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We've decided to include a JRE for Mac Greenstone binaries, since later versions of Macs (like Yosemite) do not come with Java. Adding the generated jre 1.7.0_79 self-extracting binary and its related p7z component. Jeremy had long ago compiled up the p7z-essentials binaries 7za and 7zCon.sfx on the Mac that are necessary for generating the Mac self-extracting jre binary.

1Self-extracting jre instructions
41. You need 7za and 7zCon.sfx from the p7z-essentials folder to generate the self-extracting jre from the jre
6On a mac, you need to compile these two binaries up yourself by downloading the p7zip source code from online Compile the source code by first runnng "make" to build the 7za, then run "make sfx" to build the 7zCon.sfx binary.
82. Need the jre for your java version.
9Java 8 should be used for Expeditee.
10The jre should be extracted into a folder named jre. Also, don't make it a tar file for Expeditee. (Greenstone expects the jre to be tarred up first.)
123. Run:
13./p7z-essentials/7za a -sfx -mx=9 jre_bin[_x64] /path/to/your-jdk-version/jre
15* -m0=lzma2 is already done automatically, setting the compression mode to lzma2.
16* -mx=9 set its to ultra (compression? speed?)
17* the output file name expected by the release-kit is jre_bin for 32 bit linux, jre_bin_x64 for 64 bit linux
18* -sfx indicates that it will generate a self-extracting binary out of the input file
19* the "a" indicates it will add the files from the input folder (the /path/to/your-jdk-version/jre in this case) to the output file
23To get the JRE for a Mac, do one of the following:
25A. Now (at least since jre v 1.7.0_79) the Oracle site has a JRE for Macs available for download as dmg and tar.gz files. If this is available:
271. Download the JRE.dmg or JRE.tar.gz for the java version you want and extract it.
282. From the extracted contents, the folder you want is jre<version>.jre/Contents/Home. Rename this Home subfolder to "jre".
293. Tar it up and create the self-extracting jre (the final step of the instructions above):
30    ./p7z-essentials/7za a -sfx -mx=9 jre_bin_x64 jre.tar
33B. If no JRE.dmg or JRE.tar.gz for Mac is available:
351. Download the JDK.dmg for the java version you want.
362. Open the dmg, drag the .pkg out to another folder.
373. Extract the pkg using: xar -xf <file>.pkg
384. Another couple of pkgs should appear, these are actually fake folders (like .app folders)
395. The one you want is the jdk<ver>.pkg. Rightclick > Show package contents to view its contents.
406. Then double click on the Payload item to extract Payload. It's just a tarfile, so you can do
41   tar -xf jdk180.pkg/Payload
427. You get a Contents folder, then browse to Contents > Home > jre. That's the folder you want.
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