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118SPEECH NOTES FOR THE CENTENNIAI OF THE TE RANQA BATTLE. To be delivered by Pei 'Pe H. Jones before unveiling Memorial Thursday, 30th April, 1964 The end of the fighting in Tauranga, which was marked by the short and sharp engagement at Te Ranga on the 21st June 1864, has been described as the final blow to the Waikato tribes.&quot; It is as a Waikato and Maniapoto tribesman I stand here to-day to pay tribute to the memory of those who fought on this hallowed ground. With the tribesmen of Tauranga I bow my bead in deepest sorrow:- BE TANGI MO TE KOROHIKO (Ngai-te-rangi) Na Tupaea. A LAMENT FOR PE KOROMIKO (Ngai-te-rangt) By Tupaea. The above Lament was sung by a Group of Tauranga tribes- people. See Nga Moteatea Vol 1. Song 73. The story of the engagement at Te Ranga can be told quite briefly. From the time Colonel Greer, with 600 mon, advanced on the position at 8 o'clock in the morning, and when he returned to camp, less than four hours had elapsed. The building of the pa at Te Range had not long started when Maori allies of the British reported that a pa a few miles from the Gate Pa was in construction. The defenders of Te Ranga in their shallow rifle pits were subjected to sharp infillading fire for two hours; during which time a heavy Armstrong artillery was brought up, together with a further 220 men - making in all 820 fully-armed Britieh soldiery against about 600 poorly-armed Maoris.
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149About half of the poorly-armed Maoris could not be accomodated within the rifle-pits, and so they took up a supporting role to the rear of the rifle-pits. Actually, therefore, they took little part in the fighting. As soon as the reinforcements of 220 men joined the main force the signal to advance was given by Colonel Greer: L-And here I shall quote hi27 &quot;I sounded the advance when the 43rd, 68th and 1st Waikato charged , and carried the rifle-pits in the most dashing manner, under a tremendous fire, but which was far the moat part too high. For a few minutes the Maoris fought desperately and then were utterly routed - leaving sixty-eight men killed in the rifle-pits. The position was very favourable for their retreat, otherwise few could have escaped. The Governor, Sir George Grey, when reporting on the let July 1864, to the Seoretary of State in England wrote as follows:- Colonel Greer tells me that no thought of yielding possessed the natives - that they fought with desperation, and when at length compelled by the bayonet to quit the trenches in which they left more than a tenth of their number dead, it was strange to see them slowly climb up, and disdaining to run, walk away under a fire that mowed them down, some halting and firing as they retired, others with heads bent down stoically and prounly receiving their inevitable fate. He adds,in speaking of Rawiri their leader, who was amongst the slain - 'Poor Rawiri was a brave man, and behaved like a chivalrous gentleman towards me.' &quot; The Maoris were pursued for several miles but they made good their escape in the deep ravines with which the country hereabouts is everywhere intersected. Among those who fell at Te Ranga were outstanding leaders of the Tauranga tribes and their allies. Besides Rawiri, already mentioned, the leaders who fell included Poihipi and Henare Taratoa.
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180-3- Honer. Taratoa was the humane hero of the battle at Pukehinahina (or the Gate Pa). On his body was found a written order of the day for war. It began with prayer and ended with the words, &quot;If thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink.&quot; The casualties were as follows:- Among the Maoris; Killed 107, wounded 27 and 10 prisoners. The British figues were; Killed 13 and 33 wounded. The Maori dead, 68 of whom were killed in the rifle-pits and the rest during the retreat outside the pa were buried in the rifle-pit. Most of the Maoris who were killed and wounded were bayonetted. One Maori was brought in calmly smoking his pipe. On throwing open his blanket for the surgeon's inspection he showed four bullet wounds through hie trunk and thighs. without a doubt the fighting in the Tauranga district was a dark cloud through which shone the light of high courage and Christian conduct on the part of the Maori people of which there is no parallel in the annals of the British colonies. In it all there was deep sorrow and high courage. The great pity of it all was that General Cameron and his gallant fighting men were brought into the War in order to realise the scheme of the New Zealand Government to seize the most fertile lands of the Maori tribes. It was afterwards ascertained that the Maoris on no occasion had more than 2000 men in arms throughout the North Island. No more than 600 sere ever assembled at one place during the war, and they could not is the open field oppose larger numbers aided by superior weapons. Rifle pits and concealment were their defences. Retreat from fortress to fortress was their plan of operation as General Cameron marched forward.
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211- 4 - Before the fighting spread to these parts it is on record that the Maoris at the eastern end of Tauranga harbour were friendly, and Mr Smith, Civil Commissioner of Tauranga, was shocked when he learnt some months earlier that it was intended to bring troops into this area because it was militarily thought advisable to conquer the Tauranga district. The Prime Minister, Mr Whitaker, had drawn up instructions for Colonel Carey, who was to command in Tauranga, one sentence of which read, &quot;The crops and cattle and other property of the natives on the west side should be taken possession of and the crops gathered in.&quot; This had come to the knowledge of the Tauranga tribes. It was in this way the Tauranga military expedition was undertaken, a circumstance which could only be deemed a proof that the Government raised quarrels in order to seize upon the land. In cold blood the Government had planned to seize 2,292,000 acres in the Waikato and Thames districts, 500,000 acres in Taranaki. The natives were to be left after the war 500,000 acres in Waikato and 100,000 acres in Taranaki. Military settlers were to get 700,000 acres and 1,492,000 acres were to be sold. In the aftermath of war the worst fears of the Tauranga tribes were realised. The tribes bowed to the stroke of fate. In after years Mr Fox, the Native Minister, wrote that the annihilation of the tribe was so complete that when in July and August the survivors submitted, &quot;they were truly a miserable remnant, on whom it was impossible to look without feelings of the deepest commiseration and pity.&quot; The Governor, Sir George Grey, promised to care for them as the cueen's subjects, and to release all prisoners of the tribe in consideration of the chivalrous manner in which they had carried on the war.
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242-5- The thoroughly demoralised Maoris, according to official reports, had expressed their gratitude and ceded all their lands. The sufferings of these people were severe beyond telling, and their tragic situation was encompassed with difficulties that were not experienced in Taranaki or Waikato. They were hemmed in on all sides: there was the open sea, the tribal domains of their ancient enemies of Te Arawa tribes and the Hauraki tribes, and there were the British occupation forces over the Kaimai ranges in the Waikato. They could not retire to the hinterland of friendly neighbouring tribes as some of the Taranaki and Waikato refugees had done. It was, indeed, under extremely distressing circumstances that the Tauranga people were coerced into signing the Deed of Cession. Under the Deed of Cession 290,000 acres were confiscated, of which 240,000 acres were said to have been returned to the Tauranga people, but actually a considerable area was vested in Maoris,most of whom belonged to tribes from outside districts, who were friendly to or allies of the British, and who immediately after the Crown Grants were issued to them sold the lands back to the Government. All but 700 acres of the remaining 50,000 acres were finally confiscated, and this comprised the best land in the Tauranga district. There had been no proper inquiry as to tribal rights and, inevitably, only certain sections of the people suffered the loss of the greater part of their ancestral lands. Petitions to Parliament have thus far failed to obtain any relief for the century-old sufferings of the Tauranga people. In other parts of New aland the tribes who suffered confiscation of their lands - including, it may be pointed out, the tribes who were involved in the murder of the Reverend Volkner, and in the Te Kooti expeditions - have and are now receiving compensation moneys from the Government. One would earnestly pray that no further time will be lost by the Government in taking steps to give some relief to the Tauranga tribes.
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273- 6 - Unlese something on these lines comes to pass I cannot but feel that over these commemoration proceedings there will come a spirit of mockery that will linger on, and the shame of it all will remain as a blot against British rule in New Zealand. As one who carried on negotiations with successive Governments for fifteen long years before we of Waikato succeeded in getting some redress for land confiscations, I would say to the Tauranga tribes, &quot;Do not give up.&quot; The stories of the Gate Pa and Te Ranga will live on in the history of this land, and their aftermath should not be allowed to remain indefinitely a tragic tale of the 'inhumanity of man to man.' To the memory of those of both races who fought gallantly and fell in the fighting at Pe Range. I pay my humble tribute and will now unveil the Memorial Plaque.
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