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I still had some stuff of Nathan Kelly's (FileTransfer?-WebSocketPair?) sitting on my USB. Had already commited the Themes folder at the time, 2 years back. Not sure if he wanted this additional folder commited. But I didn't want to delete it and decided it will be better off on SVN. When we use his project, if we find we didn't need this test folder, we can remove it from svn then.

3# An example hook script to prepare the commit log message.
4# Called by "git commit" with the name of the file that has the
5# commit message, followed by the description of the commit
6# message's source.  The hook's purpose is to edit the commit
7# message file.  If the hook fails with a non-zero status,
8# the commit is aborted.
10# To enable this hook, rename this file to "prepare-commit-msg".
12# This hook includes three examples.  The first comments out the
13# "Conflicts:" part of a merge commit.
15# The second includes the output of "git diff --name-status -r"
16# into the message, just before the "git status" output.  It is
17# commented because it doesn't cope with --amend or with squashed
18# commits.
20# The third example adds a Signed-off-by line to the message, that can
21# still be edited.  This is rarely a good idea.
23case "$2,$3" in
24  merge,)
25    /usr/bin/perl -i.bak -ne 's/^/# /, s/^# #/#/ if /^Conflicts/ .. /#/; print' "$1" ;;
27# ,|template,)
28#   /usr/bin/perl -i.bak -pe '
29#      print "\n" . `git diff --cached --name-status -r`
30#    if /^#/ && $first++ == 0' "$1" ;;
32  *) ;;
35# SOB=$(git var GIT_AUTHOR_IDENT | sed -n 's/^\(.*>\).*$/Signed-off-by: \1/p')
36# grep -qs "^$SOB" "$1" || echo "$SOB" >> "$1"
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