18:14 Changeset [37746] by anupama
Dr Bainbridge has fixed up the base ant-start-with-exts script (that …
16:22 Changeset [37745] by anupama
To run webswing GLI with ant start, need to first source gs3-setup


13:09 Changeset [37744] by anupama
In writing up the barebones WebSwing tutorial, I'd introduced some …


00:32 Changeset [37743] by anupama
A tutorial of sorts covering the few essential points of divergence …
00:30 Changeset [37742] by anupama
I assume the link to webswing GLI on the home page was accidentally …


16:26 Changeset [37741] by davidb
Updated to specify the RewriteValve, so we can have a rewrite.config …
16:19 Changeset [37740] by davidb
Monitor for, and stop, Open Redirects from happening


13:39 Changeset [37739] by davidb
Now auto-generated as part of 'ant start' process. This change has …
09:00 Changeset [37738] by anupama
Related to previous. Sentence reads better.
08:59 Changeset [37737] by anupama
Minor. Noticed after going through tuts on WebSwing GLI on Windows


22:46 Changeset [37736] by davidb
When testing incremental addition with a manifest file on Linux, it …
22:17 Changeset [37735] by davidb
No longer under svn control. The top-level build.xml untars the …
12:03 Changeset [37734] by davidb
Fix for when the first ever file-level doc version history action is …


22:01 Changeset [37733] by davidb
Fixed typo in STDERR filehandle name
20:45 Changeset [37732] by davidb
Updating to newer version, and then also including some changes that …


17:06 Changeset [37731] by davidb
Git cloned version of code


15:53 Changeset [37730] by davidb
Updated code to allow two import.pl's in a row (without a buildcol.pl) …
15:51 Changeset [37729] by davidb
A further test-case


22:35 Changeset [37728] by davidb
template rules that that position home-help-pref as tabs on the right …


17:24 Changeset [37727] by davidb
Updated to work with newly structured spreadsheet that separates out …
17:23 Changeset [37726] by davidb
changed from 'sleep' to 'read' with timelimit
00:08 Changeset [37725] by davidb
For PagedImage document, resorting to explicitly extracting top-level …


14:20 Changeset [37724] by davidb
Additional files to ignore
14:15 Changeset [37723] by davidb
New target introduced to untar the usersDB.tar.gz file. Changing to …
13:56 Changeset [37722] by davidb
Tarball of original/starting DB files. Part of a move to have this …
13:52 Changeset [37721] by davidb
Matching change introduced in .sh version; .bat not currently tested
13:48 Changeset [37720] by davidb
Ideally should be made available through Greenstone wiki.
13:39 Changeset [37719] by davidb
Renames to better reflect what the scripts do. NG==Next-Generation
13:37 Changeset [37718] by davidb
Rename to make clearer about GS2
13:37 Changeset [37717] by davidb
Updated to use refactored BaseImport, rather than BasePlugin
12:57 Changeset [37716] by davidb
Fixed typo in comment


23:13 Changeset [37715] by davidb
Extra print statements added
23:12 Changeset [37714] by davidb
As a result of testing, changing from ex.im. prefix to im. prefix; …
23:10 Changeset [37713] by davidb
Rationalized, removing commented out blocks
23:09 Changeset [37712] by davidb
Simplifed test case added in (as commented out line)
23:09 Changeset [37711] by davidb
Now a priviate collection
23:07 Changeset [37710] by davidb
Changes specific to the intermuse site
23:03 Changeset [37709] by davidb
Further coding developments; given that Mirdora3 has an API call for …
22:50 Changeset [37708] by davidb
Map page/gli to webswing-gli.xsl
22:47 Changeset [37707] by davidb
Allow VList format statements to pass style atrribute, so icon (and …
22:41 Changeset [37706] by davidb
webswing GLI now available by default on home page, thanks to Kath's …
22:36 Changeset [37705] by davidb
Needed to change how the delUser id is formed, as the newer support …
22:33 Changeset [37704] by davidb
Code/Syntax upgraded to provide better generality as to the metadata …
22:30 Changeset [37703] by davidb
Fixed JS syntax error
14:01 Changeset [37702] by davidb
Updated to use new top-level script name


18:23 Changeset [37701] by davidb
Moved Document Header element to end, as not a frequently used …


21:24 Changeset [37700] by anupama
Implemented 2nd of Dr Bainbridge's request: GLI collection tree should …
18:46 Changeset [37699] by anupama
Related to commits r 37690, 37691 (and 37698). 1. Shifted the section …
18:39 Changeset [37698] by anupama
Forgot to commit with GLI changes of r37690 and r37691. Display …
17:48 Changeset [37697] by davidb
Changes to the metadata prefix used; some minor tweaks to text; …
17:35 Changeset [37696] by davidb
Fixed typo in name
16:25 Changeset [37695] by davidb
Values needs to be the string 'true' not 'enabled'
15:59 Changeset [37694] by davidb
GoogleSignin Code now upgraded so a new Google user is auto-registered …
15:58 Changeset [37693] by davidb
Fields changed to public so they can be access from the …
14:07 Changeset [37692] by davidb
Makes more sense for the variable named to be greenstone_username; and …


22:04 Changeset [37691] by anupama
Second part of Dr Bainbridge's request for dealing with any existing …
20:30 Changeset [37690] by anupama
One part of what Dr Bainbridge wanted done: on Cancel press (though …
19:40 Changeset [37689] by anupama
Minor change to display method: archives_keepold is the name now, not …
16:21 Changeset [37688] by anupama
Some improvements to comments that don't belong with upcoming commits
16:20 Changeset [37687] by anupama
Removing the rename folder utility function from gliserver.pl, as fldv …
10:27 Changeset [37686] by davidb
Upgrade to script, and update to README file
09:57 Changeset [37685] by davidb
Further upgrading: this one so it can be run from other directories
09:47 Changeset [37684] by davidb
stop version brought in to line with start version
09:32 Changeset [37683] by davidb
Renaming of scripts from 'CUSTOM' to 'with-exts'; scripts updated to …
09:31 Changeset [37682] by davidb
Renaming of scripts from 'CUSTOM' to 'with-exts'
09:24 Changeset [37681] by davidb
Whitespace change. This is a test commit, as the previous commit …
09:16 Changeset [37680] by davidb
Introduction of some additional 'hook-points' xsl:templates that a GS …


20:59 Changeset [37679] by anupama
Dr Bainbridge's archives_keepold to archives *directory* rename …
13:21 Changeset [37678] by davidb
example of how to keep an eye on the running state of multiple …


21:36 Changeset [37677] by anupama
GLI now tries to set the linux file association launch command to the …
19:28 Changeset [37676] by anupama
Added one of the instructions previously committed into a commented …
19:26 Changeset [37675] by anupama
A couple more steps or notes, including explaining how to set the File …
18:27 Changeset [37674] by anupama
Finally adding in what Dr Bainbridge explained: we should be able to …
10:36 Changeset [37673] by davidb
Reverting back to renderWave=0 as default; added icon/legend for the …
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