22:59 Changeset [33869] by ak19
First cut at the RandomURLsForDomainGenerator.java class and the …
21:16 Changeset [33868] by ak19
With the updated code for generating the maps from 6a and 6b manual …
21:12 Changeset [33867] by ak19
Moved the code handling of special case large rectangles and those …
18:56 Changeset [33866] by ak19
Dr Bainbridge's fix to Android mobile macronizer user (on Chrome …
18:49 Changeset [33865] by ak19
1. The gs3 context name changed from macronizer to macron-restoration. …
14:09 Changeset [33864] by davidb
Changes to make the Whakatohea banner narrower
11:32 Changeset [33863] by davidb
Script to get sample content for the DL collection
11:17 Changeset [33862] by davidb
Change to specifying the About page text done through about.xml so it …
11:16 Changeset [33861] by davidb
About page text done through about.xml so it can include xslt tags
10:22 Changeset [33860] by davidb
Addition of 3 further CPAN packages, found to be needed on CentOS build
09:56 Changeset [33859] by davidb
Additional CPAN Perl packages found to be needed when compiling up …


19:31 Changeset [33858] by ak19
Fixes to the code committed yesterday: correct calculation of the …
16:49 Changeset [33857] by davidb
Next iteration of the about text
16:33 Changeset [33856] by ak19
Forgot to commit. Last week, Dr Bainbridge had properly cropped the …
15:03 Changeset [33855] by davidb
Code added to detect if the CGI parameter already specifies a …


22:01 Changeset [33854] by ak19
Manually gone over around 150 webpages of sample size of 255 webpages …
21:58 Changeset [33853] by ak19
Handling map coordinates that are horizontally excessive (beyond …
13:37 Changeset [33852] by davidb
Unused. XSL filename extension potentially causing a problem with how …


22:38 Changeset [33851] by ak19
Deleting faulty maps. NZ numPages inMRI and containingMRI count is …
22:38 Changeset [33850] by ak19
Renames before deleting faulty maps. NZ numPages inMRI and …
22:22 Changeset [33849] by ak19
One less Australian site as it was an infographic containing Maori …
22:21 Changeset [33848] by ak19
Tables of mongodb counts (1-5 table) and manual counts (6table). …
19:32 Changeset [33847] by ak19
indigenousblogs.com did have one page actually in Maori (an XML feed). …
16:49 Changeset [33846] by ak19
Cropped out the json portion
16:34 Changeset [33845] by ak19
Cropped out the json portion
16:33 Changeset [33844] by ak19
16:24 Changeset [33843] by ak19
Counting the 3 non-NZ sites that had mi in the URl path that manual …


22:30 Changeset [33842] by ak19
Jotted down some further paragraphs and notes of interest. Tentatively …
21:23 Changeset [33841] by ak19
Latest version of the flowchart of the process of getting Common Crawl …
21:22 Changeset [33840] by ak19
Older flowchart of the process of getting Common Crawl data into …
21:18 Changeset [33839] by ak19
Moving writeup text file into new folder so I can add the SVG …
17:56 Changeset [33838] by ak19
Updated after checking non-NZ and non-nz TLD sites with mi in URL path
12:15 Changeset [33837] by davidb
Local notes for the site


10:14 Changeset [33836] by davidb
Macron added
10:12 Changeset [33835] by davidb
Supporting iframe files now located within interface area
10:08 Changeset [33834] by davidb
Metadata shell ready for download of demonstration source content files
10:06 Changeset [33833] by davidb
Initial collection design
10:03 Changeset [33832] by davidb
Initial set of files for Whakatohea collections
10:00 Changeset [33831] by davidb
Top-level folder for Whakatohea Maori Trust Board collections
09:58 Changeset [33830] by davidb
Initial set of files for WMTB themed DL
09:56 Changeset [33829] by davidb
Top-level folder for Whakatohea Maori Trust Board themes DL


22:09 Changeset [33828] by ak19
Additions and modifications to the write-up.
14:34 Changeset [33827] by davidb
Updated text about groupConfig.xml file
13:57 Changeset [33826] by davidb
Fix to help compiling on CentOS


21:47 Changeset [33825] by ak19
Beginnings of first draft of write up.
20:14 Changeset [33824] by ak19
More instructions and explaining the contents of the mongodb-data folder.
19:45 Changeset [33823] by ak19
Recommitting mongo-data folder with renamed files with numbering.
19:43 Changeset [33822] by ak19
Removing as I'm renaming all the files with prefixes. There are too …
19:26 Changeset [33821] by ak19
Manually created a shortlist of MRI sites from longer …
19:25 Changeset [33820] by ak19
Forgot to commit before holidays.
13:53 Changeset [33819] by davidb
Moved to newer version of intltool. This still had a problem with …
13:47 Changeset [33818] by davidb
Changed #include statement in gio/gdbusmessage.c to work with Ubuntu 18


16:07 Changeset [33817] by davidb
Removal of api-key file, as no longer needed (and wasn't a good idea …
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