root/other-projects/hathitrust/wcsa/extracted-features-solr/trunk @ 31106

Name Size Rev Age Last Change
web-portal 31021 3 years davidb: Folder restructure to remove 'trunk' part
vagrant-spark-hdfs-cluster 31077 3 years davidb: Move up to JDK1.8. Tidy up of Vagrant machine names. Support for YARN. …
vagrant-solr-cluster 31019 3 years davidb: Part 2 or two-step folder restructure
solr-ingest 31102 3 years davidb: Command line way of running a Solr test query
gslis-cluster 31106 3 years davidb: Scripts to help run an rsync'd copy of gslistcluster1 /tmp/gcX-solr-shard …
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