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Further clarification

1A. To configure and compile wvware in Greenstone2/3, need to first:
2   source ./devel.bash
4B. To compile up all of gnome-lib:
5   ./
7C. To do a clean compile
8   At the toplevel, rm the <OS> directory completely
9   ./ tarclean
10   ./
11The second step removes all the extracted packages. While the third step extracts and recompiles them all again.
12If you wish to just remove the intermediate files generated by configure and compile, then replace the 2nd step with
13   ./ distclean 
16D. To compile just a package in gnome-lib:
17   source ./devel.bash
18   ./packages/CASCADE-MAKE/<PACKAGE>.sh
20E. To completely clean a single package and compile it up by itself
21   (source ./devel.bash, unless you've already done it)
22   ./packages/CASCADE-MAKE/<PACKAGE>.sh tarclean
23   ./packages/CASCADE-MAKE/<PACKAGE>.sh
24If you wish to just remove the package's intermediate files generated by configure and compile, then replace the 2nd step with
25   ./packages/CASCADE-MAKE/<PACKAGE>.sh distclean 
28F. To generate the gnome-lib-minimal-<os>.tar.gz archive file,
301. Open a fresh exterm
312. make sure the gnome-lib folder is renamed to "gnome-lib-minimal" first
323. source ./devel.bash
33   from the gnome-lib-minimal folder
344. From the toplevel (gnome-lib-minimal) folder, run:
35   ./ makeminimal
36This will generate the tar.gz file. For ElCapitan and later MacOS, ensure the tar.gz file is named correctly. It may need to be moved into the folder containing the src subfolder.
375. Check out trunk level of gnome-lib and put the tar.gz there:
38   svn co --depth files
39(--depth files only checks out files at that level, not a recursive checkout of folders and subfolders)
406. svn commit the tar.gz file
42This will generate a tar.gz file of the correct name. And because the gnome-lib folder had been renamed to gnome-lib-minimal in step 2,
43when the tar.gz file is extracted, it will extract as a folder called gnome-lib-minimal, as required.
45Tested on the Mac MountainLion.
48G. To generate the gnome-lib-<os>.tar.gz archive file
501. Open a fresh exterm
512. Make sure the top level gnome-lib folder is called "gnome-lib"
523. source ./devel.bash
534. toplevel
54   ./ makedist
555. svn commit the tar.gz file
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