16:32 Changeset [34673] by davidb
Paramaterized the username to use
16:32 Changeset [34672] by davidb
Notes on what to do to install Greenstone3 as a Unix service
15:43 Changeset [34671] by davidb
Adjusted to use a scale factor of x2 on the spectrogram
15:42 Changeset [34670] by davidb
Changed so additional files copied across, echo statement dynamically …
15:29 Changeset [34669] by davidb
Next step in development of spectrum renderer: now inherits from …
14:46 Changeset [34668] by davidb
Files to wavesurfer/src that need to be tweaked/augemented to
14:24 Changeset [34667] by davidb
Update of details
14:20 Changeset [34666] by davidb
Parallel idea to SETUP but for DEVEL (i.e. compiling)
14:03 Changeset [34665] by davidb
Rename to more descriptive name
14:02 Changeset [34664] by davidb
Rename to more descriptive name


18:24 Changeset [34663] by davidb
Further notes added after fresh test on Amazon Linux2 AMI
18:23 Changeset [34662] by davidb
Removed hardwired 'darwin'
18:03 Changeset [34661] by davidb
More careful running of node build run commands, and when the modified …
18:01 Changeset [34660] by davidb
Change in how version of python is determined
17:32 Changeset [34659] by davidb
Tweaks after trialing out on AWS Linux2
17:31 Changeset [34658] by davidb
Updates after compiling on AWS Linux2
17:29 Changeset [34657] by davidb
Updated details after compiling on AWS Linux2
16:48 Changeset [34656] by davidb
Notes on getting Greenstone3 going on AWS Linux2 distro


23:14 Changeset [34655] by davidb
Fix to devel.bash sourcing sequnce: needs to be pushd+popd combo
22:51 Changeset [34654] by davidb
Footer URL to GS3 should now by https
17:32 Changeset [34653] by davidb
A file for notes on in-progress work
17:31 Changeset [34652] by davidb
To avoid having to ant restart all the time
14:50 Changeset [34651] by davidb
Want the eurovision-lod interface to be based off the'customcol' …
14:18 Changeset [34650] by davidb
Minimal tweak of 'default' interface. Run the script GENERATE-CSS.sh …
14:15 Changeset [34649] by davidb
Top-level folder for a new theme that is based on 'default' but makes …


16:25 Changeset [34648] by davidb
Updates to working with newer linux/JDK distro
16:24 Changeset [34647] by davidb
Notes taken while getting a Debian-10 set up to run Greenstone3 …


17:02 Changeset [34646] by davidb
In development version that support collaging of images.


16:01 Changeset [34645] by davidb
Initial cut a files for a Eurovision collection based on LOD from DBpedia
15:06 Changeset [34644] by davidb
Version of file that is designed to work with planned changes in GS v3.11
15:03 Changeset [34643] by davidb
Version of file that is designed to work with planned changes in GS v3.11
14:58 Changeset [34642] by davidb
Text info updated
14:47 Changeset [34641] by davidb
Fixed typo


16:44 Changeset [34640] by davidb
Initial cut at files to provide eurovision LOD digital library
16:34 Changeset [34639] by davidb
Top-level folder for the Eurovision Linked Open Data project


14:29 Changeset [34638] by davidb
Fixed typo in directory name
14:18 Changeset [34637] by davidb
Change of external reference to be SETUP.bash, not SETUP.sh
14:12 Changeset [34636] by davidb
Initial set of svn:externals to get 'ml-processing' off the ground
13:54 Changeset [34635] by davidb
Directory that holds together a skeleton set of the Greenstone3 …
09:15 Changeset [34634] by anupama
Correction of description of the Register link based on what I …
08:39 Changeset [34633] by anupama
1. Committing the non-video files of the WMTB gs3tutorials collection …
07:55 Changeset [34632] by anupama
1. Only browsing classifiers should be clickable, not the word Browse, …
03:17 Changeset [34631] by anupama
1. siteConfig.xml siteURL set for public site, http or https. 2. …
00:54 Changeset [34630] by anupama
Forgot that a border was introduced around the group/pou images when …
00:52 Changeset [34629] by anupama
The main help page link wasn't working, whereas a plain GS3 using the …
00:26 Changeset [34628] by anupama
Renamed quicksearchbutton to have Go label rather than Search, to fit …


23:46 Changeset [34627] by anupama
Text was longer than image, so had to make it smaller to not flow past …
23:40 Changeset [34626] by anupama
1. Pou (GS3 group) image and full group description now link, not just …
23:16 Changeset [34625] by anupama
Clarifying basic (main) search form usage
22:13 Changeset [34624] by anupama
Styling the wmtb-interface so it looks decent and functional enough to …
16:44 Changeset [34623] by davidb
svn:ignore the .zip files in this folder
16:42 Changeset [34622] by davidb
Script to convert the CSV to ARFF format
16:41 Changeset [34621] by kjdon
should be https for greenstone.org
16:41 Changeset [34620] by davidb
CSV of the audio features (selected excerpt of audio files) collated …
16:25 Changeset [34619] by davidb
Some svn:ignore properties to help reduce the noise seen on an svn status
16:21 Changeset [34618] by davidb
The result of running the 01-, 02-, 03- .sh scripts to produce the …
16:20 Changeset [34617] by anupama
Before we forget, putting Kathy's new script for uploading to the …
16:19 Changeset [34616] by davidb
Location of PDF moved to be in 'etc'
14:29 Changeset [34615] by kjdon
32 bit libux version of wget
14:06 Changeset [34614] by davidb
Mistakenly committed. Not needed
14:04 Changeset [34613] by davidb
Mistakenly committed. Not needed


02:24 Ticket #960 (Isis-Gdl code and gnome-lib code needs merging) created by anupama
(1) About IsisGdl, Dr Bainbridge wrote: In the case of Windows, …


23:11 Changeset [34612] by anupama
Further rk2 changes to get the release kit to use wget to grab the old …
22:41 Changeset [34611] by anupama
Committing the precompiled https/ssl enabled Windows wget.exe from …
22:23 Changeset [34610] by anupama
1. rk2 related changes to finally work with changeover from http to …
21:06 Changeset [34609] by anupama
Recommitting wget.linux64 from the one generated on the LSB machine to …
20:43 Changeset [34608] by anupama
Minimum change to get isisgdl to work for the final GS3 release …
19:45 Changeset [34607] by anupama
Shifting remaining rk3 (GS3) related release-kits files over to using …
19:34 Changeset [34606] by anupama
Shifting all the rk3 compile.xml scripts to using ant exec wget from …
18:35 Changeset [34605] by anupama
Didn't see that Kathy had changed gsroot to community machine. Have …
17:49 Changeset [34604] by anupama
Committing 64 bit linux wget for 64 bit linux release-kit
17:35 Changeset [34603] by anupama
Committing wget, to be used by release-kits, for Mac Mojave release-kit
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