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renaming resources .in files to .svn as this better matches the purpose - they are unedited files for versioning, so we don't accidentally commit personal modified ones. From these we will now generate .in versions duing ant prepare (previously had no suffix). The .in versions in resources are used to generate the run time versions.

1# this file should be placed in the /greenstone3/web/WEB-INF/cgi
2# It defines path parameters of GS3, and therefore should be
3# edited to suit your setting.
5# specify full paths to the various key Greenstone directories.
6# GSDL3HOME is optional, set it if your Greenstone web folder
7# is located somewhere other than the default gsdl3srchome/web
8gsdl3srchome @gsdl3srchomequoted@
9gsdlhome @gsdlhomequoted@
10#gsdl3home /full/path/to/greenstone3/web
12# cgi gateway URL suffix
13#gwcgi       /cgi-bin/library
15# If the GLIServer will be used to run the Fedora Librarian
16# Interface (FLI), set FEDORA_VERSION (the major version number
17# of Fedora) and set FEDORA_HOME to be the full path to your
18# Fedora installation.
19# Setting fedorahome and fedoraversion here will overwrite the
20# environment variables FEDORA_HOME and FEDORA_VERSION if set.
21#fedorahome /full/path/to/fedora
22#fedoraversion 3
24# If JAVA_HOME is already set, then setting the following to be
25# the full path to the JDK will overwrite it.
26#javahome /full/path/to/j2sdk1.4/or/higher
28# If Perl is not already on your PATH, set the following to the
29# full path of the perl bin directory (Perl's parent folder)
30# and it will be prepended to the PATH.
31#perlpath /usr/bin
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