18:58 Changeset [35532] by anupama
Slight adjustment to an instruction committed in revision 35530.
18:28 Changeset [35531] by anupama
Adding the very basic docx file, testword.docx, as the GS3 tutorial …
18:21 Changeset [35530] by anupama
Enhanced Word document handling tutorial: Added some instructions on …
15:58 Changeset [35529] by anupama
Updating URL in README.txt
15:47 Changeset [35528] by cstephen
Fix text download. Only show WordTimingSelector in dev mode
15:41 Changeset [35527] by anupama
Same message as for previous commit (35526), but now for linux64 rk3 …
15:36 Changeset [35526] by anupama
Updating mojave-compile.xml rk3 release-kits template to print the …
15:28 Changeset [35525] by cstephen
Add hold-to-scrub for audio steppers. Split word when pressing space …
15:28 Changeset [35524] by anupama
Message that release-kits turn off checkout.gnomelib.ext which is now …
15:25 Changeset [35523] by anupama
Ant target prepare-gnome-lib updated to display a message that it …
14:59 Changeset [35522] by davidb
Comparable Windows update to make file, specifying LIBDIR, which is …
14:51 Changeset [35521] by cstephen
Improve new word insertion
14:23 Changeset [35520] by cstephen
Override Greenstone line-height to fix layout issues
14:14 Ticket #961 (Moving to bundling JRE8, compiling releases with JDK8 & ant 1.9.4) created by anupama
By Sep 29 2021, * Previously, we bundled JRE7u72, we've now moved to …
13:43 Changeset [35519] by cstephen
Update korero-maori-asr.xsl
13:41 Changeset [35518] by cstephen
Macronise title translations
13:39 Changeset [35517] by cstephen
Temporarily remove WordTimingSelector for production
13:37 Changeset [35516] by cstephen
Improve word insertion and deletion


19:38 Changeset [35515] by anupama
Related to commits 35511 to 35514: for linux 64 release-kit too, turn …
19:26 Changeset [35514] by anupama
Now that checkout.gnomelib.ext is set to true by default in …
18:49 Changeset [35513] by anupama
General (template) rk3 release-kits compile.xml file updated too. See …
18:44 Changeset [35512] by anupama
Some changes to the mojave Mac release-kit rk3 main compile.xml file …
16:51 Changeset [35511] by anupama
Testing. Dr Bainbridge and Kathy suggested to moving to the previously …
16:17 Changeset [35510] by cstephen
Fix word editor <-> audio time sync
16:03 Changeset [35509] by cstephen
Trigger an offline response with the filename …
15:37 Changeset [35508] by cstephen
Attempt to make WordTimingSelector reactive to size changes. Restyle colors
12:16 Changeset [35507] by kjdon
OOOPS. so many debugging messages were left in :-(
12:14 Changeset [35506] by cstephen
Improve WordTimingSelector logic and prevent invalid movement
10:39 Changeset [35505] by cstephen
Fixes color of Greenstone buttons and improves shadow and disabled colors.
10:24 Changeset [35504] by cstephen
Update translations
10:15 Changeset [35503] by cstephen
10:12 Changeset [35502] by cstephen
Use requestAnimationFrame to update audio time
09:55 Changeset [35501] by cstephen
Fix file name not being displayed when an AlreadyTranscribed error is …
09:44 Changeset [35500] by cstephen
Add disabled color state


17:11 Changeset [35499] by cstephen
Implement atea tech theme
16:51 Changeset [35498] by cstephen
Re-order README
16:48 Changeset [35497] by cstephen
16:42 Changeset [35496] by cstephen
16:37 Changeset [35495] by cstephen
Automatically determine if production transcription components should …
14:39 Changeset [35494] by davidb
Notes on what to do to get setup
14:36 Changeset [35493] by cstephen
Add utf-8 charset meta to unauthorised page
14:10 Changeset [35492] by cstephen
Temporarily remove timestamping for atea deployment
14:08 Changeset [35491] by cstephen
Add basic time selection for words
12:21 Changeset [35490] by kjdon
some notes I made getting greenstone installed on aws as a test
11:19 Changeset [35489] by cstephen
Remove advanced editor toggle
11:16 Changeset [35488] by cstephen
Add logging shim to prevent logging in production mode
10:43 Changeset [35487] by cstephen
Fix build.xml log statement
10:16 Changeset [35486] by cstephen
Fix word selection in time editor Improve initial timing metadata for …
10:13 Changeset [35485] by cstephen
Ignore config.properties


23:38 Changeset [35484] by davidb
Java support for: Workpackaged themed color scheme for DL
23:36 Changeset [35483] by davidb
XSL logic to support: Workpackaged themed color scheme for DL
23:36 Changeset [35482] by davidb
Workpackaged themed color scheme for DL
09:52 Changeset [35481] by davidb
Bring across the files from Google-dirve mount-point
09:50 Changeset [35480] by davidb
Change to more technical description of the collection on the About page
09:46 Changeset [35479] by davidb
More careful control of table CSS; link to external doc needs to be …


18:47 Changeset [35478] by anupama
Used JRE of JDK 8u301 to regenerate the jre_bin on linux 32 bit lsb.
17:20 Changeset [35477] by anupama
Had to regenerate the Mac jre_bin_x64 from a JRE 8u301 as the previous …
16:47 Changeset [35476] by davidb
Used in Google Sign-in
16:22 Changeset [35475] by davidb
Updated echo statement with --libdir arg
16:21 Changeset [35474] by anupama
Now that the Mojave/Catalina Mac has been made accessible again by …
16:17 Changeset [35473] by davidb
Straightening out a SVN tree conflict. Adding back in the new JAR …
15:33 Changeset [35472] by davidb
search4j configure now needs --libdir specified
14:55 Changeset [35471] by davidb
Tweak to javc compile line, found to be needed after testing
14:46 Changeset [35470] by davidb
Straightening out a SVN tree conflict. Need to remove these from SVN …
10:53 Changeset [35469] by davidb
Set svn:ignore property values so untarred files don't get listed on …
10:14 Changeset [35468] by davidb
Updated to newer version of openssl to work with newer versions of …
10:12 Changeset [35467] by davidb
Serf updated to newer version to work with newer versions of gcc compiler


22:47 Changeset [35466] by davidb
Some initial notes, and in particular noting that currently native …
22:42 Changeset [35465] by davidb
Files to help compile up Greenstone3 for Windows. Even on a 64-bit …
22:35 Changeset [35464] by davidb
Added in some extra svn:ignore filenames
22:33 Changeset [35463] by davidb
Added in some extra svn:ignore filenames
22:31 Changeset [35462] by davidb
Added in some extra svn:ignore filenames
22:30 Changeset [35461] by davidb
Added in some extra svn:ignore filenames
22:24 Changeset [35460] by davidb
White-space tidyup
18:56 Changeset [35459] by davidb
Adding in LIBDIR for Linux and Windows compiling of newly introduced …
18:47 Changeset [35458] by davidb
Equivalent Windows update of win32.mak for Makefile.in update to …
17:15 Changeset [35457] by davidb
Addition of java-based solution to more cleanly determine Java version …
16:52 Changeset [35456] by cstephen
Hoist active word
15:07 Changeset [35455] by cstephen
Properly identify surrounding words
14:13 Changeset [35454] by cstephen
Improve translations Improve translation test return Begin adding …


17:56 Changeset [35453] by anupama
Using the newly added util subroutine …
17:43 Changeset [35452] by anupama
Committing newly added subroutine get_first_existing_dir(list_of_dirs) …
15:45 Changeset [35451] by cstephen
Add time increment buttons to the AudioTimeBar
14:03 Changeset [35450] by cstephen
Keep playback state when switching audio tracks
11:21 Changeset [35449] by cstephen
Add progress bars


16:35 Changeset [35448] by cstephen
Highlight words when editing
15:15 Changeset [35447] by cstephen
14:58 Changeset [35446] by cstephen
Significant improvements to audio playback
14:36 Changeset [35445] by cstephen
Create AudioPlaybackModule
13:47 Changeset [35444] by kjdon
change the greenstone.org link from http to https. not sure if …
12:48 Changeset [35443] by cstephen
Further improvements to color theming
12:23 Changeset [35442] by cstephen
Improve color theming
11:52 Changeset [35441] by cstephen
Theme variable rework to allow for better color theming
11:42 Changeset [35440] by kjdon
OpenOfficePlugin needs to set serlinkFile instead of srclink_file as …
11:17 Changeset [35439] by cstephen
Include edits in downloads
10:59 Changeset [35438] by kjdon
added a missing dollar sign
10:21 Changeset [35437] by cstephen
UI cleanup
09:47 Changeset [35436] by cstephen
Highlight words when scrubbing


17:17 Changeset [35435] by davidb
Removed 'get-isisgdl' from 'install' depends as the ISIS code has been …
17:15 Changeset [35434] by davidb
Ant minimum version changed to 1.8.2 so 'force=true' can be used in …
16:50 Changeset [35433] by cstephen
Check for duplicates before transcribing them
15:13 Changeset [35432] by cstephen
Prevent duplicate transcriptions being created
14:23 Changeset [35431] by cstephen
Add app bar and basic information
11:27 Changeset [35430] by cstephen
Add audio length to playback state. Disable audio time bar when irrelevant.
10:43 Changeset [35429] by cstephen
Remove default button theme
10:29 Changeset [35428] by kjdon
removed some apostrophes from comments to make syntax highlighting in …
10:10 Changeset [35427] by kjdon
added some (currently commented out) code to allow the addition of …
10:06 Changeset [35426] by cstephen
Improve audio time bar implementation


20:51 Changeset [35425] by anupama
Release-kits on windows were using a stale version of the bundled …
20:48 Changeset [35424] by anupama
Windows 64 bit local folder now uses svn externals to grab the windows …
20:37 Changeset [35423] by anupama
Bin folder to contain wget and wgetrc for windows after I set up svn …
20:30 Changeset [35422] by anupama
Bugfix. Tomcat wouldn't start on freshly compiled windows GS3. …
18:01 Changeset [35421] by anupama
New background-launcher.vbs script was committed to wrong location: …
17:16 Changeset [35420] by davidb
Files changed to Unix-style CR ending to be more consistent with other …
17:10 Changeset [35419] by davidb
Some echo fine-tuning
17:07 Changeset [35418] by davidb
Some echo statement fine-tuning
17:05 Changeset [35417] by davidb
Some fine-tuning of echo statements, including a test to determine if …
16:43 Changeset [35416] by anupama
Minor changes to clarify scriptname. Previous 2 commits also by me …
16:41 Changeset [35415] by kjdon
OpenOfficeConverter.pm's BEGIN block running soffice in the background …
15:24 Changeset [35414] by kjdon
A VBScript to launch an external process (program) in the background. …


17:00 Changeset [35413] by cstephen
Shift time string formatting to Util. Start AudioTimeBar implementation.
13:22 Changeset [35412] by cstephen
Add ToggleButton component. Improve button themes.
11:10 Changeset [35411] by cstephen
Use unbound audio object. Update translations.
11:02 Changeset [35410] by cstephen
Fix 1px 'jiggle'
10:27 Changeset [35409] by cstephen
Refactor to use state-based audio playback
10:06 Changeset [35408] by cstephen
Fix word highlighting occuring globally


14:57 Changeset [35407] by cstephen
Improve theme + update translations
14:35 Changeset [35406] by cstephen
Implement cleaner transcription removal transitions
14:26 Changeset [35405] by cstephen
Add toggle button to switch to edit mode
13:38 Changeset [35404] by cstephen
Improve download popup
13:11 Changeset [35403] by cstephen
Implement WebVTT downloading for transcriptions
11:59 Changeset [35402] by anupama
File renaming tika ext's README to GS-README, as it was our own custom …
11:58 Changeset [35401] by anupama
Committing Dr Bainbridge's improvements to the Tika-preconfigured …
11:42 Changeset [35400] by cstephen
Add JSON download option for transcriptions
11:22 Changeset [35399] by cstephen
Add prototype download popup. FAB theme cleanup. Link translations.
10:42 Changeset [35398] by cstephen
Remove hardcoded interface properties
10:34 Changeset [35397] by cstephen
Use onkeyup to process editor input


17:01 Changeset [35396] by cstephen
Improvements to word editing
15:31 Changeset [35395] by cstephen
Remove duplicated transcription display
14:29 Changeset [35394] by kjdon
need to do the class loader trick for the javascript version of …
14:27 Changeset [35393] by davidb
Remove character display
14:25 Changeset [35392] by davidb
Fix hardcoded js-based interface strings initialisation
14:17 Changeset [35391] by kjdon
getInterfaceText now uses a custom classloader, which looks in …
14:15 Changeset [35390] by kjdon
added getInterfaceResourceDir method. to match those for site and …
14:09 Changeset [35389] by davidb
Update READMEs. Revert transcibe test methods following associated …
12:29 Changeset [35388] by kjdon
added a clean target
12:23 Changeset [35387] by davidb
Add CORS filter to allow requests from localhost:8080
12:23 Changeset [35386] by kjdon
add in source and target args to javac to keep the compiling in line …
12:08 Changeset [35385] by kjdon
add JAVACFLAGS back in - source and target have been updated to 1.6 …
11:13 Changeset [35384] by davidb
Implement transcription text download
10:55 Changeset [35383] by davidb
Implement basic transcription editing
09:51 Changeset [35382] by davidb
Add interface translations
00:18 Changeset [35381] by davidb
Additional jar files to ignore
00:12 Changeset [35380] by davidb
Some additional jar files to ignore
00:09 Changeset [35379] by davidb
Added in svn:ignore for lucene-*jar files in this directory
00:04 Changeset [35378] by davidb
Downloading tomcat.zip and axis.zip targets adjusted to use 'curl' on …


23:26 Changeset [35377] by davidb
Changed to running 'make install_sw' rather than 'make install' for …
19:03 Changeset [35376] by davidb
MacOS JNI code updated to work off JAVA_HOME, in line with approach …
18:51 Changeset [35375] by davidb
MacOS JNI code updated to work off JAVA_HOME, in line with approach …
18:51 Changeset [35374] by davidb
MacOS JNI code updated to work off JAVA_HOME, in line with approach …
18:03 Changeset [35373] by kjdon
1. README for generating the self-extracting JRE on windows, as I …
17:33 Changeset [35372] by kjdon
Adding the 7zCon.sfx file, copied from Expeditee-release-kits's …
14:37 Changeset [35371] by kjdon
if we are targetting everything else to java 1.6, we should also do …
14:28 Changeset [35370] by anupama
Committed a broken jre_bin_x64, fixed it up now and checked it untars.
13:19 Changeset [35369] by anupama
Committing updated bundled jre for linux 64, now version 8 (update …
12:35 Changeset [35368] by anupama
Going to update bundled jre for linux 64 from 7 updated 72 to version …
10:35 Changeset [35367] by cstephen
Pull translations from properties file when using node serve


16:16 Changeset [35366] by davidb
Version of war file compiled up from soruce
15:56 Changeset [35365] by davidb
Initial round of files to provide a vncserver service that Guacamole …


14:13 Changeset [35364] by kjdon
XMLREaderFactory is deprecated. Use SAXParserFactory instead. Hope …
14:11 Changeset [35363] by kjdon
new Long(long) and new Integer(int) are deprecated. Use …
14:06 Changeset [35362] by kjdon
Class.newInstance() is deprecated. Use …
14:02 Changeset [35361] by kjdon
Class.newInstance() is deprecated. Use …
14:01 Changeset [35360] by kjdon
new Boolean(boolean) is deprecated. Anyway, we don't need to create a …
13:56 Changeset [35359] by kjdon
new Long(long) is deprecated. Use Long.valueOf instead


17:48 Changeset [35358] by cstephen
Remove unneeded files
17:47 Changeset [35357] by cstephen
Remove old ASR files
17:42 Changeset [35356] by cstephen
Fix translations retrieval
17:33 Changeset [35355] by cstephen
Add korero-maori-asr


14:54 Changeset [35354] by davidb
Updated to use new custom Realm, which monitors for authentication …
14:26 Changeset [35353] by davidb
Removal of some jars in the list, as newer versions are now committed …
14:20 Changeset [35352] by davidb
Greenstone3 already has a version of this (v1.0.4) which looks to get …
14:07 Changeset [35351] by davidb
Adding in 'failonerror=true' as a result of testing where a missing …
13:58 Changeset [35350] by davidb
Code rewritten to avoid try-resource code pattern, as this is not …


16:09 Changeset [35349] by davidb
Changed to newer version of GSON jar file. Change was triggered by …
14:59 Changeset [35348] by davidb
Needed in GooglesginJDBCRealm (to support the logging that Tomcat …
14:45 Changeset [35347] by davidb
Support added to ant build file for GoogleSignin via custom Realm, …
14:34 Changeset [35346] by davidb
Custom Realm for Greenstone that monitors for a 'googlesignin' and if …
14:28 Changeset [35345] by davidb
Deleting this jar, as newer version now used (triggered by Google …
14:27 Changeset [35344] by davidb
Tidy up on svn:ignore property setting
14:26 Changeset [35343] by davidb
Added in svn:ignore entries to log files (which are expected to …
14:24 Changeset [35342] by davidb
Commiting these back to previous version as the result of a svn:ingore …
14:22 Changeset [35341] by davidb
Addition of some svn:ingore values for the userDB area
14:11 Changeset [35340] by davidb
Number prefix added to more clearly indicate the order to run the scripts
14:11 Changeset [35339] by davidb
Number prefix added to more clearly indicate the order to run the scripts
14:10 Changeset [35338] by davidb
Number prefix added to more clearly indicate the order to run the scripts.
14:07 Changeset [35337] by davidb
jar files needed to support Google Signin to Greenstone3
14:00 Changeset [35336] by davidb
Removed exectute permission from jar files, which is not needed and is …
13:40 Changeset [35335] by davidb
Added in come svn:ignore entries
13:37 Changeset [35334] by davidb
File list tidy up so it can be used from the GS3 top-level build.xml file


16:48 Changeset [35333] by kjdon
a few mods to this. Allow username of ALL - will do the required mods …
16:43 Changeset [35332] by kjdon
there were 2 almost identical methods findUser(un, pw) and …


16:25 Changeset [35331] by davidb
Further refinement of the Google Signin process from the JS/Web …


12:04 Changeset [35330] by davidb
Removal of scrappy notes at the bottom of the file
12:03 Changeset [35329] by davidb
README notes on the purpose of this directory, and what to run
11:55 Changeset [35328] by davidb
Changed to get list of located jar files from located-jar-list.txt
11:49 Changeset [35327] by davidb
Change to better/more consistent name
11:49 Changeset [35326] by davidb
Separate out the work of locating the jars, from the actual …


23:19 Changeset [35325] by davidb
README file to explain the purpose of this new sub-directory area of …
23:03 Changeset [35324] by davidb
Added in some commented out init-param elements to act as breadcrumbs …
22:52 Changeset [35323] by davidb
As a result of working with 'ant', jar depencies essentially need to …
22:42 Changeset [35322] by davidb
Front-end (web-browser) changes that introduce the option of signing …
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