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Renaming of client side XSLT file

1Greenstone 3 now includes support for client-side XSLT, i.e. the
2user's web browser is responsible for converting the raw XML message
3returned by the web server into a web page (using the XSL file also
4returned from the web server).  The seeds of this idea came from work
5on supporting Greenstone installed on an Android device.  Other work
6done at this time to make the Greenstone 3 server run more efficiently
7was profiling the code for the most expensive methods, resulting in
8principally changes in how strings were handled.
11More specifically the main modifications were:
13* The use of Apache Commons StringUtils class for text replacement and
14  splitting;
16* The use of StringUtils.contains over the *.text.* regular expression;
18* Plus: client-side XSLT support.
20Note that the XML Texts collection had to be modified in certain areas
21due to it using four XSL overrides in its transform directory. This
22may or may not be necessary depending on the XSL overrides in place
23for other collections. For an example of this, see the
24about-clientside.xsl file in the gberg collection.
26Steven McTainsh
27February 2011
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