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OAIConfig.xml's baseURL property is now set dynamically to the OAIServer URL whenever the tomcat server has started up.

2    This is the configuration file for the OAI server. The property values in this file are repository-wise
5  <!-- The name of this oai repository, which is human readable. -->
6  <repositoryName>Greenstone3 OAI repository</repositoryName>
7  <!-- The base url to request metadata from this repository.
8  TODO: this element should be determined and overriden dynamically given the osi request url in
9    WHAT'S DONE: when ant start is called, it writes out the default oaiserver URL to this file. -->
10  <baseURL>http://your-domain-name/greenstone3/oaiserver</baseURL>
11  <!-- The version of OAI specification this repository supports. Can be 2.0 or 1.0 -->
12  <protocolVersion>2.0</protocolVersion>
13  <!-- A UTC date time that is the guaranteed lower limit of all datestamps recording changes, midifications etc. in the repository
14  This element is not necessary in this file since the earliest datestamp is dynamically found out by searching thru all oai collections in the repository to get the earliest built time amongst the collections.
15  <earliestDatestamp>1970-01-01</earliestDatestamp>
16  -->
17  <!-- The manner in which the repository supports the notion of deleted records -->
18  <deletedRecord>no</deletedRecord>
19  <!-- The granularity of the datestamp -->
20  <granularity>YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ</granularity>
21  <!-- The repository maintainer email address -->
22  <adminEmail></adminEmail>
23  <!-- Information above this line goes into the response to the Identify request -->
24  <!-- set the following to no if you don't want a stylesheet to be specified in the OAI output -->
25  <useOAIStylesheet>yes</useOAIStylesheet>
26  <!-- uncomment and set value if you want to use a different stylesheet to the default interfaces/oai/oai2.xsl -->
27  <!--<OAIStylesheet></OAIStylesheet> -->
29  <!-- The time period in which a newly generated resumption token will remain valid, specified in second. Hence, the default
30  value 7200 is equivalent to 2 hours.       
31  If the resumeAfter parameter is less than 0, this value will not be used.
32  -->
33  <resumptionTokenExpiration>7200</resumptionTokenExpiration>
34  <!-- How many sets/identifiers/records to send for the request before issuing a resumption token. A value less than 0 (e.g. -1) indicates that a complete list of records will be returned. -->
35  <resumeAfter>250</resumeAfter>
36  <!-- a list of metadata formats supported by this repository -->
37  <ListMetadataFormats>
38    <metadataFormat metadataPrefix="oai_dc">
39      <metadataPrefix>oai_dc</metadataPrefix>
40      <schema></schema>
41      <metadataNamespace></metadataNamespace>
42      <mappingList>
43        <!--
44        This is the default mapping for dc metadata. It can be overridden for a collection by adding a mappingList into the oai_dc metadataFormat element in the collection's collectionConfig.xml file.
45        The mapping is in the form: <publicly supported metadata name>,<greenstone metadata name>, (<A>,<B>). B metadata from a document will be mapped to A.
46        The first metadata name is mandatory; if there is no greenstone name following, then the first name will be looked for in the documents.
47        -->
48    <mapping>dc:title,dc.Title</mapping>
49    <mapping>dc:creator,dc.Creator</mapping>
50    <mapping>dc:subject,dc.Subject</mapping>
51    <mapping>dc:description,dc.Description</mapping>
52    <mapping>dc:publisher,dc.Publisher</mapping>
53    <mapping>dc:contributor,dc.Contributor</mapping>
54    <mapping>dc:date,dc.Date</mapping>
55    <mapping>dc:type,dc.Type</mapping>
56    <mapping>dc:format,dc.Format</mapping>
57    <mapping>dc:identifier,dc.Identifier</mapping>
58    <mapping>dc:source,dc.Source</mapping>
59    <mapping>dc:language,dc.Language</mapping>
60    <mapping>dc:relation,dc.Relation</mapping>
61    <mapping>dc:coverage,dc.Coverage</mapping>
62    <mapping>dc:rights,dc.Rights</mapping>
63      </mappingList>
64    </metadataFormat>
65  </ListMetadataFormats>
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