23:19 Changeset [39038] by anupama
Working with GLI's metadata table is proving very hard as the GLI code …
17:21 Changeset [39037] by anupama
For GLI automated testing. Naming elements in MetadataSetDialog and …


22:23 Changeset [39036] by anupama
1. Some additions to the previous commit to get it to work and allow …
21:47 Changeset [39035] by anupama
Drag and drop with non-contiguous multiple selection gave me the run …


20:03 Changeset [39034] by anupama
Working on the 2nd tutorial


23:03 Changeset [39033] by anupama
1. Unfortunately the build and preview buttons have different …


23:04 Changeset [39032] by anupama
Rewritten with clearer branch cases: either we're turning off EDT …
22:44 Changeset [39031] by anupama
Lots of important changes after talking to Dr Bainbridge: the public …


22:34 Changeset [39030] by anupama
Allow individual EDT (Event Dispatch Thread) changes to be bypassed in …


21:48 Changeset [39029] by anupama
1. Drop part of dragging and dropping folder from workspace into …
21:43 Changeset [39028] by anupama
Minor but important instruction/reminder in comment on usage of new …
21:28 Changeset [39027] by anupama
Comment for EDT invocation function usage is now in easier form to …
21:17 Changeset [39026] by anupama
Committing static method (and associated static vars) to Gatherer …


23:46 Changeset [39025] by anupama
Beginnings of dragging and dropping: can't work out how to drop into …
23:04 Changeset [39024] by anupama
1. Properties file needd in lib to specify samplefiles.path, the file …
17:30 Changeset [39023] by anupama
From Sam's GS wiki notes on the testing extension, the first level src …
17:26 Changeset [39022] by anupama
Separate method to store the AssertJ Swing's robot object in …
13:25 Changeset [39021] by kjdon
added a custom field box into new index prompt (used for search …
13:20 Changeset [39020] by kjdon
don't need to keep iterating over the objects once we have found a match
13:18 Changeset [39019] by kjdon
custom fields for new index/facet/sort


22:17 Changeset [39018] by anupama
1. I need to be able to startup GLI and exit it for any given GLI GUI …


21:01 Changeset [39017] by anupama
Updating README to bring it up to speed with GLI GUI Testing …
21:00 Changeset [39016] by anupama
Progress in GLI GUI automated testing with AssertJ Swing. These are …


19:37 Changeset [39015] by anupama
A README piecing together what I've now learnt about launching our …
19:00 Changeset [39014] by anupama
Minor change to bring the server URL for testing up to speed with …
18:32 Changeset [39013] by anupama
Fixed compilation error.


21:00 Changeset [39012] by anupama
Committing some changes to code committed on linux after gs3 diffcol …
17:33 Changeset [39011] by anupama
Kathy discovered stylesheet errors being logged and tracked it down to …
14:28 Changeset [39010] by kjdon
added metadata_name param to queryMRforDOCID and renamed it to …
14:24 Changeset [39009] by kjdon
added a comment
14:23 Changeset [39008] by kjdon
don't need to print out page response all the time
14:23 Changeset [39007] by kjdon
commented out an unhelpful message which made it seem like something …
14:22 Changeset [39006] by kjdon
don't need to print out service description all the time


10:35 Changeset [39005] by kjdon
added the localhost library url
10:32 Changeset [39004] by kjdon
the home page never got passed the e arg. If we use it on hte home …


14:51 Changeset [39003] by kjdon
a useful little file to help you start your greenstone2
14:50 Changeset [39002] by kjdon
changed the usage message slightly
14:49 Changeset [39001] by kjdon
changed the usage message slightly
14:46 Changeset [39000] by kjdon
the usecookies option has been renamed to usecookiesForUID to better …
14:40 Changeset [38999] by kjdon
changed the comment to reflect better the default value
14:37 Changeset [38998] by kjdon
usecookies arg is now usecookiesForUID, and there is a new option …
13:52 Changeset [38997] by kjdon
new Korean Translations by Hilario Seo


18:19 Changeset [38996] by anupama
SourceDirectory seems to be new metadata in doc.xml that is breaking …


19:11 Changeset [38995] by anupama
Want to control at servlets.xml level (that is, per servlet) whether …


19:02 Changeset [38994] by anupama
Korean language gs3interface module of GS3 interface. Many thanks to …
18:57 Changeset [38993] by anupama
French language auxdm module of GS2 interface. Many thanks to Yvan Arnaud.


20:06 Changeset [38992] by anupama
Moved ugly long repetitive collage app specific template from …
19:54 Changeset [38991] by anupama
Dr Bainbridge set it was better to remove the applet shim and in place …
19:18 Changeset [38990] by anupama
Minor display and comment changes before committing more major changes …
18:08 Changeset [38989] by anupama
Before phasing out applet shims for collage (and phind), …
17:24 Ticket #966 (Allow webswing to be deactivated) closed by anupama
16:15 Changeset [38988] by anupama
Minor adjustment related to the previous commit.
16:07 Changeset [38987] by anupama
Important note to distinguish between the PhinDPhraseBrowse.java GS3 …
15:37 Changeset [38986] by davidb
Updates to reflect its new Perl package name
15:36 Changeset [38985] by davidb
HTML version
15:25 Ticket #966 (Allow webswing to be deactivated) created by anupama
Webswing is used in Web GLI which not all librarians will want to …


21:29 Changeset [38984] by anupama
Minor change to display string to make the display string for phind …
21:24 Changeset [38983] by anupama
I think these are all the changes needed for tthe new GS3 …
21:00 Changeset [38982] by anupama
Fixing oversight in build.xml before changes for deactivating …
14:50 Changeset [38981] by anupama
Tabbing final target.
14:47 Changeset [38980] by anupama
Getting rid of apostrophes in English shortened words which were …
14:46 Changeset [38979] by kjdon
oaiserver needs to use the public url not the localhost one
14:19 Ticket #953 (Get rid of Applets) closed by anupama
13:59 Changeset [38978] by kjdon
fixed a comment, and removed the / freom revproxy.context as it …
13:29 Changeset [38977] by kjdon
removed english version of title - should just use dictionary one. …
13:22 Changeset [38976] by kjdon
removed the english version of the name displayItem - should just use …
13:12 Changeset [38975] by kjdon
standardised the dec collection titles
13:11 Changeset [38974] by kjdon
modified the description so that most of the HTML is not included in …
13:10 Changeset [38973] by kjdon
using gsf:collectionText for the fragments, rather than picking them …
13:09 Changeset [38972] by kjdon
removed an old commented out section, and modifed the css links to use …
12:01 Changeset [38971] by kjdon
removed the <br/> from the title
11:57 Changeset [38970] by kjdon
tidied up one fragment


19:00 Ticket #965 (Turn Collage applet into webswing) closed by anupama
19:00 Ticket #964 (Turn Phind applet into webswing) closed by anupama
18:45 Changeset [38969] by anupama
Allowing us to run the appletviewer just against the PhindPhraseBrowse
18:17 Ticket #965 (Turn Collage applet into webswing) created by anupama
Related to turning Phind applet into webswing …
17:29 Changeset [38968] by anupama
GsdlCollageApplet. 1. On stopRunning, DisplayImages may be looping in …
17:25 Changeset [38967] by anupama
1. webswing-phind.xsl also needs to prefer the width and height on any …


19:23 Changeset [38966] by anupama
In commit r 22306, I had made the AbstractBrowse protected method …
19:06 Changeset [38965] by anupama
Some clean up.
18:49 Changeset [38964] by anupama
Certain user-customised GLI Collage classifier options need to go into …
13:51 Changeset [38963] by kjdon
removed garish-e external links as I have deleted the collection
13:38 Changeset [38962] by kjdon
garish-e has been superseded by css-e collection, and offers no …
13:36 Changeset [38961] by kjdon
garish-e has been superseded by css-e collection, and offers no …
13:24 Changeset [38960] by kjdon
removed the actual format statement from the description5 - that can …
13:23 Changeset [38959] by kjdon
removed the actual format statement from the description5 - that can …
12:52 Changeset [38958] by kjdon
deleted one print statement stating no term docs. and modified the …


18:45 Changeset [38957] by anupama
Related to commit 38941 (and 38951, which removed other temporary …
18:43 Changeset [38956] by anupama
JavaScript itself should prioritise using any user-supplied verbosity …
11:59 Changeset [38955] by kjdon
instead of synchronising on the display item list, take a copy and …
11:58 Changeset [38954] by kjdon
instead of synchronising on the display item list, take a copy and …
11:43 Changeset [38953] by kjdon
avoid NodeList, use our own copyAllChildren method
10:12 Changeset [38952] by kjdon
catalina.out soon fills up with cache full errors, so added a new …


17:11 Changeset [38951] by anupama
Removing the temporary GS3 runtime Service class …


14:24 Changeset [38950] by anupama
Added an applet shim for phind and this time correctly set the display …


19:43 Changeset [38949] by anupama
Like GsdlCollageApplet, JPhind when run as a commandline application …
18:59 Changeset [38948] by anupama
1. More streamlining of the XSL code for the GsdlCollage and Phind …
17:15 Changeset [38947] by anupama
Forgot to remove commented out, non-working code
16:39 Changeset [38946] by anupama
I seem to have accidentally deleted a newline and the variable …
16:27 Changeset [38945] by anupama
Committing the GS3 XSL and webswing.config changes to successfully run …
16:15 Changeset [38944] by anupama
16:08 Changeset [38943] by anupama
JPhind is still being run as an application, but: 1. I've now changed …
14:57 Changeset [38942] by anupama
Before committing Phind changes, I want to commit further corrections …
12:36 Changeset [38941] by anupama
The webswing-collage.xsl file we're now using is in layouts and is …


18:07 Changeset [38940] by anupama
One more comment.
18:05 Changeset [38939] by anupama
Comments on how to run the appletviewer, before I forget that.
17:55 Changeset [38938] by anupama
1. Dr Bainbridge showed a shorter way to write out the applet params …
16:15 Changeset [38937] by anupama
Cleaning up the code somewhat.


17:43 Changeset [38936] by anupama
(When the PC ran out of memory and tomcat wouldn't shutdown, it got …
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