a copy safely on SVN containing the Mountain Lion …
18:58 Changeset [32005] by ak19
Different (and simpler) fix for GS2 imagemagick env clash on sourcing …
18:35 Changeset [32004] by ak19
Additional changes to previous commit of makegs2.sh, to allow passing …
17:54 Changeset [32003] by ak19
GS2 compile script will now grab imagemagick if passed in imagemagick …


18:13 Changeset [32002] by ak19
GS installer expects yes/no or Y/N to create the GS3 installation …
17:10 Changeset [32001] by ak19
Related to commit 32000. Manual fixes to the French language commits …
16:56 Changeset [32000] by ak19
French language auxdm, coredm, perlmodules and glidict modules of GS2 …
12:39 Changeset [31999] by kjdon
small change based on feedback from John Rose
12:37 Changeset [31998] by kjdon
small change based on feedback from John Rose


00:46 Changeset [31997] by ak19
A few more minor changes/fixes to the tutorials for GS287rc1 and one …


23:33 Changeset [31996] by ak19
Tagging gs3-extensions for release gs2.87rc1
23:33 Changeset [31995] by ak19
Tagging gs2-extensions for release gs2.87rc1
23:33 Changeset [31994] by ak19
Tagging release gs2.87rc1
23:33 Changeset [31993] by ak19
Wrong tag version
23:31 Changeset [31992] by ak19
Tagging gs2-extensions for release gs2.87rc1
23:31 Changeset [31991] by ak19
Tagging release gs2.87rc1
21:02 Changeset [31990] by ak19
Commit 31983, to make setup.bat set JAVA_HAME/JRE_HOME and put Java on …
18:55 Ticket #936 (Remote GS environment and GS3 Imagemagick Env if it conflicts with wget) created by ak19
For the GS287 release (rc1), gsdlCGI.pm::setup_gsdl() started setting …
18:21 Changeset [31989] by ak19
Another bugfix with remote GS noticed with GS2: search results didn't …
16:35 Changeset [31988] by ak19
Bugfix for remote GS server: there's no building/build.cfg only …
11:30 Changeset [31987] by kjdon
changed a couple of descriptions after queries from John Rose
11:29 Changeset [31986] by kjdon
added NO_IMPORT to list of string options
11:28 Changeset [31985] by kjdon
changed a string
10:24 Changeset [31984] by kjdon
Half of the button descriptions (GLI, collector etc) had full stops at …


20:10 Changeset [31983] by ak19
Forgot to bring the Windows setup.bat script up to speed with the …


15:50 Changeset [31982] by ak19
Minor spelling error to help with searching for imagemagick …
15:19 Changeset [31981] by ak19
Gujarati language auxdm module of GS2 interface. Many thanks to Lavji Zala.
12:16 Changeset [31980] by kjdon
the encoding used in hte page is not the same as content-encoding …
12:15 Changeset [31979] by kjdon
duplicate the content encoding value in case the original gets wiped …
11:17 Changeset [31978] by kjdon
fixed this up so that it compiles, and got rid of this.doc
10:10 Changeset [31977] by kjdon
noteToElement is in GSXML
10:09 Changeset [31976] by kjdon
changed some comments


18:59 Changeset [31975] by ak19
Another bugfix to downloading. Downloading over OAI wasn't working. Dr …


19:55 Changeset [31974] by ak19
Gujarati language auxdm module of GS2 interface. Many thanks to Lavji Zala.


21:04 Ticket #935 (Make perllib/IncrementalBuildUtils.pm reuse existing code) created by ak19
Related to commits 31972 and 31973. Commit …
21:00 Changeset [31973] by ak19
Related to previous commit which contained Dr Bainbridge's fix to bug …
20:55 Changeset [31972] by ak19
GS2 on Mac now comes with a bundled JRE, since Maverick or Yosemite …
20:51 Changeset [31971] by ak19
Emacs tabbing
20:49 Changeset [31970] by ak19
Unused, but possibly useful, commented out code


20:07 Changeset [31969] by ak19
Found the location where libsqlite3.dylib was included by the release …
19:29 Changeset [31968] by ak19
My previous commit was working with an older version of new_files.zip, …
18:44 Changeset [31967] by ak19
Some further tutorial instructions on configuring the proxy settings.
14:28 Changeset [31966] by kjdon
metadata prefix elements don't change, so don't need to create it each …
14:26 Changeset [31965] by kjdon
new implementation of getMetadataPrefixElement. Pass in hte …


16:39 Changeset [31964] by rmw36
Some fixes to get FileUpload compiling again.


17:35 Changeset [31963] by rmw36
Minor spelling change.
17:19 Changeset [31962] by rmw36
Macronizer changes: 1. adding an ethical disclaimer to the main web …


17:24 Changeset [31961] by ak19
Adding support in our automated daily GTI status emails for reporting …
17:18 Changeset [31960] by ak19
Spanish language core and auxiliary modules of GS2 interface. Many …
16:37 Changeset [31959] by ak19
Gujarati language perlmodules module of GS interface. Many thanks to …
09:53 Changeset [31958] by kjdon
use identify to work out the filetype of the original file, rather …


19:35 Changeset [31957] by ak19
Tidying up. 1. Shifting informative error message to …
19:08 Changeset [31956] by ak19
Dr Bainbridge read up on why the Sockets to our wget child process' …
01:57 Changeset [31955] by Georgiy Litvinov
Prevent page from reloading on open same-section links


23:41 Changeset [31954] by Georgiy Litvinov
Switched to use javascript to collapse sections instead of reopening …
20:12 Changeset [31953] by ak19
Bugfix to allow Depositor to still successfully build even when GS2 is …
19:54 Changeset [31952] by ak19
Fix for when GS2 installation has spaces in its filepath
17:57 Changeset [31951] by ak19
Bugfix to depositor: commas in metadata entered through the depositor …
17:55 Changeset [31950] by ak19
Taking out igbo.pm and igbo2.pm from list of active macros as …
13:11 Changeset [31949] by kjdon
capitalize the headings for gsdl page table
13:09 Changeset [31948] by kjdon
new greenstone logo, plus toki images for gsdl page
13:08 Changeset [31947] by kjdon
added _texttokilink_
13:07 Changeset [31946] by kjdon
changed logos on this page
10:36 Changeset [31945] by kjdon
styling for the gsdl page table
10:35 Changeset [31944] by kjdon
some work on formatting the gsdl page table
10:34 Changeset [31943] by kjdon
removing this toki name line from translation
10:08 Changeset [31942] by kjdon
added the ability to change the file to be used in a source link …
10:04 Changeset [31941] by kjdon
adding a link to download the tif image. needed for lynda for ease of …
10:02 Changeset [31940] by kjdon
we are actually processing the tifs now


23:30 Changeset [31939] by Georgiy Litvinov
Set contentsArea td id for css selecion
22:27 Changeset [31938] by Georgiy Litvinov
Prevent downloading all images in collapsed image collections
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