20:27 Changeset [36298] by anupama
Style tweak for lomdemo-e so font is serif as in GS2.
20:15 Changeset [36297] by anupama
lomdemo-e's XMLRecord value does need the line feed (backslash-n) …
20:00 Changeset [36296] by anupama
Cleaned up unused parts
19:43 Changeset [36295] by anupama
Added final functionality to lomdemo-e Documented Example Collection …
19:30 Changeset [36294] by anupama
Forgot to commit xsl template collectionPath, added since the GS3 …
16:43 Changeset [36293] by anupama
Forgot to commit minor change for GS3 to LOMPlugin previously. If GS3, …


14:28 Changeset [36292] by anupama
1. The wiki-e dec collection port for GS3. 2. lomdemo-e update 1 to …


18:40 Changeset [36291] by davidb
Some basic tag processing of MARCXML records, printing out lines with …


17:50 Changeset [36290] by anupama
DEC collection dls-e ported to GS3.
16:47 Changeset [36289] by anupama
Minor change. Noticed a duplicate displayItem for name=name.
11:31 Changeset [36288] by kjdon
windows gs2 caveat script


16:32 Changeset [36287] by anupama
PagedImg-e showed up a bug where only the first page of a paged-img …
13:04 Changeset [36286] by kjdon
gs3 caveat for windows
13:00 Changeset [36285] by kjdon
forgot to add home_dir
12:17 Changeset [36284] by kjdon
code blocks now for windows and linux.
12:15 Changeset [36283] by kjdon
code blocks now for windows and linux.
12:14 Changeset [36282] by kjdon
print out a message if the file to source is not found, also use -e …


11:56 Changeset [36281] by kjdon
deleted the test servlet specification as we don't use it and it …
11:55 Changeset [36280] by kjdon
we now use greenstone.default.servlet instead of …
11:54 Changeset [36279] by kjdon
when compiling the list of servlets to select in gg3 server, ignore …


19:59 Changeset [36278] by anupama
I think the regex for accepting jpg and jpeg files should be jpe?g not …
19:56 Changeset [36277] by anupama
First part of porting LOMdemo DEC collection to GS3. I've still not …
18:30 Changeset [36276] by anupama
Finished porting DEC collection gsarch-e (greenstone archives …


18:55 Changeset [36275] by anupama
Ported MARC-e DEC collection to GS3. As always, the collection …
17:26 Changeset [36274] by anupama
I think I've now finished up the basic changes for the isis-e …
17:20 Changeset [36273] by anupama
Moving closing div tag to a possibly more correct location
17:11 Changeset [36272] by anupama
Finally tracked down where the commented-out GS3 format statements are …
15:54 Changeset [36271] by davidb
Check for any sign of text being bound to the doc, before going ahead …
15:27 Changeset [36270] by davidb
initial cut at collection files for wanda-images
14:58 Changeset [36269] by davidb
fixed scrollIntoView issue where entire page would scroll by changing …
14:56 Changeset [36268] by davidb
changed to using gsf:div to avoid self-collapsing div problem when a …
14:30 Changeset [36267] by davidb
Shifting to using new StructuredAudio extension and Wavesurfer.js
14:16 Changeset [36266] by davidb
Directory for core files for Google Vision API example collection
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